HHP - 2018 - Week 9: Public Space Week

Discussion in 'House & Holiday Plan' started by Holiday_Mom, Oct 28, 2018.

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  2. Minta

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    I will be playing catch up this week. Need to finish the kitchen and master bedroom/bathroom and if I have time to clean the foyer.
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  3. Holiday_Mom

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    After looking through the list, I think this will be one of my lighter weeks for HHP. I really want to tackle the cards, wrapping and Thanksgiving side dishes this week.

    This Week's Household Checklist:
    • Declutter, clean and organize the living room. Dust, vacuum and wash windows.DONE

    This Week's Holiday Prep Checklist:

    • Do any final touches for Halloween on Wednesday.DONE
    • Continue working on Christmas cards. Stamps arrived on Friday. I’ll start to stamp the envelopes I already addressed.
    • Wrap stocking stuffers and gifts. With a lighter work list this week, I really hope to wrap the few family items that I have so far. DONE

    Still to do:

    • Keep working on Stocking Stuffers and work on gift list. Getting there!
    • Continue to do the work on Spruce Up list. I'm further behind on this than I'd like to be at this point. I can't get to it this week but I will set up a work plan for next week.
    • Keep working on Thanksgiving Prep list. I want to finish up making and freezing side dishes this week. DONE
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  4. Holiday_Mom

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    I got the side dishes made and in the freezer. Such a great feeling to be done that aspect. I wrapped the gifts and stocking stuffers that I had. Have to finish up for Halloween this evening.

    I got a few more gifts from ideas that I picked up along the way. I'm glad I went when I did because I got some of the last items. I'm starting to get more and more excited about Christmas!
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  5. Miss JoDee

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    I am loosely follow plans with high priorities on certain area. This weekend plan is to enter the attic and pull down the stuff that has been in there for 20+ years. Most of it is toys my children had and clothes I sewed for them when younger along with college and high school "stuff". Toys will be shopped for by my ds and ddil because their finances are lacking for the trying. I have a little tikes refrigerator and cupboard that I will give dgd(2) for Christmas. Anything remaining will go to the school holiday bazaar.
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  6. Cindylouwho

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    Miss JoDee -- I always wanted the kitchen set as a kid. I remember staring at the Sears Catalogue dreaming about it. (Never got it.) Your dgd2 will be so happy!

    Week 9; Public Space Week -- Family Room and Living Room
    It's Friday and I'm finally posting for the week. This is more of a continuation week for me, nothing to add, just need to catch up. Halloween went fine and the Living Room and Family Room are in good shape. My thing is I really need to move it on the Christmas shopping and the cooking. I'm being the Mom to 3 homes in different states (the relatives) and its all a bit much to juggle. Make that 4 homes. My brain is split too many directions. But I count my blessings.

    • Shopping List -- Start buying! PRIORITY!! (The list itself is pretty set. Mostly. Which is good.)
    • Christmas Movies -- Find TV schedule for Christmas movies and set to record.
    • Thanksgiving -- Find NY restaurant for DD's Thanksgiving.
    • Stocking stuffers -- Buy the candy. Hoping to do this all in one shot. (Otherwise I forget what I bought!)
    • Craft Room / Mudroom - Get the donation boxes out and wrapping paper station set up.
    • Gift Closet / Attic -- Finish this up. Set up second wrapping station.
    • Santa App -- Sync up with Exel so I have the same list in both places..
    • Christmas card list. -- Order cards.
    • Black Friday -- Check ads. Make a plan. Load the shopping carts online.
    • Holiday Recipes organized -- this is a project as I tore my recipe book apart last year to redo it (and then was gone all summer (which was the time I had to work on it).

    • Marie Kondo Declutter -- Continue. Focus on getting stuff out the door. Moves to background.
    • Flu Shots scheduled asap
  7. Holiday_Mom

    Holiday_Mom Well-Known Member

    That sounds like a great idea! My children loved playing with a pretend kitchen and doing their own cooking shows. When school is on break, they like to make meals and bake now. :)
  8. Holiday_Mom

    Holiday_Mom Well-Known Member

    We had rather warm weather for Halloween. It was a nice evening to sit outside and greet the "ghosts and goblins" that came by.

    Yesterday, it hit me just how close Thanksgiving is this year. I am feeling pretty good about Thanksgiving prep at this point.

    I started earnestly with the online shopping. I've been eyeing things and pricing things in the stores and have done some comparison shopping over the last few weeks. Last night, I committed to some of the ideas and ordered them online. I felt a sense of relief just knowing that some gifts have been bought. I think that most will be bought between Black Friday and then the week after, I will finish buying whatever wasn't on sale that day.

    I am going to work on the Christmas cards tonight after I'm done here.

    Next week I really hope to finish up a few spruce up ideas in the dining room. That will be my main focus. If it doesn't get done next week, then I'm not sure it will get done before Thanksgiving which is my cut off date for bigger projects.
  9. Cindylouwho

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    Got a few things done but DS's school schedule is really messing me up. We are out in the country so it is hard to get into town and still juggle school activities. I got DD's trip figured out and all reservations booked. That is a relief! Spent a thankfully quiet weekend working on recipes and organizing the Christmas list. Really needed that. Just some quiet.
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