Ginger's December Montly Magic

Discussion in 'Year Round Prep: Month by Month' started by iluv2scrap, Nov 29, 2009.

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  2. luludou

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    Thanks for the reminder
  3. jackfrosty

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    This is a great thing for me to look at! It has reminded me that, although Christmas is coming in all it's wonderful glory, It will pass and life (in cold January ) will go on! It reminds me not to worry and hyperfocus on what isn't getting done! Christmas will be wonderful and so will the new year to come! Thanks for Monthly Magic, Gingerbug!
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    Iluv2scrap -- thank you so much for posting that link! I really, really, really enjoyed reading Ginger's December Monthly Magic! We should ALL aim for the wonderful things she wrote! It was a pleasure to read, and I will return to read it again and again!

    Jackfrosty -- your post was wonderful too! Christmas is wonderful! And, as you say, it will pass. and we will find ourselves in cold, wintry January. (Unless we are in a warm, wonderful place!) And it is very very comforting to think of our year as a wheel -- a wheel that turns and brings every month back in its turn. To remember that we can be getting our calendars and our planners in December -- to prepare for the month of planning and dreaming in January.

    Perhaps this year, after Christmas (perhaps after New Years) - we can have "debriefing sessions". We can share ideas and experiences and thoughts about the holidays in 2009. Maybe.... not just the December holidays.... but ALL the holidays. Maybe THAT can be part of our 2010 work.
  5. jackfrosty

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    Great idea, Sparklenana!
  6. Cathymac

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    I especially like the taking yourself to lunch or dinner with a good book. I love to eat breakfast out, even alone or sometimes especially alone, and am planning that for the week before school is out for the holiday break. Eggs Benedict and a good love story..sounds like a little piece of heaven, doesn't it?
  7. SparkleNana

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    This is a wonderfgul thread........ and I am going to Bump It UP.... for December 2010!

    Gingerbug's December Monthly Magic reminds us to get our calendars for December in front of us.... and write down all the special events... school, church, family events and parties! And take a good look at that calendar..... keeping in mind that we CANNOT predict illness and/or terrible weather! And try to figure out some "cushions" to allow for these things!

    Gingerbug alswo suggests we get a little mini-planner for our purses... so we don't forget to write down important things!

    What do you think?
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    SN.. thank you so much for reminding of this !!

    Ginger.. what would we do without you putting it all into some perspective for us... I LOVE the whole list.. Im writing it all down in my Calendar under things to do for December...

    Thank you,... I too, Cathy, especially like the going out to eat and taking a book... I may have to hit Panera one morning with my favorite coffee, muffin and find one of their big cushioned chairs.. sounds like a plan
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    Thank you SparkleNana!
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    Yes THANK YOU!!

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