HGP 2019 - Finish-Up Week

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    Take this final week to budget for the things you noted you needed to have done: new wallpaper, carpet re-stretching.

    What about the outside?? It is a good time to really clean well the patio furniture and to sweep off the patio and trim the plants. Any weeding needing to be done? Section off the outside yard just as you would do the inside of the house and get to it. You can enjoy your home inside and out! )

    Learn to delegate! Talk with your family and tell them how hard you have worked. (So what if they really do not understand.) Tell them how you need to have their help.

    Be specific! Delegate specific chores and write them down on cards . No Nintendo, TV, or playing with friends till that is done. No Ifs ands or buts about it!

    It takes 21 days to make something a habit-- for you and everyone else in the family--so stick to it! Keep on them.

    Work on relationships now. You have been so busy in the house! Plan a lunch alone with your son. Take your daughter alone to a movie! Buy a new sexy piece of lingerie and treat you and Hubby!

    Have fun now that you have your home all organized and clean!

    • Mail rest of packages and all cards.
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    Packages shipped out today! Always feels SO much better to have done! Was able to make up a batch of Oven Caramel Corn to go along with the tins of cookies! Put in Ziploc bags then "wrapped" with cellophane - they turned out super cute!


    Cookie platters for my work and DH's work assembled and delivered!

    Of the remaining gifts to be given - 99% are in house - some are wrapped - I have a bunch of things ordered - need to do a quick trip to Kohls one night this week - and I need to order photo in right size for a frame meant as a gift for DMIL.

    I need to pick up more foil pans for cinnamon rolls I am making this coming weekend - I used more up than I thought I would have at this point.

    I have my grocery list ready for this week's trip! Hosting a work holiday event at my house for my team (14 people) and I'll be making Chicken Pie with Cornbread Topping and PW Mashed Potatoes. Plus cleaning in advance of having company :confused:

    AND the very next day we are hosting two of my BIL's and their wives for a big dinner.

    The day after that is our appt to get a photo with Santa (and baking cinnamon rolls)

    Need to work on wrapping!!!
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    Bags of things for adopted family dropped off yesterday!

    Last Christmas card going in the mail today!

    Prepped dry mixes for GF rolls and apple crisp for Saturday.

    Will grocery shop tonight and more food prep and cleaning over the next 2 days to get ready for company on Friday and Saturday respectively.

    Picking up more foil pans for cinnamon rolls today as I will be baking those on Sunday for delivery Monday.
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    Need to go over all of the weeks and make notes in planner for next year.
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    Lots has been going on!

    Hosted work party and dinner for BILs and wives this past weekend - all went great!

    Also visited Santa on Sunday, got picture - turned out super cute! Bought a couple frames, have one set out for us and another to wrap for DMIL.

    Made quadruple batch of cinnamon rolls, baked, iced and mostly delivered - DH's work, my work, DS's school and the neighbor across the street (also gave her caramel corn)

    Made more cookies, another batch of Caramel Corn for my giving and 48 mini cheesecakes for my work party tomorrow. This is for our entire dept and HR so 4 people are all making the same amount of cheesecakes.

    I'll also be making two big jars of Creamy Parmesan dressing and a Christmas Tree Cheeseball appetizer - the kind with olives stuck all over it.

    Doing that tonight, plus making ganache to top the cheesecakes. Chocolate is prechopped for that. Shredded Parmesan for dressing already too to help things go quicker.

    Dropped off 30 "Christmas Science Kits" for DS's classmates this morning for his party gift to them tomorrow. Also a big box of goldfish crackers which was my contribution to their little feast. And a bag of various wrapped gifts for his teachers, aides, support staff, etc.

    Dropping off a pan of rolls at another building at my work (our Help Desk always misses out on goodies!) and also a pan at my son's after school program.

    Running to store on lunch to get more sun dried tomatoes as I was JUST informed I am making TWO appetizer "trees" :eek:

    Need to finish wrapping. Need to drink Airbourne. Need to take a nap.

    Need to practice fill all the stockings to see if it all fits - if I need to wrap anything and not put in the stocking.

    I think that is it...probably forgetting something!
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  6. AuntJamelle

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    Oh yes, I made a Chocolate Chip Cheesecake for my friend I am doing holiday baking for this year - will freeze it tonight!
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