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    So how in the world have we not had a thread to discuss gift basket ideas? I've searched and can't find one - maybe I am missing it? I know we all mention them here and there.

    I have compiled quite a lot of ideas over the years and I've got some things saved on Pinterest too. Let's share and see what we can add to each other's "collections" of ideas! :)

    I'll start throwing some of my saved ideas out there - everyone just jump in and either list a different basket idea or things you've found that are perfect for a basket theme already mentioned. As we start to collect more and more ideas from folks I'll compile it all into a master list to share.

    Also on the table are gift basket presentation ideas - making it look pretty!!! Or even just sharing links to photos of really pretty baskets you want to try to "hack"!

    Ready, set...let's go!
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    The general categories of gift baskets for holiday giving I have come up with over the year are as follows:

    • Beverage and/or Alcohol
    • Children's
    • Food and/or Dessert
    • Hobbies
    • Christmas
    • Misc. Non Food
    I'll start sharing the ideas I've gathered for each. I'm thinking that posting it all at once would just be too much!!!

    Here are some that fall in the Beverage/Alcohol category:

    Lemonade Theme

    • Fill glass pitcher or beverage dispenser with lemons, bag of sugar, juicer, pretty label, tie on wooden spoon

    • Option - Pair this in basket with bottle of vodka and a set of plain shot glasses

    • Tags
      • “When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade. Life will be like whaaaaat.”

      • “When Life Gives You Lemons…Grab the Vodka and…well, you know the rest!”

      • “When life gives you lemons…keep them…cause hey! Free lemons.”

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Beer Sampler … Fill a small cooler with an assortment of unusual beer. Or go with Rootbeer :)


    Coffee Lover’s Delight: Coffee bean grinder, gourmet coffee beans, chocolate spoons. Throw in a pair of mugs filled with chocolate dipped biscotti. (If you’re not a baker, buy the biscotti and just do the dipping. Package then in the bags used for dipped pretzel sticks.) Travel mug; Silver coffee scoop/spoon; Assortment of those little flavor creamer cups like from the Speedway; Bottles of coffee syrups like from Starbucks


    • Love You A Latte

    • Funny coffee quotes

    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    Tea Time Basket: China tea cup/saucer OR mug, special spoon, assorted teas (loose & bags), tea strainer, tea ball, raw sugar, decorative white sugar cubes, small jar of honey with a honey twist, a few small boxes of tea biscuits or cookies OR homemade version or homemade mini-teabreads. DIY Dry Mix for Scones – Maybe dried fruit to go with?

    Package tea bags in paper tea “card” like this

    James Bond Basket: James Bond video, two martini glasses, martini making book and ingredients, PLUS James Bond’s directions for the*perfect* martini … stirred … not shaken.

    Wine Tasters Basket: red, white, and blush wine, cork screw, decorative bottle toppers, wine glasses ( 2 at least), bottle-shaped cheese try, grape handled cheese spreader, small cheese ball, a box of crackers.

    DIY Pineapple Wine/Champagne Gift

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Hot Cocoa Gift Basket: Assorted DIY Hot Cocoa Mixes or store bought repackaged into Mason Jars with cute labels (retain/transfer instructions, nutritional and exp date); Mini marshmallows, Candy Canes; Chocolate “Spoons”; Homemade Vanilla Extract; Chocolate Covered/Dipped Marshmallows on Sticks


    Moscow Mule Gift Basket


    Margarita Gift Basket

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Corona Gift Basket


    Jack and Coke “Cake”

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    Cool Ideas. tfs
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    Great post and ideas!!!!

    Baskets I have done in the past:

    BBQ - filled with assorted bbq sauced, marinades, steak sauces, rubs, metal skewers and new grilling utensils.

    Hot cocoa - Assorted flavors of hot cocoa mixes, cocoa mugs, container of tiny marshmallows and a container miniature marshmallows.

    Movie Sack for kids (used reusable draw string bag) - DVD, bottle of water or a bottle of their favorite drink, Package of their favorite candy and a package of their favorite non sweet snack (popcorn, chips, pretzels, etc)

    Baskets filled with assorted homemade cookies, bread, cakes, fudge and chex mix

    One I received - Breakfast basket:
    Box of pancake/waffle mix, bottle of maple syrup, bottle of fancy raspberry syrup, bag of ground coffee

    Others I have seen:
    Sledding Basket: new blow up inner-tube type sleds, gloves, hat, scarf set, instant hand/boot warmers, hot cocoa mix and slipper socks (for after sledding)

    Game Basket: New board game and or card games, 4 or 6 pack of drinks, assorted snacks (candy, chips)

    Pasta dinner:
    Use colander in place of basket, Package of pasta, jar of sauce, pack of wooden spoons, kitchen towel and oven mitt.
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    i made baskets from bath and body
    body lotion
    body spray
    hand santizer
    shower gel
    put all in a basket maybe with a g c to bath and body
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    I made a "Hangover Emergency Kit" Basket when my cousin turned 21. It included:
    Ice Pack
    Chicken Noodle Soup
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    Loving all these ideas!!!!

    Here are some more beverage/alcohol themed ideas I found:

    Chocolate Martini Basket
    – Alcohol needed to make a Chocolate Martini; Martini glasses, Hershey’s kisses to put at the bottom of the glasses; Chocolate sprinkles or syrups, etc.

    Iced Coffee Gift Basket: Coffee, Ice Cube Tray, Syrups (like from Starbucks), Recipes, Plastic Tumbler with Straw, etc.

    Wine and Chocolate Gift Basket: Red wine and dark chocolate! Google the best pairings!!!

    Sangria Gift Basket: Wine and fruits + recipe!!!

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    OHHH so many ideas. I need to sit down and look through this. Amazing.
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    Here is a list of food based gift basket ideas...I've tried to catch all the other suggestions from folks on this thread so far with their names in parentheses:

    Italian Gift Basket:
    Fancy-shaped or flavored pasta, canned tomato or pasta sauce, sun-dried tomatoes, a wedge of Parmesan cheese, an Italian cookbook, a bottle of wine and a red-and-white checkered tablecloth.

    Pasta Basket: package or two of pasta, tongs, package of sun-dried tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, spices (oregano, basil, garlic powder), pasta cookbook, pasta tongs, jars of sauce (red or white). The *basket* could be an actual basket lined with fabric and topped off with a bottle of Italian wine, a loaf of unsliced Italian bread, and/or a chunk of parmesan cheese OR a large pasta serving bowl OR a pasta pot. Make cute labels and repackage pasta in ziplocks wrapped in clear cellophane? Or put pasta in mason jars?

    DIY an Italian Bread Dipping Mix and gift in Mason Jar with Tag (Carrabas CopyKat recipe! Could gift with bottle of Olive Oil and a Fresh Lemon?)

    DIY Tuscan Bread Dip Mix and gift with the tube of Sun Dried Tomato Paste and Olive Oil in basket

    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    Pizza Gift Basket: Jarred Pesto, Pizza Sauce, Potholders, Packages of Pepperoni, Black Olives, Mushrooms, Pizza Cutter, Grated Parmesan, Olive Oil, Pizza Stone, Pizza and/or Garlic Bread Recipes, Pizza Crust Mix, Crushed Red Pepper Flakes

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Include a cool pizza cutter! [​IMG]

    Chinese Food Lover: bamboo steamer OR wok filled with ingredients readily available in the Asian section of your grocery store, chop sticks, Chinese tea, small Chinese tea cups, chop stick rests, fortune cookies, etc. Asian Plum Sauce!

    Mexican Olé Basket: Jars of salsa (red or green), flavored or plain tortilla shells, hard taco shells, refried beans, DIY Taco Mix in Mason Jar, Green Chiles, Jalapenos, Tortilla Chips, Nacho Sauce, Black Olives, Rotel, Mexican Rice, Cornbread Mix (with recipe for making Cheesy Green Chili Cornbread), Other Recipes (for Guac, etc.), Onions, Avocados


    Breakfast in a Basket: Homemade nut bread or bagels, gourmet marmalade with a unique spreader, canned grapefruit sections or berries, special-blend coffee or herb tea and unique beverage mugs. Homemade jams; Tea bags or loose leaf with infuser; Real maple syrup; DIY Pancake and/or muffin mixes;

    Two holiday mugs, *package* of Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee, a quart of orange juice, half&half, small packet of sugar tubes, a half dozen assorted muffins and breakfast pastry

    (Per Minta) Box of pancake/waffle mix, bottle of maple syrup, bottle of fancy raspberry syrup, bag of ground coffee

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Bean Basket: Cans of different legumes (kidney beans, black beans, navy beans and more) with a great recipe for homemade bean soup. Tuck in other recipe ingredients, such as onions, garlic, canned chilies or vegetables, pasta or containers of dried herbs if you'd like. You can also add some fun soup bowls or mugs. Be sure to include instructions for soaking if doing dried beans at all – especially red beans that need extra attention to be safe!

    Variation = Chili Basket: Include recipe for and canned goods/fresh items for making chili; Could include cornbread mix and fixings as well...

    Fireplace Supper Basket: Canned chili or hearty soup, cornbread mix, gourmet salad dressing, cocoa mix, CD of dinner music and fireplace matchsticks.

    Kitchen Warming Basket: An array of gear for first-timers in the kitchen. You can include measuring cups and spoons, a can opener, a wooden spoon, a cheese grater, colorful potholders, dish clothes, tongs, knives, a cutting board and more. Also, start filling the pantry by adding canned vegetables, fruits, meats, soups and broths. A basic cookbook or list of culinary Web sites, such as, would be great too.

    Kitchen Basket: Buy throughout the year … oven mitts and matching dish towels … 12 sets if you go for each month of the year, 4 sets if you choose the four seasons, your choice of number if you opt for holidays.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Salad Fixin's Basket: Cans of artichoke hearts and olives, herbed or balsamic vinegar, olive oil, garlic bulbs, a wedge of Parmesan cheese, herbed croutons (homemade!), decorative salad tongs or utensils, a can opener and a pepper grinder with a jar of colorful peppercorns. DIY dressing mixes packaged with cute label. Homemade breadsticks. Infused olive oils and/or vinegars.


    Seafood Dip Basket: Canned seafood (crabmeat, shrimp or oysters) with a recipe for seafood dip or spread, gourmet crackers, a bottle of wine or non-alcoholic sparking juice, two inexpensive wine glasses, a unique spreader and fun, paper napkins.

    New England Basket:
    Clam Chowder; Cheese Biscuit Mix (Like Red Lobster)? and ???

    Irish Basket: Cans of Lamb Stew; Boxes of Irish Soda Bread; Irish Shortbread Cookies; ???

    Some Like It Hot Basket (for a cook who likes spicy foods): spices (cayenne pepper, white pepper, black pepper, crushed red pepper, chili powder, paprika), hot sauces (chili, Tabasco, etc.), salsa, hot Asian pickles, fresh hot peppers, recipes, and an antacid … a little joke.

    Couch Potato Basket: TV remote holder, video or CD, assorted microwave popcorn, other snacks like nuts, chips, or candy, comfy slippers,

    Fruit Basket: Not the most original but a lot less expensive to put together yourself. Forget trying to get the perfect *tower* look and purchase a deeper basket to mound with favorite fruits. Don’t’ forget a pomegranate or two and add chestnuts, nuts in shells, and wrapped candy to embellish.

    Health Food Buff … Basket filled with brown rice, other specialty grains such as quinoa, spelt, bulgar, all-natural candy bars, homemade granola, assorted dried beans (colorful) assorted spices. Package these in bags tied with twine or raffia. Package in jars with festive toppers.

    Bread Baking Basket…Assorted Flours, Bulk Yeast, Measuring Cups and Spoons, Olive Oil, Recipes; Large proofing bowl could be the “basket”

    Cookbook Basket: Select a cookbook and choose a recipe from the book. Attach a card to the front that includes the recipe name and page number. Place the cookbook and dry ingredients for the recipe in a decorative basket.

    BBQ Basket (Minta): Assorted bbq sauces, marinades, steak sauces, rubs, metal skewers and new grilling utensils. Maybe some of those super duper oven mitts or gloves? Or a bluetooth meat thermometer like this one?

    Homemade Goodies Gift Basket (Minta): Simple and brilliant! Assorted homemade cookies, bread, cakes, fudge and chex mix!
  11. AuntJamelle

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    Sundae Basket: ice cream scoop, gourmet sauces, sprinkles, assorted nuts, and other toppings, maraschino cherries, sundae glasses and long handled spoons, sugar and flat-bottomed cones, certificate for ice cream OR bring it along if gift will be opened immediately. Jams that didn’t quite set can become ice cream toppings!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Apple Baking: basket filled with ceramic or glass pie plate, and all the ingredients for pie baking; Recipes

    Apple Snack Basket: Assorted apples including Honeycrisp plus homemade or storebought caramel dip, jar of peanut butter, apple cutter, etc. Yes, technically, more fall themed but I wouldn’t say no if someone gave this to me at Christmas-time!


    Urban Camper Kit aka S’mores Making Kit – marshmallow scented candle jar (Gooseberry Patch), Teddy Grahams, mini-marshmallows, thin wooden skewers, chocolate bars (large or minis). If you buy the small size of ingredients, the candle jar will provide enough heat to melt the marshmallow.


    This was a picture only on a random feed - no article - but what a GREAT way to give Smore Making Supplies!!!!

    Death By Chocolate Basket: chocolate covered cherries, jar of Nutella, plain chocolate bars and other favs of the recipient, chocolate dipped cherries, hot cocoa mix, round it off with homemade fudgegift.

    Include Tags with various fun chocolate sayings:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Candy Making Basket: molds, candy melts, pop sticks, cello or plastic bags, ribbon for ties, dipping spoon, etc. For the serious candy maker … a candy thermometer

    Cupcake Basket or Jar: Cupcake Dry Mix w/ Recipes, Sprinkles, Icings, Cupcake Liners, Cupcake Ornament, Cupcake “Flags” (Cut strips of scrapbooking paper, notch the ends and glue onto toothpicks - or use washi tape!)

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    great ideas tfs
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    Misc. Non Food Gift Basket Ideas (Hobbies, Children's and Christmas themes still to come!)

    Writing Basket: note cards & stationery with envelopes, assorted cards (birthday, get well, sympathy, blank, etc.), letter opener, book of pretty stamps, return address labels, lovely pen. The pink ribbon Avon breast cancer awareness pens are a good buy, pretty, and help a good cause.

    See this great post about a DIY Stationary Basket:


    Pamper Baskets: gel eye-packs, aroma therapy candle, soothing CD, bath gloves/buffers, sisal mitt, sugar scrub, bath salts or gel. Then customize the assortment by adding products you know the recipient will enjoy. A plastic bath tote /basket with a handle is a nice alternative to a traditional basket. Best seller “Chick Lit” novel. Robe. Slippers.

    See this Self Care Kit idea:


    Bath and Body Works Theme Gift Basket (housewife2): All Bath and Body Prodcuts! Possibly also a gift card as well!

    Manicure Basket: nail enamel, base and top coats, emery boards, buffer, nail clipper, cuticle trimmer, orange stick, remover, quick dry spray.

    Or this variation in a jar:


    Let There Be Light Basket: assorted candles (jars, tapers, votives, tea lights, and/or tarts), pretty box of long stemmed matches, match holder, candle snuffer, wick trimmer, Stick-Um candle adhesive, bobeche, candle plate, votive holder, tart burners, candle sticks, whatever goes with your candle choices.

    Rainy Day Game Basket: decks of cards, cribbage or backgammon board, dice, crossword puzzle book, pencils and pad of paper, snacks, etc. Include some board games you know they don’t have!

    Home Office Basket: stapler, staples, *gold* paper clips, pens, pencils, battery operated/electric pencil sharpener, desk calendar, desk lamp. Use a trash basket/barrel as a *basket*.

    Sock Basket: Buy throughout the year … holiday or fun sox … 12, 4, or your choice as above.

    Car Care Basket: coupons for the carwash, chamois, car vac, Yankee Candle *car jars* (one for each season), emergency kit for the trunk, etc.

    Road Trip Basket: For family with upcoming road trip! Bottled water, pop, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, band aids, kleenex packets, car air freshener, ear plugs (Ha!), McDonalds gift card, Gas Gift Card, travel games/activities for the kids and so on…


    Spy Secrets Gift Basket: Love this one! Inspired by the book “Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life” written by a former CIA officer. Filled with objects inspired by stories/recommendations in the book. Nice gift idea for guys or gals depending on their interests!


    Sledding Gift Basket (Minta): New blow up inner-tube type sleds, gloves, hat, scarf set, instant hand/boot warmers, hot cocoa mix and slipper socks (for after sledding)

    Mending Kit: For someone on a mission to be frugal/pay down debt!


    Movie Gift Basket: There are a million variations on this idea out there but this is a fun one!

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    Hobby Themed Gift Basket Ideas:

    Gardening Basket: gardening gloves, packets of seeds, hand tools (trowel, rake, etc,), gardening book or subscription to a gardening magazine, bottle of liquid fertilizer, certificate to a garden supply store, garden clogs, a small plant in a pretty pot, gardener’s hand cream, bulbs, sunblock. The *basket* can be a crushable sun hat or garden tote.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Flower Grower’s Basket … use large terra cotta pot as "basket". Fill with small hand tools, seeds, a few smaller pots w/ dishes.

    Vegetable Gardener: full-sized spade, rake, and cultivator. Tie a cellophane gift bag to the bottom part of each tool with twine. Fill the bags with vegetable seed packets, fertilizer, garden markers.

    Book Lover’s Basket: Books (avid readers probably have Amazon wish list to pick from!), bookmark (purchase or DIY), cozy blanket, reading light, etc. Instead of a basket you could use a fabric library tote bag. Maybe a mug with a book or reading theme/quote along with coffee or tea too!

    Golf Basket: golf tees, golf balls, cap, golf towel, sunscreen stick, ball marker, glove, a subscription to a golf magazine. In lieu of a basket, use a small fabric cooler to hold all the supplies.

    Sewing Basket: for someone just starting out … can be scaled down to be a gift in a jar small pin cushion, needles, basic colors of thread, small scissors for snipping, straight pins, safety pins, needle threader, iron on hem mender, thimble.

    Computer Addict: custom made mouse pad (via website like Vistaprint or Shutterfly, etc.), silver mouse with engraved initials or just a mouse with cute pattern, memo cube with pencil, etc.

    Workaholic: Great one for co-workers! Buy cute sticky notes in pretty colors, fun shapes and patterns. Get some fun looking push pins for their cube walls. Pretty binder clips and paper clips. Highlighters, good pens, etc. Fill a quart size mason jar and tie on a bow - or fill a small basket - they'll love it!

    Walker/Jogger Basket: pedometer, sweat band, sports sox, shoe laces, bottled water, ear buds, tee shirt(s)

    Journal Basket: pretty fabric covered journal, pen, perhaps CEO’s journal jar prompts or a book of soothing thoughts.

    Crafter’s Basket: for someone new to crafting or someone who always needs more! … items such as … glue gun/sticks, craft knife, pom pom maker, tape measure, scissors, staple gun/staple, patterns or how-to books

    Fisherman’s Basket: Fill a tackle box with assorted lures, leaders, pliers, gloves, local fishing guide.

    Sports Basket: fill with logo items of the recipient’s favorite team … tee shirt, cap, visor, mug, travel pillow, key fob, etc.

    Bird Watcher’s Basket: seed feeder, thistle sock, suet feeder, fill for all three, bird watcher’s guide book for your area (print and laminate info from internet), binoculars. Make homemade birdseed ornaments!

    Sports Theme Baskets:

    Depending on your budget, add actual sports equipment, sports-specific magazine subscriptions, or collectibles.

    Baseball – Fill a cap


    Football – Fill a helmet



    Swimmer – Fill a beach tote

    Cyclist – Fill a helmet

    Harley Davidson



    Pet Owner Baskets

    Dog Lover's: Homemade Dog Treats (or store bought), Tennis Balls, Dog Toys, Simple felt ornament in dog bone shape with pet's name embroidered on it

    Cat Lover's: Cat Treats, Catnip, Cat Toys, Simple felt ornament in paw or fish shape with pet's name embroidered on it

    Canary, Parakeet, other tropical Pet Bird Basket:
    bird toys, swings, and ladders, millet & fruit treats, etc.

    Mice, Hamsters, Gerbils, Guinea Pigs: for someone who has a pet already … bag of bedding, treats, toys, wheels.
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    AJ, thanks for posting all of this. I'll have to look at it later when I have more time.

    I thought we had a gift basket thread at one time, but there were some threads that were taken down when we went to our new format and some that Ginger was only going to open at certain times of the year. I wonder if that was one????? I know I have a list somewhere that I printed out, and I'm pretty sure it came from here.
  16. AuntJamelle

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    I did look around first and was surprised I didn't see anything. I've gathered these ideas over the years plus from searching Pinterest. It helps me to have lists like this that I can scan each year to see if something pops out at me as perfect for someone!
  17. AuntJamelle

    AuntJamelle Well-Known Member

    Children’s Gift Baskets


    Child’s Activity Basket: a roll of white paper, package of colored paper, crayons, markers, glue sticks, scissors (blunt point for either R or L handed), coloring books, stickers. A plastic tub with a lid is a great *basket*.

    Kid’s Craft Kit: A plastic tub with a lid is a better *basket*: colored paper, crayons, stickers, stampers, stamp pads, art foam, pipe cleaners, pompoms, buttons, glue, scissors, wobbly eyes, sparkles and glitter, wooden and art foam shapes, magnetic tape, a selection of *free* craft how-to sheets available at many craft stores.

    Heading for the Beach Kid’s Basket: Especially great for our friends down under! Fill a large beach pail with: plastic shovel, sand molds, inflatable beach ball, beach towel, flip flops, sunglasses, sun block, swimsuit, cover up.

    Here is a great variation on that theme using a small plastic child’s chair as the “basket”:


    Toddler’s Bedtime Basket: PJs, fuzzy slippers, a Teddy Bear, book of read-aloud bedtime stories. If the child is afraid of the dark, add a cute night light. If the child has a *problem* with monsters, create *monster spray* by creating a *monster spray* label to a cover room spray container.

    Kiddies’ Bath Basket: bubble bath, no-tears shampoo, bath crayons, bathtub toys, squirt toys, etc.

    Overnight at Grandma’s Tote Bag: PJs, slippers, teddy bear, tooth brush, bedtime story book, etc.

    Cupcake Decorating Basket for Kids: box mix, holiday muffin liners, tubs of frosting (There are pre-colored varieties at holiday time.), sprinkles, m&m’s, etc. for topping.

    Beginner Sewing Kit: This is a fun one! You could go different directions depending on age and gender!

    DIY Science Kit: The following link shows someone who based their basket off of the book The Curious Kid’s Science book. You can fill the basket with supplies for projects in the book. You could probably follow the same pattern with any similar book or google/search for pins for DIY science experiments and print them out and slip in plastic page protectors and maybe then into a binder you decorate. Add children’s safety goggles, a set of plastic beakers or petri dishes for extra fun. Could even add a lab coat (i.e. a white doctor coat) and a personalized name badge for the child.


    Snowman Making Kit – Scarf, Mittens from $ Store or Goodwill; Real or plastic carrot – or piece of wood painted orange; “Rocks” and “Buttons”

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Mermaid Play Doh Kit: Too cute for words!!!


    Pirate Themed Play Doh Kit: How fun is this??? Link includes directions on making the play doh including one that looks like sand!


    Sensory Gift Basket - For those children who have challenges with sensory input, this is a great idea!!! Sequin pillow (you run your hand over to change the pattern in the sequins), Sound Machine (great for nighttime!), Silly Putty, Fidget Spinners, all sorts of possibilities for a basket like this!


    Anti Anxiety or Calm Down Kit: Another specialty type idea but a great one! Stress balls, kaleidoscope, relaxation prompt cards, fabric scraps (i.e. velvet or other soft ones), mini massager, etc.

    Dollar Store Engineering Kit: This is a fun one! Link has ideas for supplies for basket and links to potential projects that could be included along with it!

    Inventing Kit: Somewhat along the same lines but I love that this one includes books that are targeted towards girls!

    Tinker Space Kit: Another variation on the inventing theme, some great ideas on possible items to include!

    Movie Sack for Kids (Minta): (use reusable draw-string bag) - DVD, bottle of water or a bottle of their favorite drink, Package of their favorite candy and a package of their favorite non sweet snack (popcorn, chips, pretzels, etc)


    Charlotte’s Web Gift Basket

    DVD of the movie; Set of overalls; Straw Hat; Bandana; Stuffed Farm Animals; Copy of the novel; Fake spider; Pass to local petting zoo; Large Bottle (fill with tickets?); Charlotte’s Web Coloring Book

    Star Wars Gift Basket: I’m sure there are a ton of variations on this theme out there. There is so much merchandise to choose from the sky is the limit on this one!
  18. housewife2

    housewife2 Well-Known Member

    great ideas tfs
  19. AuntJamelle

    AuntJamelle Well-Known Member

    One more group to share!

    Christmas Themed Gift Baskets:

    Trimming The Tree Basket: A personalized family ornament; Hot cocoa mugs; Hot cocoa mix; Homemade cookies or a mix; A holiday CD; Disposable camera; Santa Hats; Ornament Hooks; Extra Light bulbs; Candy Canes

    Jingle Bell Jaunt Basket: Meant to be gifted earlier in the season! The tradition is you wait until your kids are in the Pajamas and in Bed. Rush into their room, jingling bells, and declare JINGLE BELL JAUNT. Kids get into the car, with hot cocoa, popcorn, listening to Christmas music in the car while you drive around and look at lights.

    Little tiny Santa bag with CD of Kids Favorites Christmas Music, pkg of popcorn (unpopped), baggie of hot cocoa mix, big jingle bells, and some candy canes. Include a poem with instructions to have their own Jingle Bell Jaunts.

    (hint-- if you do a search, I think it's in the archives, complete with several homemade poems people submitted)

    New Year’s Eve Basket for Two: (nice for a couple who celebrates at home) The basket might be a top hat holding a crown, two masks, noise makers, and horns, a bottle of champagne, and two champagne glasses.

    Gingerbread Basket: Basket lined with gingerbread patterned fabric, gingerbread mix in a jar (cheat and buy Pillsbury and put it in a jar.), GB boy & girl cookie cutters, GB patterned napkins, GB scented Yankee Candle Jar and GD candle plate, Boyd’s Julianne GingerBeary, refrig. magnets, magnetic notepad, and other items depending on the recipient.

    Cookie Decorating Kit … plain gingerbread cookies, icing in tubes, small boxes of raisins, & small candies for decorating, small package of paper plates and napkins in a gingerbread design. – nice for families who have small children and no time to bake

    Holiday Cookie Basket…This one includes cookie dough, sprinkles, baking tools, etc.


    Holiday Powder Room Basket: a trio of holiday hand towels, pump soap in a holiday container, room spray in a holiday container, decorative soaps in a holiday soap dish, pot pourri in a holiday bowl.

    Berry Merry Christmas Basket: fill with homemade preserves of all kinds. If you don’t make your own, the store-bought, gourmet variety is just fine. This is made "Christmas" just by the theme of the tag and the way it's displayed...

    Elf's Kit with everything you'll need for Christmas morning: Batteries, Scissors, Screwdriver, Batteries. Film, Camera or one-use camera. Paper and Pen, Trash Bags, Folder to put cards, receipts, tags, instructions in all one place.

    Polar Express Gift Basket: Copy of the book; Copy of the DVD; Cocoa Mix; Cocoa Mugs; Large Bell tied with ribbon; Small wooden toy train (painted or unpainted); Paints for train (if desired); Flannel “pocket” for the bell to go in; Train Whistle; Train shaped cookies; Golden Tickets & Holepunch; Polar Express Santa figurine from Hallmark; Polar Express Coloring Book pages (downloaded from web); Conductor’s Hat; Polar Express Ornament; Santa Doll
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Christmas Sundaes Gift Basket: Cones, sauces, toppings, sprinkles, cones, etc. with holiday packaging!!!

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    teachermomof2 Santa's Elves

    Great ideas!

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