HHP - 2019 - Week 6 - Wardrobe Week

Discussion in 'House & Holiday Plan' started by Holiday_Mom, Oct 6, 2019.

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    We are in good shape I think. I cleaned out our closet several weeks ago and took stock of what we have. I would like to make some Christmas pjs and embroider a sweatshirt or two but if I don’t get to it no big deal. I already have outfits picked out for holiday events. I just ordered 2 winter coats from kohl’s for me. Couldn’t decide between red or black so I got both:rolleyes:.
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    Here are my tasks for the week:

    Household Checklist:

    organize sewing basket - DONE
    make new batch of stain remover - DONE
    clean out cleaning supplies bin - DONE

    Holiday Prep Checklist:

    make list of wardrobe items needed - DONE
    inventory Christmas decorations
    gather Christmas card supplies
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  4. Holiday_Mom

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    Here's what I hope to get done this week:

    Household Checklist:

    • Change out spring/summer clothes for fall/winter clothes. Done
    • Declutter, clean and organize closet. Done
    Holiday Prep Checklist:
    • Talk with family about holiday wardrobe needs. Make a list of items to buy.Done
    • Update any clothing sizes, colors and preferences for each family member.Done
    • Brainstorm ideas for Secret Santa or 12 Days exchanges. Done
    • Browse internet for gift ideas and prices. Order when possible. Done
    • Start working on Christmas cards. Done
    • Cook and freeze a side dish.Done
    • Assemble a cookie mix.Done
    Still to Do:
    • Work on assembling gifts for service people.Done
    • Order final stocking stuffer. Done
    • Finish decorating for autumn. I forgot one box of autumn decor last week!Done
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  5. Holiday_Mom

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    I got the final stocking stuffer ordered. I've come up with some more ideas for Christmas for one of my daughters and for the Secret Santa at school.
  6. Cindylouwho

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    I'm really off on my holiday schedule this year. things are just going to be happening out of order. Headed out of town shortly for a few days but have done some clothes shopping for DS this week, hitting the Columbus Day sales and may try to get some online orders in this weekend. Right now I'm drinking coffee and stalling because I don't want to load my car in the cold.

    Holiday-Mom -- curious where you order stocking stuffers from? Amazon? And they must be unique if they are being ordered. I'm gritting my teeth this year and am NOT letting myself buy ANY stocking stuffer candies and such so that I will do it ALL in one day. Every year I buy a little at a time and every year I forget what I bought! So I'm changing up my strategy this year. But I do need 3-5 unique items per person and I don't know what those are yet. I got some good ones last year but notice that "stuff" is used less and less by my teens. Maybe gift cards this year? Don't know....

    Big thing this past week was the "Organizer" came. (*angels trumpets in distant heavens*) She was AWESOME! And a Marie Kondo fan, as am I. Spent an entire day going through that darn mudroom that makes me crazy and our basement. Now we have a couple weeks to work on our own til she comes back. When she left our takeaway was that we really "could" have done this ourselves but that we wouldn't have done it as quickly or as throughly -- and possibly ever. We consider ourselves to be pretty uncluttered except in the mudroom, attic and garage. And even those are not that bad. For us the plan here was more organizational for efficient running of the household. Well I'm telling you what. By the time she got done with us we were hucking out TONS of stuff! Including items of value! And the thing that was helpful was that:
    1. We paid for her services so it was "happening" and it was happening "right now".
    2. DH had to be fully involved.
    3. We were both being directed in a way -- so we were not arguing with each other. The neutral third person was super helpful. So I didn't have a need to strangle DH. ;)
    4. A lot happened in ONE DAY. And there were some decision mades that "will" affect future construction during our renovations. So maybe we really did need to have her come in first.

    Off to pack as I'm headed out. I have more threads going that I really want to check in on. Especially that Freezer and Keto thread. Will try to get to it this weekend but i really want to sit down and roll up my sleeves on those conversations. Will be happy when this trip is done and then I can focus on the here and now.
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  7. Holiday_Mom

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    Oh, I am too practical with the stocking stuffers. I bought toothbrush heads for the electric toothbrushes from Target. They didn't have enough at the store. I usually put in travel tissues and Chapstick too.

    It sounds like a good fit and a very productive time with the organizer. Enjoy your trip!
  8. Holiday_Mom

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    I finished up with what I wanted to get done this week.:) I put 10 lbs. of mashed potatoes in the freezer. My freezer is stuffed so I can only make up dry mixes for the cookies for the time being. I got one dry mix made up. Surprisingly, we are doing fine on the clothes at this point.

    I started to put together gift bags for the teachers. I picked up several things over the year to give as gifts which is not my norm. I didn't know how that was actually going to work. It helped to assemble the gift bags with the items in them to see what I still needed to buy.
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  9. Ahorsesoul

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    I would love to do this. I agree about paying someone to help. That third party helps to keep everyone on track and paying for it means it is something serious and you can't put if off.

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