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    Week NINE!!! Are we hanging in there????


    Week Nine at the Holiday Grand Plan, Pantry Week, finds us still in the kitchen.

    This week, we focus on food storage, the pantry and any additional closets. Taking time to declutter, deep-clean and organize these storage areas will pay off when holiday baking begins.

    Holiday prep chores this week see us begin to address Christmas cards, continue to work on holiday gifts, and start thinking about Thanksgiving dinner.

    Ready? Let's get organized with Pantry Week in the Holiday Grand Plan!
  2. AuntJamelle

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    Got a good start on this week yesterday! Switching gears to camping trip prep so not sure how much else I'll get to this week - will have to catch up next week!

    Cleaning Tasks:

    [ ] Continue work on Kitchen tasks left incomplete from last week
    [X] Empty pantry of any items that need to be stored elsewhere
    [X] Throw out pantry expired items
    [X] Go through box of newspaper, toss ads, save paper for cleaning windows
    [X] Reorganize all remaining pantry contents
    [X] Reorganize pantry corner shelves in entry
    [ ] Clean off dry erase calendar in pantry entry
    [/] Organize Living Room Closet - Made a start, took carpet cleaner downstairs, put away a few other things that have landed in that closet, still need to do a bit more work before I can call it done!
    [ ] Reorganize spare bedroom closet
    [ ] Spruce up Master Bedroom closet

    Holiday Prep Tasks:

    [ ] Buy 3 items from non-perishable Master Grocery List
    [ ] Buy 1/8th of gifts from Master Gift List
    [ ] Buy at least 1 stocking stuffer
    [X] Continue wrapping/hiding gifts
    [ ] Start working on Christmas Cards - Box with all supplies including postage stamps sitting in Liv Room closet just waiting for me!
    [ ] Make 2 freezer meals or meal components
    [ ] CRAFT on gifts!!!

    I also worked on cleaning off the deck yesterday too. Brought all the cushions inside, the small tables, decorative lights and all the chairs. The rest I'll need DH to help carry and he was busy cleaning out the gutters! Ripped out my poor shriveled green pepper plants - marigolds are still going strong though! And I brought the two citronella plants inside.
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    We don't have a pantry but I did clean and reorganize my 2 jelly cabinets this weekend. I do want to take all the coats out the coat closet and go through them all. There are so many in there and I think a few that no one wears any more. Maybe time for a purge in there too.
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