HHP - 2018 - Week 5: House Room Week

Discussion in 'House & Holiday Plan' started by Holiday_Mom, Sep 30, 2018.

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    No kids room to clean so will more time in Master bedroom and other things. I am thinking of tackling the oven. It will take the entire week. Baby steps.
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    Jody, baby steps, yes, baby steps on those big projects. Let us know how it is going this week.

    Well, September was a month I wasn't sure I was ever going to get through. This weekend was particularly tough to get through. But, I did it!

    This Week's Household Checklist:
    • Declutter, clean and organize guest areas. We don’t have a guest room. However, last year I was inspired to have all the makings of a guest room (air mattress, sheets, towels, tooth brush, tooth paste, floss, shampoo and conditioner) placed in one area of storage in our basement for any guests. This worked out beautifully last weekend when we had an overnight guest who attended our festival. Everything is done for this week so I'll take this week to catch up on other things here.

    This Week's Holiday Prep Checklist:

    • Status Check! I’ll evaluate where I am and where I want to be. DONE
    • Begin planning holiday decorating. I am rethinking how I’ve been decorating. I enjoy decorating but I’m finding it more difficult these past year or two to get decorating done the way I use to decorate. I’m thinking of simplifying more. DONE
    • Inventory holiday decorations. DONE
    • Declutter before you decorate for autumn. I have been working on this on and off this month. DONE
    • Decorate for autumn. We started a bit of this on Friday in preparation for the party on Saturday night. DONE
    • Continue working on Christmas cards.
    • Beginning this week, I'm blocking off some time each week for me to read a light-hearted book or watch a light-hearted movie. I really need this.

    Still to do:

    • I need to go through the November and December issues of "Country Living" and "Martha Stewart's Living" and see if I want to save any ideas from the magazines. DONE
    • Start on Spruce Up List
    • Keep working on stocking stuffers
    • Look for Advent Candles. DONE
    • I forgot about the Halloween costume! I got the pants. I just need the hat and shirt. I got the hat. Just need the shirt. I also picked up the Halloween Candy.
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    I decided that I'll inventory the decorations as I use them. It's easier for me do it that way. We are good on the autumn decor We are done decorating for autumn. I will probably pull out the Halloween decor next week or the week after.

    Doing a status check evaluation was an eye opener for me. I made a list of the activities on my calendar for August and September. From that list, I put down the typical/annual things that happen during August and September. That left a number of new activities in August and September. When I added up the time spent on the new activities that I did during those months, it made more sense why September was my busiest September in years. I also listed the things that I had typically worked on in August/September that was related to HHP. I may adjust my calendar and start working on more HHP items in August if next September starts looking like this past September.
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    It feels so good to get holiday prep done! I got some dry mixes for baking cookies put together. I opened up my last bag of flour, sugar, brown sugar and confectioner's sugar. I'll have to add this to my shopping list.

    How's it going for everyone else?

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    Well I'm at a complete STAND-STILL. Had my foot operated on this week to fix a torn tendon. I thought I'd be up and about in no time just wearing a cast. But nope. This is going to take several days, so I'm on the computer getting done what stuff I can.

    Will at least keep my list up to date:

    Oh wait - I have to go get it. Will be right back to edit this! :)
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    Okay -- Where was I? As I said, I'm at a temporary stand-still. Ugh!

    Week 5: Guest Rooms & Decor

    • Christmas card list. Choose a few photos from this year.
    • Put up Autumn Decor
    • Thanksgiving -- get DD booked somewhere on the East Coast.
    • Stocking stuffers -- Need more.
    • PLUS catch up:
    • Inventory holiday cards, gift wrap, and mailing supplies.
    • Gift Closet / Attic -- Marie Kondo in process. (In 1-2 hour bites -- taking forever at this rate)
    • Fall Care Package to DD -- Main Fall package gone. Secondary package goes next week.

    • Office - Finish Taxes and swap Armoire for bookshelf.
    • Health & Sanity -- Definitely bumping to next week!
    • Improving lighting throughout house -- New lighting arrived! Big difference! Ordering more!
    • FIL's house remodel = Choose from paint samples on wall. Appt set for flooring/carpet bids.
    • PLUS catch up:
    • Master -- Build new headboard. Get shutters? Prep list for Columbus Day Sales.
    • Art on the walls
    • Declutter clothes -- Continue Capsule Wardrobe & Continue loading photos into app.
    • Continue building shopping list for Columbus Day Sales.
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    Oh no, Cindylouwho! So sorry to hear your recovery is not turning out to be swift! Be careful not to overdo it and prolong the process - I only say that because I have done that to myself more than once in the past :oops:
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    Oh, wow, Cindylouwho... I hope you are doing better today. It's so hard to sit still when you want to get up and get things done. LIke AuntJamelle, I've overdone things during recovery time and then it set me back further.

    Let us know how you are doing.

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