Happy New Years! January 1st, 2019

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Lana, Jan 1, 2019.

  1. Lana

    Lana Well-Known Member

    Welcome to 2019 MHH Land!
  2. Lana

    Lana Well-Known Member

    I was in bed between 9 to 10.

    Got home from work and started supper. Mom came out and then Jaymee, Teigan, Allen and I were here. Ryan got off from the farm after 7:30 so fixed his then. The kids stayed home and Ryan beat me to bed. Jaymee was going to go out with a friend but her daughter got sick and Jaymee said no thanks on going there. Made the chocolate trifle to take to my sisters today.

    I need to go shower.

    Guess I will take Shanes and family gifts with us today.

    Mom enjoyed the supper. Shrimp, steak, baked potatoes, crab legs and lobster tails. Had salad but nobody ate any.

    Have a GREAT New Years Day!
  3. halimer

    halimer Well-Known Member

    Good morning and Happy New Year to all!

    After a rainy night it looks like it's clearing. Temperatures are expected to drop throughout the day.

    Went out to dinner last night and then watched TV until the ball dropped. Don't know how all those folk waited in the rain! Nothing special planned for today - just more packing and sorting.

    Lana - your meal sounds great! I probably would have ignored the salad too;)
  4. Minta

    Minta Administrator Staff Member

    Happy New Year!

    Decorating ginger bread houses with the family and some extended family this afternoon and then relaxing this evening before going back to work tomorrow. Christmas vacation wet by way to fast but it was a good one :)
  5. GrammaDeb

    GrammaDeb Active Member

    Happy New Year from sunny and windy Las Vegas!

    I fully intended to go to bed early and forego ringing in the new year, but Dsil brought home party supplies. He, of course, went to bed so it was DH, DD, the kiddoes & me. Dgs was up bright and early, but dgd will sleep for a few more hours.

    I got up early to finish laundry and put a corned beef in the crockpot. In a little while I'll cook the cabbage, carrots & potatoes. I'm going to take over the dining room table this afternoon and spread out a jigsaw puzzle.

    Have a happy day!
  6. Ahorsesoul

    Ahorsesoul Santa's Elves

    Happy New Year to All MHHers

    Our NYE dinner was excellent. Everyone enjoyed it and we have leftovers. I didn't send any leftover home with anyone. I saved the broth from steaming the seafood so we will make a cream soup with seafood for brunch.

    DGS saw I had some packages wrapped in the living room. He kept asking if his Dad could unwrap his gifts. Well I didn't get his Dad any gifts for his birthday but Dh couldn't stand it that DGS wanted to help unwrap gifts. So he dug out some wrenches. DGS and i wrapped it and then he helped his Dad unwrap it so DGS was happy. Do not think DS was happy about no gifts but he should think about giving his Mom gifts on her Birthday. lol

    It is really cold here. It's a whole 1F/-17C. It should warm up to just below freezing by Thursday.

    LC22 decided she was coming to work yesterday after work. She had to stop at Walmart for clothes and we had extra toothbrush/toothpaste for her. She hadn't thought she was going to come so hadn't packed a bag before leaving for her other job yesterday.

    LC1 and her GDD came over yesterday and today to work on looming. The GDD worked yesterday on a hat for her American Doll. She had it done today so needed to learn how to take it off the loom to finish it. LC22 is working on a scarf since DD is not taking her nap. They have most of DD laundry done already this morning. We also taught everyone how to play Cat's Cradle with string. We can only remember how to do about 6 moves so I've ordered two books from Amazon to learn some more. We are watching some of it on Youtube.
  7. Lana

    Lana Well-Known Member

    A load of clothes is done, I washed dishes from last night and dishwasher ran. Showered too.

    Will put the Christmas dishes away tonight when I put away dishes and get others back out. :(

    Allen and Teigan played Operation and Catch the Fox.

    I made rice krispie treats to take along too. Always have so many left from candy making so will be doing them for awhile.

    So much for the new year without words. Allen and I have already had some!!!!
  8. Pam Spaur

    Pam Spaur Well-Known Member


    Last night I was in bed before 11! I don't stay up late any more! I am getting too old. I keep yawning today. I may have to make some coffee. I don't have the oomph to do anything today. It is cold out. I think there are residual winds from yesterday.

    My beans and cornbread were so good. MJ's son is supposed to take us to lunch, but haven't heard anything from him so I may just go eat something now. Knowing him, he probably tied on a good one last night. I did not even open my bottle of wine! I just had milk for my drink of choice.

    I wish each of you has a marvelous new year filled with blessings and love! TTYL
  9. housewife2

    housewife2 Well-Known Member

    Happy new year to all. work was very busy today glad im home now. have steak greens blackeye peas and stewed tomotoes for dinner and cornbread some wine cant wait for dinner
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  10. teachermomof2

    teachermomof2 Santa's Elves

    Happy New Year!

    J, M and I stayed up until after midnight to ring in the new year. H was in bed because he worked the morning milking shift at 2 am. J and M set off some fireworks at midnight, too. I went to bed shortly after. We had plans to go to my parents' for dinner tonight, but my mom is sick with a cold and cough and cancelled dinner. We will make the traditional Pennsylvania dinner of pork, kraut and potatoes for good luck in the new year!

    We did our shopping yesterday, too. I did get my lamps for the bedroom. They look fabulous!

    Have a great day friends! May you find peace, love and blessings in the new year!
  11. MrsSoup

    MrsSoup Well-Known Member

    Aloha and Happy New Year!

    We stayed up to ring in the New Year! I napped on the couch a couple times. We watched a couple movies and then watched some of the New Years Eve show on TV. DD was in her room some of the night watching the NYE show because she didn't want to watch the movie. Fireworks were going off all night even though they are illegal on the island. haha Go figure. Once it got closer to midnight it started sounding like a war zone outside off post. Earlier the kids and I went outside so they could do some pop-its that I got them. The ball dropped and we went outside to see some of the fireworks, but then it was crazy loud. Anyone with PTSD would have most definitely been triggered. We headed in and tucked the kids in and then went to bed. Eli had been asleep on the couch before that so had to wake him up for the ball drop.

    I still woke up early this morning even though I probably didn't get to sleep until 12:30 or later. I have my ham and black eyed peas going on the stove and will make cornbread later. I'm hoping the trees will come down today and everything will get packed up. I watched some of the Tournament of the Roses Parade but I don't think they showed all of it on the channel I was watching. Now i'm watching The Family Stone and going to reflect on my word for the year. Everyone is still upstairs at almost 8:30 so I still have the quiet.

    Lana- Sorry Jaymee's plans fell through but glad everyone was home safe and sound. Hope the day gets better.
    Debbie- Sounds like a great night for you!
    Minta- I'm so glad you mentioned gingerbread houses! The kids got a gingerbread train that they still haven't decorated. I think that will be on the agenda today.
    Deb- How thoughtful of Dsil. Have fun with your puzzle! That does sound like fun.
    Diedra- Haha about the gifts. Sounds like lots of fun at your house today!
    Pam- I didn't open my bottle of wine either. It would have made me more tired.
    Faye- Sounds like a delicous dinner!
    Lisa- Sorry your mom is sick, glad you have a backup plan.

    Enjoy your day!
  12. p.a.

    p.a. Active Member

    Happy new years everyone,,,last time I looked at the clock was 11:57! So close,,lol
    My oldest dd and I took the grandkids to a church function,,they had a movie,pizza,treats, crafts and games the counted down at 7. Perfect! They dropped Nana off and I was in my jammies two mins later. Just a quiet night after.
    Today I'm having the gang over for prime rib,,and we celebrate my late dh,'s bday. Its tom but everyone is back to work so today is easier for them.
    Place is undecorated till next year..I did leave my outside stuff up, I set up some automatic lights along with a tablecloth and cushions on my patio furniture. . It looks so cozy I want to enjoy it more. The grands and I had hot chocolate out there during the holidays. I have a mini fireplace I will use sometimes.
    I wish you all well in the new year...I bought a little tablet the other day socan come here again!
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  13. p.a.

    p.a. Active Member

    Jess I love the family stone movie,,,
  14. cmerth

    cmerth Well-Known Member

    Wow!! Everyone is busy today.

    I didn't stay up late. I was in bed before 11pm. I washed some dishes and made beds. I have talked to a few family members via text. That was fun.

    I have nothing planned for the rest of the day. I might brainstorm some ideas for homemade gifts for the new year. Hubby and I want to save money so that we can buy a house of our own. Renting stinks!!

    No special food for us. Kiddo is sick with a cold so he is just having soup and tea. Hubby is super tired and not real hungry. I am just eating leftovers from last night. Will make tacos for supper tonight.

    It is super cold here... almost zero. I am drinking hot water.. may try some tea later. Hardwood floors are just freezing. I am regretting turning down the offer of house slippers. My toes are cold!!
  15. sweetpumkinpye

    sweetpumkinpye Well-Known Member

    Happy New Year to you all.
    I always enjoy reading how you celebrated NYE. We had a very quiet one here and I was fine with that. One year I would like to have a great party, who knows, maybe this year.

    Work for me today, it is just today and then off until next Monday. New admin will start on the 9th so my days of doing extra will hopefully be limited. Not sure if today will be flat out busy or a quiet one, I will find out when I get there I suppose. Hoping that the new year is a more settled one than last year.

    I have been having some real anxiety issues the past few days. The end of Christmas and New Years for some reason makes my very anxious. Did not sleep well last night and my stomach is in knots. I know that it will pass, I just have to get through it.

    I hope that you all enjoy the rest of your day and that 2019 is filled with fun, friendship, good health and fortune.
    Much love,
  16. MrsSoup

    MrsSoup Well-Known Member


    We put all of the Christmas away. I got out an unused tote and put everything in it that I had used this year and everything else got tossed out or put in a donate pile. There really wasn't much that needed to go so I must have purged last year or when I was getting Christmas out. I packed all my ornaments carefully in my new tote and the really breakable ones in bubble wrap as well. Everything is organized, way more than usual. We rearranged the living room, as usual for the New Year. haha It's been raining off and on. Still have some areas to straighten up after the rearranging and I think maybe i'll rearrange the front room now, but we'll see. I even pulled out all of my holiday coffee mugs and wrapped them in bubble wrap and put them in a box to store. I also pulled out some to donate.

    I think i'm going to turn the beans off and go with DH out to check on some of his Soldiers. They started a new guard shift on the West side of the island this morning and he wants to make sure everyone knows what they are doing. The kids are playing games in their rooms so they won't care if we're gone for a bit. They're occupied and happy. The beans are done but I can't get them seasoned enough. I feel like i've added a ton of salt and pepper. Hmmm. I'll turn them back on when we return and let them cook some more, although the consistency is good.

    p.a.- Your outside area sounds lovely! I have always wanted a space like that, someday.
    Carrie- I want to save money this year too. I hope DS feels better.
    Katrina- Sorry you are having anxiety. I hope the new admin works out.
  17. Ahorsesoul

    Ahorsesoul Santa's Elves

    Oh my. We had a busy afternoon. I was fixing the Seafood Chowder for our late lunch/early supper when LC1 came over with flowers for me as a thank you. We sat around talking with LC22 and DD while Dh attempted to nap. He said he didn't do well with the attempt. Can't understand why, there were only four women talking and laughing.

    LC22 finished her scarf she was making. She said she is going to wear it to work tomorrow. Both LC left just after 5 tonight. LC22 talked to her sister who is now in Korea. She's been there 2 weeks and has signed up to stay an extra year. So she will do 2 1/2 years over there. She loves it.

    Then Dh's son called. They are making plans for a summer vacation so wanted to know if they could stop here. Sounds good to us. Last time we saw them was 12 years ago so it will be nice for them to visit us. I'm thinking they are taking the last vacation with all of them together since there oldest has his drivers permit and will be thinking of college soon.

    I think we'll have cheesecake for our dinner. lol

    Have a great evening.
  18. sweetpumkinpye

    sweetpumkinpye Well-Known Member

    Sitting here at work and the suddenly the power went out. So I have no air con, no lights or computer. The power company says it will be a few hours until it is fixed. I have a fair bit to do but am glad for the rest. Thank goodness for phones
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  19. MrsSoup

    MrsSoup Well-Known Member

    DH and I went on the bike to go out and check on the Soldiers. It was a beautiful ride and a guy on the side of the road in Waianae saluted us as we rode by. LOL It made my day. Weird stuff like that always happens when we are on the bike but that was extra weird and special. I also saw a whale and then saw more spray so I think there were a couple of them out there. A nice afternoon for sure. I'm going to make one of those jars where you write down good stuff that happens on pieces of paper and put them in and then on the following New Years Eve read them. I'll start it today and go the whole year. I'll have everyone in the family do it if they will participate.

    I have turned the beans back on to heat up again and cook a little longer. I'll mix up the cornbread and get it in the oven shortly and I might make some fried potatoes. I want to work on a list of things I want to accomplish this year, no time frame set, just things. Of course some I would like sooner than later. Looks like we're going to be getting new neighbors this month. The ones attached to us will be gone by the 12th. I hope we get good ones in their place. They are pretty good and quiet, no real issues. Sometimes they play loud music but obey quiet hours.

    Diedra- Nice that she wants to stay in Korea and likes it. Glad DH's son will come visit.
    Katrina- Sorry about the power, hope it's not too hot!
  20. sweetpumkinpye

    sweetpumkinpye Well-Known Member

    Phew, that was a long hot day. With no power for nearly 2 hours it put me behind. Finally got out of work at 7.15pm. I know that it will settle down, first days back are always busy. Have had dinner and I am needing a shower.
    Night all.

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