Finally Friday 4/3

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by piratemamaof3boys, Apr 3, 2020.

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    Started tidying the spare room/craft room. I have storage containers in there holding my Christmas gift bags, tags and ribbon. Just tidied them up and now I am melancholy wishing for Christmas.
    I have pulled Easter decor out so will decorate the house today. Will toss some Australia Day stuff that we do not use but other than that I am keeping most things, I don't have a lot of Holiday things other than Christmas.
    Did find a few crafts that I would like to do that are not on my list so will add those to the planner.
    DH has just made scrambled egg with mushrooms and spinach for lunch so will stop for now and do some more later. The beauty is I can close the door on the mess and pretend that it is not there.
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    Trying to play catch-up as I realized I didn't read or post on yesterday's thread. Not much new here - teleworking day, Netflix and scrapbooking night. Vic's tried to reach his sister but she's not answering her phone - I told you she was stubborn, she'll just shut off/shut down for days at a time, really irritating. I had an appointment to have my gutters cleaned in May but received a message from the gutter company saying that in light of the governor extending the no non-essential work another month, they are going out of business. I remembered that when the contractor I called first (Kevin) came over to introduce me to the siding guy (Jake), because Kevin doesn't really do siding, he asked about my roof and gutters (because that's the work he does). I told him that I already had an agreement in place and he asked which company. When I told him, he said that was good, they were a reputable firm. Well, not any longer. So I called Kevin and asked him to come by when he gets working again and give me a price. He said he is still working, not sure how that can be but anyway, I'll find out, from a social distance, when he stops by on Sunday.
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