Foggy Foggy Thursday August 30th, 2018

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Lana, Aug 30, 2018.

  1. Lana

    Lana Well-Known Member

    Good Morning!
  2. Lana

    Lana Well-Known Member

    Fog is really thick this a.m..

    Hoping to make cookies tonight. Thought we would last night but Teigan wanted to go to the creek and deer looking so that did sound better.

    Seems I am stuffy. Weather changing so much.

    Today is just Linda and I. So will order dinner in. She thinks she owes me a birthday dinner so .....

    Printed out Jaymee and Teigans school calendars and put them on the side of the fridge last night. With her in the afternoon class this year she won't have school on the 11:30 Friday dismissal.

    We need to get a license sticker for the truck today or tomorrow. They will close Saturday for their holiday since every Monday is their day off thru out the state Illinois. They take their holiday on the Saturday.

    I better go try to do hair and then get trash out and do checkbook before leaving.

    Have a GREAT day!
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  3. luludou

    luludou Well-Known Member

    Morning! A cool 13C here this morning, nice! Back to work. I get the answers to the 2 interviews today.
    Did not sleep well - but I did find my orthopedic shoe inserts during the night :rolleyes:

    Gym this morning. Spanish at noon.

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  4. cmerth

    cmerth Well-Known Member

    Good morning Luludou, and Lana... and those those come after me.

    The dog woke me up "hacking". She is not sick just occasionally has trouble with her throat... she is an old dog. I was up so worked on the computer for a while. I posted a cookie recipe on my blog. I had fun making cookies yesterday. Click the link below to check out the recipe.

    Yesterday was just off. My schedule got messed up and Kiddo came home needing school assistance. By the time I watered and did some raking, I was exhausted. I think I will need a nap today. I am taking a yard work break. Hubby can take over for me for a few days.

    Hope everyone has a great day. Stay cool.
  5. MrsSoup

    MrsSoup Well-Known Member


    I'm not feeling well this morning. I've been congested for a couple weeks but now i'm having lots of drainage with my congestion and my head is kind of achy and my stomach is weird and i've been really tired. I didn't want to get out of bed this morning which is not like me and I went to bed shortly after 8 last night. I think i'm fighting something off. I'm going to just hang around the house today and take it easy. Me and the couch will be besties.

    I need to work on schoolwork anyway. DS does have a dental appointment this afternoon after school. Hopefully his bus isn't super late and I don't have to go pick him up to get there on time.

    Enjoy your day!
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  6. Pam Spaur

    Pam Spaur Well-Known Member

    Hello, my friends!

    I am back from my self imposed exile. This is what I missed the most. I have accomplished a lot: got unpacked, now it is trying to find a place for everything! Oldest DS got me a t.v. armoire for storage and it is FILLED with fabric. I still have one box to go thru, but it is mostly Christmas fabric. Down to one box and two IKEA bags of Boyd's Bears. I may sell most of them. DD said she would help. The best news tho...I am a great grandma! Brysen Alexander was born Aug.15, weighing 8 lbs, 2 oz and 20 3/4 inches! Head full of dark hair. Jay (oldest DS) and I will go see him Sunday afternoon. I sewed a lot for him and still have more to do.

    Other news is I fell Sunday evening. Boogered up both knees, have a bruise about 4 inches long on my right thigh, but it is beginning to fade. I tripped over a picture frame that was propped upright at an angle on the floor. Broke the top and bottom of said frame. There was glass in it, and I cut myself on the front left of my tummy and above my right hip. THAT hurt.

    The other thing is about my back. The docs are wanting to insert a neuro stimulator in my spine. However, the neuro surgeon didn't like my EKG results. Showed a low heart beat. He would not touch me until I saw a cardiologist. I did on Monday of this week. He didn't see anything wrong, but to be sure, he had me get an echo cardio gram of my heart. That was really neat! And now we just wait. Most days my pain level on a scale of 1-10, mine was a 14! I am really tired of all this.

    So that is the Readers Digest version of a month in the life of Pamela Spaur. Now I must get busy. I have really missed you all so much. Glad to be back in the fold.
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  7. luludou

    luludou Well-Known Member

    Pam - glad to know you are doing ok, well except for being as gracefull as ever. ;) hope they can get the pain to ebb on your back. Was missing hearing from you.

    Ok, well got news for the 2 interviews,.... didn't get the jobs. However, it went well at 1 so he wanted to see me to see if I would agree if he gave my name to one of his directors . Nice for my ego!

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  8. sweetpumkinpye

    sweetpumkinpye Well-Known Member

    Good morning,
    An early start here, I need to get DD and her BF to the airport by 7.30.
    Then home to start Spring cleaning the dining room.
    I do a real deep clean twice a year, Spring and Autumn.

    Speak soon.
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  9. teachermomof2

    teachermomof2 Santa's Elves

    Good evening!

    Week one of school is over! 4 day weekend ahead....thank goodness! The heat has been too much to bear this week. It's between 85 and 90 in our classrooms daily and OH the humidity. My class is stacked with troubled, low performing students this year. I already have a child referred for Emotional Support, which should of happened last school I'm nagging my guidance counselor and psychologist daily until something happens. It's like a repeat of last year. Many of them were purposely placed in my classroom....

    In other news, I visited my aunt and uncle last weekend. She is downsizing again, so I came home with a large box of antique and vintage glassware and dishes. I just sorted it out and put it away. I don't really need any of it, but want to have it to pass on to the kids when they get married and start homes.

    Tonight is M's open house at school, so we are headed there after a quick dinner.

    Thank goodness there is NO school for me tomorrow.

    Pam...congrats on the grandbaby!
    Waving hello to you all!
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  10. cmerth

    cmerth Well-Known Member

    Good evening all!!

    My family is home tonight anxiously waiting for supper. It is in the oven baking and the smell is driving us all batty.... pot roast.

    I am so happy!!! I joined a blog party on a whim to share my fall cookies. I have had TONS of comments.... awesome feedback. It does my heart good.

    We went to Kiddos senior picture interview. We hired a lady in town. In a month or so we will have pictures to submit to the yearbook and send to the grandmas and aunts. I am so excited. Kiddo could care less. I guess that is typical of a teenaged boy. I love him anyway.

    Pam, I am back!!! So sorry that you are having so much pain. I hope the doctors can find a solution and get you some relief soon.
    Teachermom, So wonderful that you could get family heirlooms to share with your kids.
    Sweetpumpkin, Hope your cleaning goes well.
    Lucie, sorry you didn't get those jobs. Hoping and praying something comes available that is a good fit for you.
  11. sweetpumkinpye

    sweetpumkinpye Well-Known Member

    Pam, glad to see you back. Congratulations on the birth of Brysen. Sorry to hear that you have been having so much pain, hopefully they can do something soon.

    Back from the airport, home, airport, home took just under an hour. It is a little grey here and drizzly but am so excited to get the Spring cleaning started. Will start in the dining room and see how we go.
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  12. missjane

    missjane Well-Known Member

    Hi, everyone. Just stopping in before heading to bed...tomorrow is Friday!!!

    I went by today after work and talked to bakery lady. She has hired someone who I think is going to be a great worker. She was disappointed, but not upset. I told her will stop in occasionally to visit, pop in the back and help sometimes, but not for too long. We'll see after I retire...maybe a day here and there to fill my time, but nothing to the extent it was this summer. I'm very relieved already to not be doing it anymore.

    DGS#1 had a football game tonight. He did really well...he just turned 12 in July. All the coaches have been stopping and telling me how good he is already, even though this was their first game.

    I talked to the lawyer's office today about the law suit over the wedding video...from 3 years ago. We have a court date for October 1st. I'm hoping it will be resolved out of court, if possible.

    My last hour class has three students who are really trying me. I looked at their discipline records from last year, and it's a pattern with them, so it won't be long and they'll start being sent to ISD or OSD. They may win some battles, but I'll win the war. I had to take a cell phone from one of them today. She wasn't happy and showed out the remainder of the class period over it.

    I had a meeting with the seniors (169 of them) today to go over all the requirements for graduation. That went well. Several administrators were in there with me, as well as two counselors and a handful of teachers. I like seniors. :D Freshmen, not so much! :rolleyes:

    Pam, welcome back...I hope they can get things going for you to get the implant. I can empathize with the back issues. It's miserable.
    Carrie, how exciting that your cookies are a hit. I laughed about the comment about starving until supper is done. When I cook brisket, I cook it over night sometimes. DH says he starves to death smelling it all night.
    Lisa, I saw where some schools in the north are having early dismissals due to the heat. I hope a cold front comes through soon and cools your class room. Is there any way you can invest in one of those portable room air conditioners...the kind that just sits on the floor in the room...doesn't have to be installed in a window or anything? We have several offices at school that are converted storage closets that they use them in.
    Katrina, you make me want to go through all my seasonal serving stuff. Have such a hard time getting rid of that kind of stuff!
    Lucie, well...even though the interview didn't go as you wanted...maybe something good will come of it. Maybe they felt your were OVER qualified for those jobs?! We can hope it produces better than expected results!
    Jess, hope you got to feeling better..not like you to only post once in a day. Hope you're ok.
    Lana, hope it was an okay day with only two of you there. I always feel like the new year starts in calendars go up, and all our time is planned around the goings on at all of our schools.
    Diedra, did DD go to work today, too? How did she do, if she did?

    Forgot to mention...I had a few minutes at work today and out of curiosity, tried to see if I could get on's been blocked the last few year...and I could! I probably won't post much during the day, but I like knowing I can look at it if I have a few minutes here and there. I'm so excited:)...hope it's not blocked again!

    Night, everyone! Hope you rest well.
  13. Ahorsesoul

    Ahorsesoul Santa's Elves

    Evening all MHHers

    no work for DD on Thursday’s. Just Wed and Fri. She can’t handle much more than a few hours a week...if eventhat much.

    I ran around to a few store looking for a gift for a friend. Decided to do a pumpkin basket. I found pumpkin bread mix, a bottle of pumpkin pie spice, candle warmer with pumpkin pie wax, Cinnamon French toast in a mug kit and then grabbed some pumpkin yogurt and a small one serving pumpkin pie. I had a round basket with a cloth insert that I used to put in the gift. The basket will make her cat a great bed.

    At one of the gift stores I found a picture that would look great in my living room, I just do not like the price. I may have to figure out who makes it and research to find a better price. If I don’t find one I will go back for it. It’s not a one of a kind piece of art but I like it a lot. It’s just a tree branches on a board background. The tree looks like it might be foil or silver leafed. Just rather interesting.

    Prayers to all.
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