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Discussion in 'Turkey Day' started by Ahorsesoul, Nov 5, 2013.

  1. Ahorsesoul

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    I've been gluten free since 2003. When I went gf (celiac and not because I wanted to), I decided I would not have to DO Without my favorite foods. So if you are going gluten free or attempting to cook something gf for someone else feel free to ask questions here.
  2. Ahorsesoul

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    Pecan Pie

    Ok, this is my favorite pie. I only make it a few times a year because I can eat the whole thing myself.

    For crust I use Gluten Free Pantry's mix. It makes several pie crusts. I freeze the extra dough in single size balls or line a pie pan with it and freeze it in the pan. This makes it easy to whip up a pie.

    I have not tried this recipe without the crust but it's almost the same as the filling I use. I might try it this year. Think of it as saving calories with no crust. lol
  3. Ahorsesoul

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  4. MrsSoup

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    Thanks for these Diedra, I sent my mom the links.
  5. Ahorsesoul

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    How's you mom doing on the gf diet. Our Dr was asking my Dh about going gf too.
  6. MrsSoup

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    She's doing great! She's been doing it for over a year now I think and really feels better. She keeps telling me I need to do it too because I have the same symptoms and such as she had before she was diagnosed with a thyroid issue, I just haven't done it yet.
  7. Ahorsesoul

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    Certainly might help your headaches too.
  8. Cindylouwho

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    Just printed out that Pecan Pie Recipe. Wish I wasn't the only one here that loved Pecan Pie! My Dad loves it too but we won't be together at Thanksgiving. Only my Family of Pumpkin Pie lovers (and I love that too, actually).

    Have seen that Pie Crust down at Whole Foods and wondered if it was good so with your endorsement I will try it!

    1. The number one thing I have been pondering is the Butter Rolls. I have made them every year at Thanksgiving and they are a favorite. Soft and buttery. I could try a whole 'nother recipe but would like to use my own and just swap out the flour. Purchased the Namaste Flour at Costco which says you can use it for any whole grain recipe. Have you tried this? Or is there a flour you would recommend? I have several. Just don't which is best for bread. Plan to do much googling on this subject.

    2. The StoveTop Stuffing is number 2 - Yes, we were all raised on StoveTop (sad, I know. It is a guilty pleasure here at Thanksgiving). It is a favorite for the kids and DH. I do this along with a fancy Wild Rice Stuffing in Acorn Squash and everyone is happy. Got any StoveTop ideas? We are not full-blown Celiac, but all that bread is going to give us one heck of a tummy ache.
  9. Ahorsesoul

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    Here's a stovetop recipe that sounds good.

    I suppose any of the copycat recipe would work if you just use gf bread.

    I use Pamela's Pancake and Baking Mix just like regular flour in recipes. I like the flavor of Pam's. They also make a bread mix that might work. I'm not a bread person so I've never tried making rolls-yet. Let me know how they turn our if you try your mix. I know without gluten they will not be as light as with poisoned flour.

    When I make pancakes I whip up the egg whites very stiff and fold that into the mixture. It makes the pancakes much lighter and fluffier than if I didn't. That might also work for your rolls.
  10. jampss

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    Just found this and I'm going to make the pecan pie and the stuffing! Thanks, Ahorsesoul

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