HHP - 2019 - Week 11 - Food Storage Week

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    Household Prep - I am caught up with this week’s Household Prep.

    Holiday Prep

    • Review recipes and make a shopping list.
    • Eat from the freezer and pantry this week.Done
    • Stock up on seasonal staples. Done
    • Make a list of nights in November and December where a pre-cooked frozen dinner would come in handy. Done
    • Plan menus for those nights based on what is currently in the freezer. Done
    • Make a list of potential meals to cook and freeze for those unassigned nights. Done
    • Make sure all cooking equipment is working. Done
    • Assemble Thanksgiving gift bags. Done
    • Make creamed spinach and freeze. Done
    • Make a list of gifts that can be bought now. Done
    • Make a list of gifts that can be bought on Black Friday. Done

    Still to Do

    • Organize holiday recipes.
    • Look for Advent Calendar.
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    I'm plowing through the list. We are eating out of the freezer. It is packed to the rim with meals. 6 weeks from tonight is Christmas Eve! It seems so far away but I know it is closer than it seems.
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    Great list Mary! I'm going to sit down and work on my to-do list in the morning. Haven't been home, so I'm dedicating that time to doing so for the week.
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    How is your recovery?
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    Have been offline this past month dealing with home renovations and ailing family members. Much back and forth out of town. However have been thinking about all of you and hope everyone Is on track. I'm furthest behind I've been in years but mentally I'm still keeping track of where I need to be. I'm going to be very very very efficient on Black Friday and I'm NOT going to get sick. Even though everyone on that plane was sick.

    House is scheduled for one week of construction work on the week of 12/4 (only week I could get them in here). Large scale decluttering is happening on scheduled days. And then travel for family care and work are happening in-between. My Master Bedroom looks like a construction site. My Kitchen will shortly. And then there's the painting. *Breathing* Started to hyperventilate yesterday when I had to deal with the health insurance people but then pulled myself back together. One foot in front of the other. I'm pretty trusting of the construction guy I hired -- otherwise I'd be losing it. I need to lay out a calendar over next couple days to see how it is all going to come together. I'm SOOOO glad I bought Pre-Lit tree!!! That is going to save SO much time! And yesterday I just ordered Thanksgiving from a local restaurant (great chef) so will only have to make a few dishes. We were going to go out but Grampa is 96 and prefers to stay close to home. Since its just me and the boys this year (who only care about the actual eating) it should be a fairly low stress Thanksgiving meal. Just need to get the house pulled together!

    Food Storage is in great shape. Just need to clean out the last small freezer with all my baking stuff in it. It's in a cramped space which is why I haven't done it yet. Discovered how to best store stuff in a small under fridge drawer freezer: Lock n Lock box (half gallon size I think they are) fit BEAUTFULLY right across the bottom. And I mean BEAUTIFULLY. I'm going to have to post it on the freezer thread.

    Will log in the week's plan's for Week 12.
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    Great to see you here. I've been thinking of you and figured you were in the midst of construction. I'm sorry to hear about the ailing family members. You are doing a wonderful thing by helping others. That's what the holidays are really about - being with family. :)

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