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Discussion in 'House & Holiday Plan' started by Holiday_Mom, Nov 25, 2018.

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  2. Holiday_Mom

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    After looking at the plan, this looks like an easier week for me. I need a week like this now.

    This Week's Household Checklist:

    • Clean and declutter the entryway. Done
    • Sweep foyer and make space in closet for coats. Done
    • Check that there is enough coat hangers. Done

    This Week's Holiday Prep Checklist:

    • Send out invitations.
    • Take down Thanksgiving decorations. Done
    • Begin putting up Christmas decorations.
    • Wrap Christmas gifts bought on Friday. (This is my big goal for the week.) In progress
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  3. Holiday_Mom

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    This week hasn't been as productive with the HHP as I had hoped by this point. I'll just keep plugging along.

    Thanksgiving decorations are down. Outside decorations are up. Foyer is cleaned/decluttered. The closet is ready for coats. The gifts to be wrapped are piling up. I never got to the gifts bought last weekend in the stores. The ones ordered online are starting to arrive. Two packages arrived yesterday and ten packages arrived today! :eek: I really do hope that nothing else unexpectedly pops up this weekend. :D
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    I need to take a stretch break. This morning, dh and I worked on preparing our Christmas Eve dinner to freeze ahead of time. Then we started on baking cookies but since we had enough bakers in the house, I was able to go and start the wrapping, finally! My goal today is to wrap most of the items bought on Black Friday. I can't get into the closet with all the boxes that were put in there the other day. Seven more arrived in the last three days. So between those and the other gifts, it's hard to get to anything in our room.

    Okay, back to wrapping I go...
  5. Cindylouwho

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    Your DH helped you make Christmas Dinner to freeze in advance and then helped you prep the cookies? Man, you need to KEEP that guy! :)

    Didn't get much time on the Cyber stuff this week. Had too much business going on this week that kept me mostly at my desk. I find I'm not as inclined to cruise through the online offerings because the various ads tend to suck me down rabbit holes and I'm trying to keep my list very focused.

    My DH just got put on disability this week for an ankle injury and we are waiting to hear if surgery is going to happen before Christmas -- he'll be out for at least a few months after that. Kinda worried how this is all going to come together. I'm actually in pretty good shape on Christmas:

    Most of the shopping is done, which is a first for this being this far done this early.
    Tree is up and lights are on. Have to finish putting up the ornaments tomorrow. Also need a chunk of time to wrap and get a grip on what I have and what I still need.

    Computer is about dead. More later. Hope everyone is plugging along!!
  6. Holiday_Mom

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    Yes, dh is a keeper. :) He's usually so busy with work, even on the weekends, but we've learned to put certain "Christmas activities" on the calendar. This was one of them.

    My dh was in the hospital a few days before Christmas when my oldest was a year old. It was unexpected and I was unprepared for Christmas. It was a wake up call. All I could think was "If this happened when my dd was 4 yrs. old and I had no presents for her, what kind of memory would that be? I learned a lot about myself that year. A few months later, I found the message boards over at OrganizedChristmas.com and did the Christmas Countdown plan that next Christmas.

    If your dh does have surgery before Christmas, then what is important to you for Christmas? What makes Christmas Christmas to you? If you can find some time to do those things, then do it. It will help make you feel like you didn't miss out on Christmas. Also, you'll want to loosen your expectations of what you should be doing and ask for help. Caring for a loved one takes a toll on the care giver. Let others take care of you too.

    That year my dh was in the hospital, I asked my brothers to come over and help me put up an artificial tree that I stored from my single days. I bought Christmas cookies and hot chocolate. We put on some Christmas music and decorated the tree. Then on Christmas, the dinner ended up being one of those boxed pre-cooked Christmas dinners that the grocery stores offer this time of the year.

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