February 9th - February 15th

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  1. Holiday_Mom

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    I just have not been able to get a real routine going since Christmas break. Things constantly get shifted and changed. It's not something that I like as an ongoing thing. I'm putting less on my list so I feel like I get things done.

    • Review calendar for upcoming week.Done
    • Plan Menu for next week
    • Clean Bathrooms.Done
    • Pay bills.Done
    • Photo organizing: one envelope
    • Decluttering: Bathroom Done
    • FlyLady: Bathroom Done
    • Trimester Goals - 5 days/20 mins sessions:
      • Exercise
      • Reading
      • Research/Writing
      • Reunion/Vacation Planning
    New this Week:
    • Call the heating company. Done
    • Confirm menu for Saturday. Done
    • Buy food for Saturday.
    • Buy Birthday card.
    • Buy Valentine card.
    Still to Do:
    • Work on costume.
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  2. MrsSoup

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    With family still in town until Wednesday afternoon, i'm just kind of playing it by ear on our activities. I have to get back into the classroom this week though so the guys will be on their own Tuesday and i'll go in for a while Wednesday morning and then leave early I think to ride along to the airport depending on what time DH is taking them.


    [X] Pain Management (Wed)
    [X] Hair Appointment (Thur)
    [X] Military Ball

    [X] Work on schoolwork
    [X] [X] [X] [X] Observe in classroom
    [ ] Study for praxis II
    [ ] Work on task
    [X] Change mentor call time for next week

    [X] Dress to cleaners (hopefully there is time before event on Thursday
    [X] Call Peds GI for appt for DS (referred him out so have to wait)
    [ ] Make Perry Vet appt
    [X] Paint nails
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  3. Miss JoDee

    Miss JoDee Well-Known Member

    Me, Myself, and I
    [ ] Walk
    [ ] Study Bible and Prayer


    [ x] Volunteer at School Tuesday
    [x ] Breakfast with DH and Pastor Wednesday
    [x ] Tax Accountant Thursday
    [ ] Breakfast and antiquing with DH for V-Day Friday
    [- ] Dentist appointment Friday thinking of canceling it Canceled
    [ ] Heading to MI to help Mom

    Must Do
    [x ]Mail package to DD(30)
    [ ] Clean Paris
    [ ] Dust furniture
    [x ] Ask DH to sweep floors
    [x ] Shine the sink

    To Do
    [X ] Clean Hot Spot Sewing/Craft room Monday and Wednesday
    [x ] Choose fabric for Dgd(8) birthday gift
    [ ] Start making Dgd (8) gift

    This is a much busier week than I thought so looks a little ambitious at the moment. If I get my feet on the floor at a decent time it should not be a problem.
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  4. sweetpumkinpye

    sweetpumkinpye Well-Known Member

    Another busy week here and it is a bit more difficult without a car. Hoping to catch up on what I did not do last week.

    Moisturise morning,
    Water throughout day,
    Shower/bath at night,
    Brush teeth,
    Lip balm,
    Hand cream,
    Read and
    Sleep at a reasonable time.

    Clean kitchen and DW on before bed.

    *make work lunches for Monday (X) Tuesday (X)
    *wash hair (X) ( )
    *shave legs ( )
    *washing (X)(X)
    *fold washing (X)
    *vacuum floors ( )
    *mop floors ( )
    *clean bathrooms (X)
    *meal plan ( )
    *clean fridge (X)
    *tidy pantry (X)
    *tidy freezer (X)
    *shopping list (fortnightly) (X) grocery shopping (fortnightly) (X)

    Fun/ Christmas prep:
    *start/continue/finish one craft project (X)
    *start/continue/finish one book ( )
    *books back to library (X)
    *update planner (X)
    *tidy gift closet (X)
    *DrillDance training plan (X)
    *DrillDance training (X)
    *walk at least 3 times (X) ( ) ( )

    *Dr's appointment Wednesday (X)
    *Cancel registration/store number plates Wednesday (/)cannot return until after insurance pay out

    Word of the Year:
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