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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by svenjeff, Oct 28, 2015.

  1. svenjeff

    svenjeff New Member

    Hello, folks

    I am Sven and I am a hundred percent Londoner feeling special about Xmas. I'd love to see such a nice place where I can spend the long wait for Christmas. I will be happy to share some thoughts with a friendly community and have a good laugh together. :) Cya around!
  2. luludou

    luludou Well-Known Member


    Welcome! glad you are joining us :)
  3. piratemamaof3boys

    piratemamaof3boys Well-Known Member

    Welcome, glad to have you!

  4. sweetpumkinpye

    sweetpumkinpye Well-Known Member

    Welcome, glad that you found us.
  5. missjane

    missjane Well-Known Member

    Welcome...I hope you enjoy it here.
  6. jampss

    jampss Well-Known Member

    Hi!!!! Glad u r here!
  7. svenjeff

    svenjeff New Member

    Thank you, people. Great welcoming, you are so kind. :)
  8. snowlvr

    snowlvr Active Member

    You will love it here!

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