HHP - 2018 - Week 11: Food Storage

Discussion in 'House & Holiday Plan' started by Holiday_Mom, Nov 11, 2018.

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  2. Holiday_Mom

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    I found out yesterday that I don't need to go into work one day this week! What perfect timing for me to get some extra prep work done!

    HHP - 2018 - Week 11: Food Storage

    This Week's Household Checklist:

    • Clean out the refrigerator. Done
    • Clean out the pantry. Done
    • Clean out shelf to make room for Crock Pot.

    This Week's Holiday Prep Checklist:

    • Review recipes and make a shopping list. Done
    • Eat from the freezer and pantry this week.
    • Stock up on seasonal staples. Done
    • Work on next part of dd’s gift. Done
    • Assemble Thanksgiving gift bags for all the service people in our life. I need to finish this by Thursday. A bunch will be delivered to the schools on Friday and the rest will be delivered next week. Done

    Still to do:

    • Keep working on gift list.
    • Double check that all Christmas cards are finished. Done
    • Continue to wrap gifts. Done until more gifts are bought.
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  3. Cindylouwho

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    Holiday_Mom - A bonus day? That's so great! Perfect timing!

    I've gotten so much done on the house. Need to stop throwing things away -- but it feels so good to lighten the load I just can't stop! Just tore apart the Play Room (which I said I wasn't going to touch til after the holidays), but I was dusting and then I decided to move a piece of furniture and the next thing ya know I've got the whole room torn apart! I'm like a junkie over here!

    • Holiday Baking and Freezer Cooking -- Working on grocery lists for bulk freezer cooking.
    • Groceries for Thanksgiving -- Get the pantry items in to lessen load for next week.
    • Shopping -- Day are on the calendar for pre-Black Friday deals. Just gotta go!
    • Stocking stuffers -- This is the week.
    • Wrapping stations -- Finish setting up. (Progress here over the weekend). Need more paper.
    • Christmas card list. -- Ugh.
    • Black Friday -- Get all done at Pre-Sale for close-enough deals (deals not worth a huge line).
    • Holiday Recipes organized -- Need a cute format for my recipe book I'm making digital.
    • Start wrapping.

    • Marie Kondo Declutter -- Donation drop-offs continue as time allows. Something every trip to town.
    • Chest Freezer cleaned out & defrosted. DONE! Did this yesterday. Smaller freezer to go.
    • Eat from Freezer & pantry this week. -- Found a few things in freezer we can knock off.
    Okay -- I'm headed out the door. DH is picking up DS so I can get out and hit the early Black Friday sales. Wish me luck! (Did everyone see the 3-pot slow cooker JC Penney (Macys?) has for $29? I've been eyeing that for years. Thinking about it!)
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  4. Holiday_Mom

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    I've got my shopping done for Thanksgiving. The pantry is looking good. I took advantage of the sales and stocked on up a lot of things.

    I picked up the frozen turkey and it fits in the freezer! We've been eating out of the freezer to make room. I will have to have the refrigerator cleaned out by Friday night so I can start letting the turkey defrost in there over the weekend.

    The gift bags are more than half way done. I want to finish that tonight and if time permits, work on dd's gift.

    Cindylouwho - We had two JCPenney stores that closed down. I really miss that store. I could always get decent clothes at good price on Black Friday. Dh and I have to sit down and make a shopping plan. I only shop the sale prices on Black Friday/Cyber Monday and then anything that isn't on sale gets bought that week after Thanksgiving. Have fun shopping!
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  5. Minta

    Minta Administrator Staff Member

    I have been taking advantage of the sales at the grocery store and have stocked up on items for Thanksgivings and Christmas ... 3 turkeys in the freezer (1 for Thanksgiving, 1 for Christmas Eve and an extra one just to have on hand). I still need to pick up a few more things for our Thanksgiving dinner but everything else has already been bought.
    Baking Pantry is stocked but I think I will still get one or 2 more bags of flour. Got plenty of assorted chocolate chips for cookies. I have 6 lbs of butter in the freezer but need to pick up at least 6 more lbs worth before I do my Christmas cookie baking.

    I will clean out the frig this weekend and then pull the turkey out of the freezer.
  6. Holiday_Mom

    Holiday_Mom Well-Known Member

    My goodness, that is a lot of turkey but you can't beat the price this time of year. Thanks for the reminder about the butter. I forgot about it being freezable. I have to pick some more up for the upcoming baking sessions.

    I really pushed to get all the Christmas prep stuff done that I wanted to do this week. This is the last weekend of looking at colleges for the fall. My weekends will be free to do Christmas prep or Christmas activities after Thanksgiving. I'm hoping to have the refrigerator cleaned out by Thursday night. I got a 21 lb. turkey. It's the largest I've ever gotten and it will need to thaw in the refrigerator for at least 5 days. :eek: I used this online conversion chart to help with estimation - https://www.butterball.com/calculators-conversions
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  7. Minta

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    We got all 3 turkeys free with the store promotions. I know the walmart here has the double package of butter (2 lbs) for about $4.
  8. Ahorsesoul

    Ahorsesoul Santa's Elves

    I do not think our stores have free turkeys ever.
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  9. Holiday_Mom

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    Plugging along here... Just need to get the one shelf organized for the Crock Pot. That may or may not get done this weekend.

    Ahorsesoul - Not all stores run the free turkey promotion.

    Minta - Thanks for the tip on the Walmart butter. I stopped by and picked some up. I stopped by Aldi as well and they are currently running a special on butter for $2 a lb. I think it was $2.30 a lb before. Vanilla extract really jumped in the last year. I paid $2.19 for a 2 oz. bottle last year at Aldi and now it's $4.25 a 2 oz. bottle. :eek:
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  10. Cindylouwho

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    Reminded me of this video :)
  11. Cindylouwho

    Cindylouwho Well-Known Member

    Okay -- I did it. I did all the shopping for both Thanksgiving (minus the produce) AND for my Freezer Cooking. So now that the meat is in the fridge I am committed! It is happening this weekend! I'll probably be over on the Freezer Threads. Its a LOT of food! But I need to feed the family in December so I can get stuff DONE!

    Meanwhile -- I've been out hitting the Pre-Black Friday sales and have gotten MUCH done. I'm going to skip the weekend crowds and be back out again on Monday. Really amazed at how good the sales are!
  12. Holiday_Mom

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    LOL! That was funny. Just what I needed this morning. :)
  13. Holiday_Mom

    Holiday_Mom Well-Known Member

    Great job on the food shopping and the gift shopping! It's great when there is a good sale on meat. The down side is if I want to prep the meat for freezing, I need a block of time to do it that week. It's good that you have that time this weekend.

    I got most of the things off my list. I still have to do one more thing that would be nice to do this upcoming week.
  14. Cindylouwho

    Cindylouwho Well-Known Member

    It was a productive week (but I'm still prone to end-of-the-day freak-outs because the house it not fully put back together and stuff is STILL coming in from Grandpa's house. O M G.

    Freezer cooking -- DONE over the weekend.
    Thanksgiving Shopping -- DONE. (except for Produce).
    Christmas Shopping -- Half done. (Hit the sales HARD this week. Was out three days in a row.)
    Stocking Stuffers -- Half purchased.
    Tearing apart the house - Yup -- another room torn apart. I have to STOP!

    Was thinking this week how lucky I was to be out this week and not down with the flu or some other nasty bug, which has happened before. More Vitamin C!! I carry wipes with me and wash my hands after every store visit this time of year. I'm that paranoid. :)
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