HHP 2018 - Week 4: Close To Home

Discussion in 'House & Holiday Plan' started by Holiday_Mom, Sep 23, 2018.

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  2. Holiday_Mom

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    The festival went well yesterday. We'll be in recovery mode for a few days before gearing up for next weekend's activities: hosting a party before the high school dance, a volley ball game and two college visits. I'm not sure if I'll get to the Household Checklist.

    This Week's Household Checklist:
    • Tackle any bonus room or area this week. The bedrooms were dealt with in August so I think I might work on the basement if time allows.

    This Week's Holiday Prep Checklist:
    • Do Seasonal Spruce-Up exercise. I started on this list last January and worked on it in the spring and summer. I have added to it recently. I’m going to prioritize what to do before Christmas and make a list of the items needed to do the task. I want to start soon and I want the items handy when I’m ready. DONE
    • Begin collecting stocking stuffers. I have a list but I think I need to review it and possibly make changes. I did pick up one item from the list.
    • Decide on Halloween costumes. Yikes! Where did that come from? DONE
    • Check for Advent candles.
    • Start working on Christmas cards or letters.
    • Take note of birthdays and anniversaries and add them to the calendar.

    Still to do:
    • I need to go through the November and December issues of "Country Living" and "Martha Stewart's Living" and see if I want to save any ideas from the magazines.
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    We tackled the kids bedrooms Labor Day weekend. This week DH and I took a couple days off from work to tackle the master bedroom/bathroom. Going to do a major declutter and purge and then repaint both rooms. We have new curtains and matching shower curtain. We have been on this house for almost 4 years and never really did anything with our bedroom/bath that it will be nice to finally get them done.
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    Will come back and post a little later on this. I have lots of stuff kind of all happening at once. Big decisions made on the Master that will create a domino effect on the rest of the house. IF I can get DH to dedicate some of his time to helping. (His time is pretty tight these days). But the big news is: I SEE IT. I have a vision! Now I just gotta get it pulled together before FIL's house remodel sucks all the life out of me (and DH)!. Back later!
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    This week is just not going the way I was hoping it would go with the tasks. A lot of work issues have unfortunately taken over my HHP time these last two days. At this point, I'm setting a goal of getting 5 cards written and addressed for this week. This is something that I tend to drag my feet on so if it gets done this week, it will be a big accomplishment.
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    I'm starting to realize that it's more important to me to get the Holiday Prep work done verses the Household work. If I tackle a few things of the Holiday Prep each week, then I don't feel too behind. But if I don't get to the Household Checklist, it doesn't seem to bother me as much. I guess because I know that the family will jump in and get things done. They certainly can do jump in and help with the Holiday Prep if I ask but I enjoy the Holiday Prep work. :D I'm glad that I'm realizing this now. It will be helpful with lower expectations and not feeling bad about it during these next 5 weeks of fall sports.

    I did get to 5 Christmas cards last night. :)

    How is everyone else doing this week?
  7. Cindylouwho

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    These are words of wisdom. Thank you for the reminder! I read your post yesterday and it really stuck with me. I'm going to shift my priorities a bit because I think you are right. For me the thing is we do our BIG home related projects in the Fall as a last big push before we settle in for winter. So right now I have the entire house literally torn apart in a Marie Kondo declutter because with (as you mentioned) Fall Sports and DH on so much overtime its hard to get a solid chunk of time to finish anything. But its happening and I know it will come together. If the Christmas stuff doesn't get done I really start freaking out. I AM keeping up on holiday so far but already those Christmas cards are starting to nag at me. I also have two close friends that are going to disown me if I don't carve out time for them soon.
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    Okay -- so where am I? Lordy -- My whole house it torn apart! :) But I'm going to re-prioritize like Minta did with Holiday stuff first. Have to look at my format for posting so it is easy to read here on this thread. Hmm... And I'm still calm -- cuz I'm taking Vitamin B, Folic Acid and Costco's Tumeric tabs (which i swear is like a natural version of Xanax!) . So here's where I'm at:

    Wk 4 -- Kids Rooms / Hallway Rooms

    • Christmas card list. -- I checked my Excel doc and WOW - a lot has changed!
    • December's calendar. --Got DD's flight booked! All will wrap around that.
    • Stocking stuffers. -- Got a couple more this week. (Need to start writing these down)
    • Clothing declutter -- 3 more boxes of kid clothes delivered to Charity this week. Another one is loaded in the back of the car.
    • Computer -- Cleaned out memory and caches and backed up all my holiday lists.
    • Christmas Money -- Pulled out of account and set aside for December.
    Holiday Catch up:
    Inventory holiday cards, gift wrap, and mailing supplies.
    Christmas cards - Start Christmas letter.
    Gift Closet / Attic -- Marie Kondo in process. (In 1-2 hour bites -- taking forever at this rate)
    Fall Care Package to DD -- A few more items in the box.


    Office Layout -- DH tore the whole place apart and moved our desks. WAY better!
    Office Declutter -- Got 3 boxes out. More to go.
    Art on the walls -- bought spray paint for the frames. Baby steps.
    Health & Sanity -- Set up Macro app for Oct/Nov (So I can start eating cookies at Thanksgvg!)
    Improving lighting throughout house -- Shopped lighting. Haven't purchased yet.
    FIL's house remodel == New paint picked out.
    Master Bedroom -- Made plan with DS on moving furniture. Bought moving disks to move bed.
    Wardrobe -- Started photos of my clothing. Bought white pasteboard for easy background.

    Car -- Cleaned out console. Amazing how many unnecessary items I had in there!

    Home Catch up:
    Master -- Move bed. Build new headboard. Get shutters? Prep list for Columbus Day Sales.
    Lighting -- Buy it
    FIL's House -- Buy paint. Schedule flooring for his house and ours.
    Art on the Walls -- Frame 2 things. I can do this.
    Declutter clothes -- Continue Capsule Wardrobe. Create shopping list for Columbus Day Sales.
  9. Holiday_Mom

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    Yeah, you don't want those friends to disown you. LOL! If they are like my friends, they are probably the same ones who keep you sane during the craziest of times.
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    Cindylouwho, your list is looking good. We have sliders to move furniture that were being sold on infomercials on TV. I thought it was a gimmick until 8 yrs. ago when a friend used them while I was there and they actually worked! I picked up a set for us at Bed Bath and Beyond and we have used them for the exercise bike.
  11. Cindylouwho

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    Those sliders turned out to be the best thing ever! Can't believe I've not used them before. Our bed weighs a ton and we were able to just glide it across the room! Same for our dresser. It was like having them on wheels! :) Got ours at Home Depot.

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