Happy Sunday, June 13th

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by SparkleNana, Jun 13, 2010.

  1. SparkleNana

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    Good Morning!
  2. SparkleNana

    SparkleNana New Member

    Happy Sunday, dear friends.

    Last night, dh and I watched a movie on tv. It was fun.

    Yesterday, it was so hot that we stayed inside most of the day. I talked to friends, on the telephone, while working in the kitchen. And... in the afternoon.... I read about "Christmas In July" on the internet. Christmas In July is BIG in Australia! How fun for sweetpumpkinpye -- and our other family members in Australia!

    I read that so many citizens of Australia have families who came from Great Britain.... bringing their wonderful Christmas customs with them. However.... since Christmas comes in the middle of the Australian summer...... celebrations at the beach and swimming pool are more comfortable than celebrations around a roaring fire, drinking hot beverages!

    So.... Australians began enjoying the winter weather..... with some traditional British Christmas foods and customs.... on July 25th! Brilliant!

    Time to go outside to water the garden. Have a lovely day!
  3. Morning! I'd like to thank everyone who gave me such a warm welcome yesterday. All the nice comments made me smile :)

    I did get those two Christmas movies watched yesterday while doing laundry and a Christmas craft or two. If I get the chance later, I'll post pictures on my blog of what I did.

    Today, I've got even more laundry to do and it's not sunny so I can't hang any of it out... I'll just have to put it in the drier.
    The rest of today will be spend de-cluttering. Last night I fould a halloween decoration tucked away from our party last year. I thought I had got everything; apparently not. It's amazing the little things you find hiding in all those dark places. Haha!

    Sparklenana: Have a wonderful day today! You've made me want to research Christmas in July. It sounds so fun =)
  4. festivefun

    festivefun Member


    Welcome Christmasrocks!

    Hiya SN. Sounds like a lovely day yesterday.

    I have been missing from the forum as I was working heavily at the youth theatre. I've borrowed my OH's laptop to check in, but will get a good read in later. Wait till I tell you what happpened last night to me.

    Note, I'm writing this feeling very cheery, but last night after my work I joined my OH in pub as he was out with some friends watching the world cup match - England v USA. Anyway had a lovely time, but I was driving so only an Irn Bru for me (scottish soft fizzy drink). As we were chatting I got hut on the head by what turned out to be a man's chin!! I am 50/50 as to whether it was an accident or not, the guy said he fell down stairs but wasn't on stairs. I had looked round saw a guy, looked back to friends and felt the thud in my head. I got a terrible fright and was a little bit teary. Although I have a lump and its sensitive, I'm ok. I just got a fright, especially cos my OH and his bro got very protective and the bouncers and manager were involved. They said they will check the CCTV to see if they can tell if it was an accident or not. Its kind of our 'go to' pub out my OH's way, so don't want any trouble, what a carry on.

    However me and OH are fine and are just getting ready to go to IKEA, yay. He has never been, not sure how he'll feel about it LOL.

    Apart from that 'Bugsy Malone' went really well. The kids were fab and I'm so lucky to be involved in work like that, although its been a heavy week, there are tons of rewards. Who can ask for more really ;) More of it would be nice though :D

    Take care everyone and I'll catch up on yesterday's shenanigans later.

  5. housewife2

    housewife2 Well-Known Member

    good morning to all. its been arough couple of weeks. thanks to all for caring. after losing my sister and my newhews son within 2 days its been hard. we had it rough because she didnt have life ins. i urge everyone please get ins. to make it-easier for the ones left befind. its hard enough. i hope everyone has agood day. i plan on doing some yard work today . i look fwd to cij. thanks again to all. take care
  6. Pam Spaur

    Pam Spaur Well-Known Member

    Good morning, MHHers!

    I hope your day is off to a good start. Indiana was really hit with storms yesterday, and in our area....a whopping 1/4 inch of rain! That's all. Some areas south of us got well over an inch of rain! We are in for scattered showers here today.

    I have a pork roast in the crock pot for Sunday dinner. I'll have a salad and stuffing with it. Probably ice cream for dessert. It is really gonna be hot and humid again today.

    Didn't do much last night. Didn't go out again, either. I just was too tired. So, I decided the best thing to do was nothing at all. Today after church and dinner, Sweetie and I wll go to Lowe's or Menard's to look for drawer pulls and handles. yay! I'm thinking that I want to put a dark gel stain on the nightstand I bought yesterday, and will get that, too. Brush on, rub off. How easy is that going to be?

    What is on your agenda today? If it is hot where you live, please remember to use common sense. Sunscreen. Floppy hats. WATER!!!!!! Fans, whether portable, hand held, whatever. Stay cool and hydrated. Protect your skin. Remember your pets, too. But mostly, do something nice for YOU. I'll talk to you all later!
  7. Pam Spaur

    Pam Spaur Well-Known Member

    HW2, I know what you are going thru, somewhat. Thank the Lord, when she died unexpectedly, my sister did have a life insurance policy in effect. She had told me about it and where it was way beforehand, so that when the time came, it paid for her funeral, which was a bit expensive. She was a bit of a 'large' woman, and as such, had to have a bigger casket. Personally, I think that stuff is a ripoff. They get you when you are most vulnerable. And at that time, you aren't exactly thinking of cost. And believe me, it is NOT cheap.

    I would also like to add: you can always prepay your funeral, as well. I am going to be cremated and want my ashes scattered, and will prepay that so that my kids don't have to mess with it. I want to make a will, too, and my DSIL will be my executor. Not that I have that much, but I don't want any fighting. My kids all know my wishes, and pretty much who gets what, but I still want it in writing. If possible, I want to leave a special thing to each of my grandchildren.

    It pays to be prepared. And it saves your loved ones a lot of heartache and burdens.
  8. MrsSoup

    MrsSoup Well-Known Member


    We got storms again last night and we're supposed to get them today too. DH got some done on the old house yesterday but not all that we'd hoped. So today we have to go back there and at least get the painting done. He said he's already done the trim so I just need to roll on the paint, which won't take that long. Then we have to clean the house and empty out everything from the garage.

    Enjoy your day!
  9. wadeallie

    wadeallie Active Member

    Good rainy day all!
    It is sooo gloomy looking outside, today. I suppose it is okay tho as there are positive things to a rainy day.
    1) I don't have to haul out the hose and water the garden
    2) I can stay inside and declutter
    3) I can bake some goodies for the week and it will warm the house

    Last night I took some stamped designs and colored them to ready them for Christmas cards. I like to have several different cards to send out and I am previewing some designs so I can work on cards for CIJ. I hope to work on more today.

    Today, I hope you all find that silver lining to your cloudy day.....
  10. teachermomof2

    teachermomof2 Santa's Elves

    Good morning all!

    It's a gray, humid day here. We had a nice time at the wedding. It was very low budget, but still very nice. It made me realize how old I really am because the bride was about 5 when dh and I started dating. I've watched her grow up into a lovely young woman. What a pleasure that was! They had the mass at the Basilica of the college they attended. It was a very personal venue for them, which made it extra special.

    I am vain~did you know that?! I tried once again to wear the mascara that I have worn for 20 years yesterday for the wedding and lo and behold my eyes are swollen and red again. DH said I looked bad. Nice, huh? So, he took the kids and they went to mass today. I took some allergy meds and put a cool compress on my eyes to reduce the swelling. It helped a bit. Not enough to open my eyes all the way though.

    I don't know what is on the agenda for today. I'm going to make some slow cooker spaghetti meat sauce for dinner. I have laundry to do and that's about it.

    Have a super day!

  11. AnnieClaus

    AnnieClaus Active Member

    Happy, hopefully restful Sunday!

    We had such a lovely time last night having dinner down in Bisbee. Such a nice place. And the portions- huge! We all got to-gos. So, that will be dinner tonight.

    Stuffed to the gills, and my family is going out for brunch today. The last meal with my sis for awhile.-----> Probably until Christmas.

    Once we get her on her way, it will be pick up time for me- laundry, a trip to Paris, and also have some things to get at Target or Wal*mart. Mostly, though, I want to relax and get ready for the work week.

    - I'm having a hard time finding a mascara I like. I have bought two tubes recently that I don't care for too much. Hope your eyes feel better!
    housewife2- Glad you checked in. You're still in our thoughts and prayers.

    I'm going to make coffee now. There is a roaster in Bisbee that makes the best coffee! I got a pack of coffee from Peru and another called: Arabian Red Sea. The roaster actually travels to these places to get the beans. So, please come on over. I'll get it brewing and put out cream and sugar!

  12. wadeallie

    wadeallie Active Member

    Yummm, Annie. I'll be there shortly for coffee and I'll bring the lemon Blueberry bread I just baked!
    This cold rain is making me ache to my bones!
  13. Kim Loves Snow

    Kim Loves Snow Santa's Elves

    Morning, friends! DH and I woke up early and went to church and then gassed the car up for the week and went to the grocery store. I'm getting ready to start spaghetti sauce for dinner. I'll freeze some for lasagna that is on the plan sometime in the next two weeks and I'll put aside a portion to take to my parents so my mom will not have to cook one night.

    My dad has good days and then not so good days. I am anxious about his test results this week.

    Yesterday we went to see the new baby. My poor Godsister - she had over 20 people (almost 10 of them kids!) descend on her house. Her DH has a big family and each of his siblings have 4 or 5 kids and two of the siblings came over. One even brought his 90lb dog. HELLO?????? And they stayed and stayed and the kids were running in and out of the house. It was terrible. I just stayed with her and made sure she was drinking enough fluids, had a plate of food at dinner time etc. The baby is adorable, so little as most newborns are. She did great being passed around and slept through all the commotion of the house. She'll do just fine. My Godsister needs sleep. She started yawning and I took that as our cue to go. I'll go visit again when her parents have gone home and her husband has gone back to work. She'll probably need an extra set of hands then.

    Today DH and I need to CLEAN! We have not done enough of that recently and we have family coming in town late this week. Yikes.

    Housewife2 - I'm so happy you checked in. I've been thinking about you.
    Christmasrocks - What movies did you watch?
    Festivefun - How strange! I hope your head feels better soon.
    Allison - Love your attitude!
    Annie - Enjoy your lunch with your sister and family.

    Off to clean!
  14. happy2bme

    happy2bme Well-Known Member

    Good morning everyone,

    Lisa - throw that mascara out or I am going to come there and do it for you!!! Silly girl!!!

    I am doing a happy dance (join in if you want) because not only are we having beautiful weather, we got our entire garden planted yesterday. It looks so nice out there!! I keep going out to take some pictures, but it is so sunny I can't get any good shots. Maybe later.

    Today we are going to town to pick up some groceries, go to the dollar store and stop at Michaels. I have a 50% off coupon - watch out!!!

    Have a great day!!!
  15. piratemamaof3boys

    piratemamaof3boys Well-Known Member

    Morning ladies or I guess afternoon. I think after yesterday we are warn out. I got up around 8 made french toast and ran the dish washer then went back to be till noon. LOL didn't realize how tired I was. The boys are feeling lazy also. If I can wake up my creativity I want t make thank you card for the teacher and bus driver since Fri is the last day and i have stuff going on every day thise week. Today is my celebrate me day but other than sleeping in, really late I don't think I have anything special planned. Maybe one day this week I'll try to sneek something in.

    Hope all of you lovley ladies has a wonderful day.
  16. luludou

    luludou Well-Known Member

    HW2- take care! My parents have prepaid their arrangements and I must say it's a load off our minds. When people pass away you do not want to deal with arrangements & no insurance.
    Allison: Christmas cards & blueberry lemon bread... great day ahead!
    Kim - hope your SIL can finally rest today!
    Annie - enjoy your last day with your sister
    Festivefun... that is weird!
    Lisa... tut! tut! throw away that mascara. Glad you had a good wedding.
    SN - Enjoy your son's visit
    Christmas Rock.. you are SO welcome here!
    Mrs. Soup - good luck with that work at your old house
    Pam - that crockpot roast smells good right up to here!

    Got up at 8:00. Yesterday was fun for dh's cousin's 50th b-day. Nice supper and lots of chatting. Got home at 11:30.

    Here's what's done today:
    - Muffins - DONE
    - Cook chicken legs - DONE
    - Cook spare-ribs - DONE
    - Wash & cut lettuce for meals this week - DONE
    - Arrange pineapple - DONE
    - Cut oignons & bell peppers to add to chinese macaroni this week - DONE
    - Bake peach cobbler - DONE
    - Make lunch & do dishes (blood-pudding & mashed potatoes for DH. Salmon with veggies & apples for me) - DONE

    DH did the groceries. I am not in a good mood with DH this morning.... he sort of blew off steam and I was in the way... so it blew my way!

    I'm now going out to read and relax while it's nice & not raining.
  17. teachermomof2

    teachermomof2 Santa's Elves

    Mel~I did throw it out to prevent my vanity from making me do something stupid (again!). Thankfully, I don't HAVE to go anywhere the next two days and it should clear up by then. Good job on the garden! Can't wait to see the pics!

    Lucie~you are a busy gal! Do you ever stop?!'

    Kim~praying for your dad.

    Well, dinner is simmering in the crockpot. It smells so good! DH went to an open house in the area where we HOPE to build our house to see if they are interested in renting it out. I doubt it, but he wanted to check it out. He's not back yet, so I'm a bit worried about him. He left his phone here too. It's been 2 hours and that's unlike him. I'm hoping he's at his dad's.

    There is finally a nice breeze blowing, so I opened the windows to get some cross breezes.

    Have a super afternoon!

    Blessings and peace,
  18. Doodlebug

    Doodlebug Well-Known Member

    Afternoon ladies. What a busy week. DGS had Karate Camp this week so there were a couple of days I went and picked him up and we had lunch together. Such fun. Then we had DGD #1 as she wanted to spend the day with us. She turned 3 today. Friday was my celebrate me day but I didn't celebrate it as it was also the anniversary date of my late husband. It has been 9 years. My my!! Last Saturday was a blast though. My sister's and I had such fun together. We laughed and had a wonderful time. Then the families gathered at our house for a cookout. It ended all too soon.
    Yesterday, I did get 18 jars of Strawberry Jam made. Last night I put lunch for today in the crockpot. Roast, potatoes, carrots, onions. Everything was homegrown even the roast. Tomorrow our children will get together for DGD Birthday Party. Friday DGS will turn 12. His party will be Saturday. Busy Busy. Wonderful Day in the house of the Lord today. It is suppose to be really hot and it is so muggy out.
    Annie ~ I am glad you were able to enjoy the time with your sister.
    teachermomof2 ~ hopefully your DH will find some good news about the open house availability.
    SN ~ reading yesterday's posts awhile ago made me anxious to look for CIJ links. Will do that here in a bit.
    To all the rest of you that I did not mention by name ~ hope you have a wonderful Sunday. Rest up for the busy week ahead that we all seem to have.
    Check in tonight.
  19. Cathymac

    Cathymac Administrator

    whew! Ya'll are so busy you make me tired just reading about it!

    We went to the lake yesterday for the afternoon and had a picnic supper there. We took the boat (bass boat, not the party barge) and the little boys tubed several times. As I may or may not have mentioned, DS17 is on his mission trip-they were at the Jersey Shore yesterday!

    I start my new job tomorrow. Actually, I have two days of orientation then start training-for the next 3 months-on Wednesday. I'm excited about it all.

    I have to get home (I'm at my mom's) and get more laundry done...can't put that off until Monday anymore! I used to tag Mondays as my laundry day when I was home on Mondays. Those days are gone, now! I'll have to get a little better at doing some every evening. Ugh. I really have to change several of my methods after being off so long...now I will need a housework plan instead of doing it when I think about it. Did I say "ugh" already?? UGH!

    off to do laundry. Talk to you later in the week...stay cool (0r warm...hard to imagine that. It's 97 degrees here with high humidity. I melt just sticking my head out!). We have a huge watermelon icing in the ice chest for dessert tonight, fresh squash, cucumbers, potatoes and tomatoes from the garden and plenty of ice for tea! We'll make it! See ya'll.
  20. luludou

    luludou Well-Known Member

    Cathymac good luck with your new job.
    Doodlebug - homemade strawberry jam! that is SO GOOD!! (and makes nice gifts for friends too :) )

    FINALLY - dd's curtains are up! I bought a cheap curtain rod... and it curves a little in the middle... it'll stay like that! (unless DH thinks of something).

    Tried to sleep a little in the gazebo this afternoon... nope! the little girl (backdoor neighbor) cried for the 15 minutes I was trying to doze off and then their dog barked for the rest of the afternoon. I can live with the child but I'm having a hard time with the dog!

    Just ordered fries & pizza for supper for me & DH. DD's at her dance recital & DS is working.

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