Have you heard this? Holiday Music Suggestions

Discussion in 'Christmas Magic' started by HouseElf, Jul 29, 2017.

  1. HouseElf

    HouseElf Well-Known Member

    Was trying to think where to best put this thread, as I was working on my 2017 Holiday Planner and while listening to the Holiday Radio channel heard a great song (and purchased it)!
    Then thinking to myself, that others may also have songs that I/or you may have never heard and should add to our holiday playlists ;)

    My song contribution is :

    Come Fill Up Your Glasses by Ed Miller

    A great song for New Years Eve! (Sorry couldn't find a web link, but it's in iTunes)
  2. tanya

    tanya Well-Known Member

    I love Adeste Fideles -Oh Come All Ye Faithful done by Mario Lanza its free to listen on youtube. It was recorded in 1959 I think. This version is done in both English and Latin. It was played by my parents on every single Christmas morning (on vinyl) that I can remember. Its also the traditional song to begin all Carols By Candelight in Australia.

    I also like Snoopy's Christmas Carol by the Royal Guardsmen- again on youtube.
  3. farmerswife

    farmerswife Active Member

    I think this is a great idea to hear new songs. I love Christmas music, but I don 't think any of my favorites are unusual ones. I would love to hear what others enjoy .......

    One of my favorites but well known:
  4. MinnieCo

    MinnieCo Well-Known Member

    I'm all about the classics but love new additions on occasion too. Like Kelly Clarkson's Christmas CD is a new all time favorite. I think a couple songs on their will be remembered for years. I missed hearing Train's Christmas song last year. That's a favorite of mine as well now.

  5. MinnieCo

    MinnieCo Well-Known Member

  6. MinnieCo

    MinnieCo Well-Known Member

    Last one!

  7. AuntJamelle

    AuntJamelle Well-Known Member

    Great thread idea! Always on the lookout (or ear out, lol) for new Christmas music!

    Some albums I enjoy are:

    Brian Setzer's Boogie Woogie Christmas - This is a great one to clean the house to!


    Ultra Lounge Christmas Cocktails Part 1 and 2 - Lots of different and unique songs with a fun, funky flair. 40s vibe mostly but kind of jazzy sometimes too.



    Jo Stafford: I Love the Winter Weather - love this one! Standard favorites plus some out of the norm offerings like the Toyland song, It Happened in Sun Valley and so on...


    SheDaisy - Brand New Year - Lots of good ones one here including a really uptempo version of Santa's Got A Brand New Bag that plays during the end credits of The Grinch movie (Jim Carrey version)

  8. Twink

    Twink New Member

    Hi! I'm new here and I was looking around the site and saw this thread about Christmas music. My favorite is Christmas Eve in Sarajevo by the Trans Siberian Orchestra. It's an instrumental and you can find it on youtube. My second favorite is O Holy Night, A Gatlin Family Christmas, also on youtube. This one is an oldie. I just listened to the Train video and that might be my third favorite.
  9. Miss JoDee

    Miss JoDee Well-Known Member

    This is favorite group I enjoy, a capella.
  10. luludou

    luludou Well-Known Member

    Hi Twink, welcome!

    Love hearing about new songs :)
  11. sweetpumkinpye

    sweetpumkinpye Well-Known Member

    My favourite is still O Holy Night. It just gives me goosebumps. I should look on youtube and find one to post.
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