HHP - 2019 - Week 10 - Cooking Space Week

Discussion in 'House & Holiday Plan' started by Holiday_Mom, Nov 3, 2019.

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    Last week I got sidetracked with a Halloween gathering that we hosted. I'm really hoping to get through the list this week. Next week I have a procedure being done on my leg and will have limited time on my feet.

    Household Prep
    • Check on necessary supplies needed for power outages and winter weather. Done
    • Clean, declutter and organized kitchen

    Holiday Prep
    • Do a status check. Done
    • Take Halloween Decorations down. Done
    • Put up Thanksgiving decorations. Done
    • Organize holiday recipes. The recipes are organized but the binder needs to be cleaned up a bit.
    • Plan Thanksgiving menu. I feel good about this but I need to review and finalize it. Done
    • Plan holiday baking. Done
    • Make a list of serving pieces, glasses, silverware and table cloths needed for Thanksgiving. Done
    • Bake any fruitcakes or Christmas cakes which require mellowing. Thinking on this one… I found a recipe to try but most likely won't get to it this year.
    • Check on Christmas Tree Stand. Done
    • Look for chocolate Advent Calendar.
    • Wrap gifts. Done
    • Make a list of things needed for cutting the Christmas tree down. Done
    • Make menu for tree decorating party. Done

    Still to Do
    • Buy holiday stamps. I found a bunch of Christmas stamps among papers on the side of the Christmas planning basket.
    • Sign cards. Done
    • Prepare to mail Christmas cards or letters. Done
    • Check grocery circulars and make a list of additional items needed for service peoples’ gifts. Done
    • Buy gifts either this week or next week. Done
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    Goodness it’s November, I can’t believe how time is flying by.
    This week is finish my upstairs week. I did 2 bedrooms and one bath yesterday. Just need to do the master bath ,finish the guest room and wash or replace all the curtains. How I hate cleaning the master bath (sadly it shows too:eek:).
    I still need to start my cards. Everything is sitting there waiting on me. I did order my stamps. Oh my such hoops to jump through to order stamps online. Accounts, password and security questions. Lol I just wanted to purchase Santa clause stamps.
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    LOL! Oh, I so relate to this. I spend more time doing online bills than I do if I sit down with a check book and write out a check.

    I did the status check and I feel pretty good about where I am with the plan. I'm struggling finishing the cards but that's ok. A lot of activities are happening here.

    I am checking off the things that are bugging me right now. If they keep hovering over me, then I will have no peace. :( :rolleyes:
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    How are things going this week for everyone?

    I'm really happy with where I am this week on the list. The kitchen cabinets really needed a good decluttering. I spent three hours last night going through everything. They look so much nicer today. I still need to clean out the refrigerator, clean the windows and wash the floor.
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    I have curtains to wash or replace upstairs and I am done cleaning. I’m going to pitch the ones in the 2 bedrooms and make new. Husband will have to help me take down all the others to wash. I finished the master bath today. So glad that mess is done.
    I’m going to work on my cards on Saturday. Will be time to get them in mail before too long.
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