HHP 2017 Week 18 - New Year's Week

Discussion in 'House & Holiday Plan' started by Holiday_Mom, Dec 30, 2017.

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    Household Checklist
    • Minimum maintenance. We are having people over this evening and just added in another gathering here on New Year's Day.

    Holiday Prep Checklist
    • Write thank-you notes. One more to do
    • Set up a calendar for the new year. Done
    • Take down remaining decorations. That will be done next weekend.
    • Take down tree. Tree pick up is Jan. 10th. We'll take the decorations down next weekend but keep the tree up until the 9th.
    • Hold a holiday debriefing. Writing down my thoughts in detail now. I'll start a HHP Recap post this week.
    • Mark your calendar for next year!
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  3. luludou

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    Have a very long-to-do list this week because I have guests for nY's eve. My timeline is pretty much 'pat' as it is the same every year.
    tidying up basement, main floor, some last minute dishes to do. beds to be made (should have 12 staying over)
    very busy week here
  4. Cindylouwho

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    I'm going to start with saying I'm SORRY to all of you since I fell off the plan! I didn't really fall off the plan, I just wasn't online in December for anything other than business reasons. This fourth quarter was the most brutal in years due to juggling the finances and health plans of all the relatives. Traveling in December killed me. BUT I don't think we'll ever be in that situation again. The early Fall prep for Christmas really saved me.

    DH and I literally busted out the big decisions on Christmas presents about 4 days out. But it came together miraculously and Santa had it all done and under the tree by 2am Christmas Day. (We start our Christmas at 5am so it can be done while it is still dark and the lights all magical) - so we literally slid into home plate at the last minute. Christmas morning was amazing though and I was passed out asleep I think around noon! :)

    Big party here with the teens last night for New Years Eve -- everyone slept over so they wouldn't be on the roads with drunk drivers. They are still downstairs drinking coffee and crashed on the couches. Will have a ham dinner this evening. Nice thing about the party was that they were required to clean the house in order to have it here! :)

    Tree will come down sometime this week -- and then I'll be decluttering the entire house! SO motivated to PURGE!!
  5. Holiday_Mom

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    We did miss you and Ellen and Mel this year. Other people's lists and ideas always inspire me. It sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas despite the busyness you had to deal with these last few months.

    I'll start a HHP Recap post later this week. I'm working on details of what worked and didn't work this year.

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