Fri-YAY! January 17,2020

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    The biggest task on my list only took 45 minutes to get done, so that was a great start and motivated me to keep going. I got about 6 things done and am now watching a movie and relaxing. I am really looking forward to it warming up on Sunday as it is COLD out there.

    Good night.
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    Posted a couple of new photos on FB. One of me in my new glasses (and I do not like to have my picture taken), and one of Brysen. I love that little fella so much. He has me wrapped me around his little finger and I have him wrapped around my heart!

    Sleep well, my friends. I have been a slacker today. I must do better tomorrow.

    Jess, I am so sorry for Eli. Having moved a lot as a child, I know how difficult it can be to fit in. All the little cliques. Keeping you out of the group. It is ridiculous! I will be praying for an answer for you.
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    Yes, I wish I had DD6's confidence. Once we were at the mall and a cashier completely ignored me as she rang my stuff through as she chatted to a friend. DD6 called her out on it and said. "Hey! You didn't even look at us!" She shook her head at the cashier in that way parents know the "I'm not angry, I'm just disappointed in you look."

    Mrs Soup - I feel bad for Eli. It can be so hard in school and sometimes it's just the luck of the draw for what kids and social environment you end up in, but it can make a kid feel like there's something wrong with them. I remember being in a similar situation when I was at a similar age as him. I was so sad all the time and didn't fit in with any of the kids, and I wondered about antidepressants or something and my doctor told me it was simply a "product of unfortunate circumstances" and the best thing I could do was go to a different school. I did move on to a different school about a year later and it was a completely different experience. It's hard to tell a kid "this too shall pass" when they're living it every day though.

    DD9 is saying similar things to me...that she doesn't even want to get out of bed. She hates her life now that she goes to school. She says she's different from all the other kids. She was so eager to make friends at the beginning of the year, but now she says she doesn't like any of them and doesn't want to be their friend anyway. We're probably going to pull her to homeschool her next year as the year after that she'll be at the grade she'll bus into another town to a bigger school. The upside and downside to the lifestyle of constant moves is that no school is permanent.....sad when they love it and great when they hate it.
    Have you read the poem about military kids being dandelions?
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    Yes! Love that poem! I'm actually considering pulling him for the rest of the year if I can figure out how to homeschool him. He's in 5th grade and I have not the first clue how to even get started with something like that. :eek: I talked to DH about it yesterday and he wasn't too receptive to the idea, he's worried about socialization and all with Eli saying he was lonely. He goes outside to play now with the neighborhood kids and is still saying that. It all really depends on whether he gets this promotion or not and if we'll be leaving the island. If we won't be leaving the island then i'll continue with my schooling and won't be home to homeschool him. If we are leaving then I should be home because i'm anticipating having to do a term break and I can quit my job to make it work. So much to consider. I also mentioned to DH having all the kids do online school if we do end up moving because we'll only be in Texas for a year for his school before we're reassigned. I would leave it up to the kids of course, but it was an idea. We don't have that option here on the island unfortunately but DS17 thrived in that when he did it for middle school.

    I talked to Eli yesterday about his school and why he doesn't like it, the differences in where he was before, etc. He said that he can't hear well because there are 4 classes in one big room with just a partition between them. This is true and I thought it was odd when we moved down here and they told me that and then we saw it during conferences. I don't know how any child can hear the instruction or the teachers can teach. I reminded him that kids are going to say bad words and inappropriate things no matter where he is and he just has to walk away. He is a little immature for his age to begin with and doesn't say things like that or think like that at all and he's very emotional. I think DH thinks i'm trying to shelter him, which i'm not, I just want him to get the best education which I don't feel like he's getting at this new school. His math has gone downhill significantly and that was his best subject. He said they don't really explain things there or not well. They don't have anything like robotics, that is just for the "gifted" kids. Eli has never been tested because he's never attended a school that had the program. His scores are falling since he's been at this school so they would never test him now. It's just not a good situation so i'm considering all options. It's tough, as you well know with all your struggles with the girls.
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    Jessica...have you considered Cyber School? It's homeschooling, but the work is done via the computer. Have you spoken with Eli's teacher? She may be able to give you some insight about the class and the culture of the school. Just some thoughts....
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    This is so much like what DD9 is going through. She's in grade 4/5 and the stuff they're saying is so mature. She's really mature in some ways (responsible and an old lady in a kid's body sometimes) but immature in others....not interested in dating, doesn't get the innuendo etc. I see a big decline in what she can do since starting school and I'm worried about how far behind she'll be when we eventually do move. The school here has everything optional too, so she's learned to do nothing with no consequences. DH is also concerned about the socialization, but there are usually homeschool groups. I'm hoping to put DD9 in lots of extracurriculars, etc. next year if we do homeschool her. I find she does better when she's involved in physical activity with other kids rather than academic kind of stuff. There is no gifted program at her school either, but she was doing algebra and is now learning to add two single digit numbers and multiples of two. She says it's boring and gets frustrated and the kids at school call her "the genius" and say "What's wrong with you?" all the time. She's also the smallest and youngest in her class. I've also noticed a major drop in her confidence. I used to stand outside a small store and send her in to get something for me. Now she's scared to do that. She doesn't ever want to go to a cashier herself or even at some of the community events they'll have a booth giving out popcorn or something and she'll be too scared to walk up and get some.

    I hope you find a solution that works well for you and your son soon. It's so hard to see them miserable.
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    Is that different from something like K12 or Connections Academy because those are not offered here? I researched a lot before we moved here for DS17 since that is what he was coming from. DS did Connections Academy when we were in South Carolina and that was amazing. However, none of that is offered here in Hawaii. Our only options here are private or charter schools aside from public school and those are astronomical in price. I have spoken to his teacher and he is not super helpful. We had an issue with bullying at one point and he did take care of that, but as far as the classroom goes there's not much that can be done about 4 classes being conducted in one large room at the same time. Eli has friends at school and his teacher said he was doing fine adjusting, but after reading Eli's diary/journal it's apparent that he's not. I also spoke to him about robotics and the fact that Eli participated in that at the previous school and he pretty much said that was too bad because it was only for a select group of kids at this school. :rolleyes: Stinks!
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    Yes...cyber is like Connections Academy. It does stink....we tend to bend over backwards to help our students succeed, so I'm thinking there has to be some accommodation that can be made for him.
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    Dentist ... well, DS16 barely made it up and to his cleaning. And as usual, in the end, it wasn't as bad as his anxiety led him to believe! He had no cavities. Gum inflammation, yes.

    Myron's Mom Thinking about you ...

    MrsSoup This national homeschool site may have some answers to questions. We are a homeschooling family and like many ... were were never home! Lots of opportunities for co-ops, park days, field trips, and classes. My kids were involved in church, 4-H, horse/piano lessons, and as teens ... jobs. Is there a homeschooling support group near you? I suppose you would have to Google your area. This is my How To page I just Googled and found this
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    Thank you jampss! I have saved all of those sites to look through!!
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