HGP 2017 -Recap

Discussion in 'Holiday Grand Plan' started by AuntJamelle, Jan 5, 2018.

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    Well, how do you feel about how the HGP went for you in 2017?

    If you are anything like me - and most of us - you probably started strong and things fizzled away at the end!

    What worked well? What was a struggle? Was there anything that didn't get done that you really want to focus on next time?

    Were you equally balanced between cleaning and holiday prep or did one take over more than the other?

    Share your thoughts! :)
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  2. Minta

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    I never got the master bedroom cleaned and organized before the holidays. I did manage to get some done the week between Christmas and New Years. One of the problems is that we still have stuff in boxes and totes from when we moved in 2 years in our bedroom. I think we need to invest in totes that can slide in under the bed and that should help a lot. I really need to do a good dose of decluttering and purge some stuff .. ok a lot of the stuff that I have been holding onto. I also need to go through the garage and shed to purge a bunch more there.

    Getting the kids to help me was a plus, need to involve them more.

    Need to make sure I keep an eye on the cleaning supplies and make sure I restock as needed.

    I need come up with a place to stash the wrapped gifts where they won't be in the way and where the wrapping doesn't get damaged. We don't place gifts under the tree until Christmas eve, too afraid the pets will mess with them prior since the cat likes to sleep under the tree and the dog likes to pester the cat.

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