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Discussion in 'Magical Parties' started by Gingerbug, Oct 25, 2015.

  1. Gingerbug

    Gingerbug Administrator

    Last year (the first year of retirement)...I did a holiday themed Happy Hour on the Thursdays of December. I ended up doing three of them.

    Appetizers Night with a signature drink called Rudolph's Tipsy Spritzer

    Feliz Navidad a Mexican dinner with a Merry Berry Holiday Punch

    Chips. Dips, and Desserts with a wine tasting of holiday wines.

    I want to do the same thing this year as its a great way to host and invite people into my home for the holidays. It generally doesn't run too late and people can come and go as its set up buffet style. I'd love to "mix it up" a bit this ideas for themes for my Happy Hours?
  2. luludou

    luludou Well-Known Member

    Love it!

    How about:
    - Visions of Sugarplum
    * Polar Express
    * A Christmas story
    *Mele Kalimaka
  3. missjane

    missjane Well-Known Member

    Molten Lava party:
    Sort of like an ice cream bar, but with chocolate molten cakes with various toppings.

    Or use brownies instead - chocolate, blonde, mint, peanut butter etc.

    Nutty as a Fruitcake party:
    Serve fruit pizza; bite size biscuits with various fruit jellies, jams, and ham; small fruit tarts; crepes with fruit and cream cheese filling and even fruitcake, if you're brave enough! ;) And nuts of various flavors...cinnamon coated, spicy, sugared, etc.
  4. Gingerbug

    Gingerbug Administrator

    Ohhh....I love the Nutty as a fruitcake idea...that sounds fun! :snowman2:
  5. Cathymac2

    Cathymac2 Active Member

    White Christmas-decorate with white tablecloths, white and crystal dishes, etc. Serve white food such as white cheese dip and chips, shot glasses with a white soup (maybe potato?) and whatever else Pinterest might come up with.

    Candy land- bright colorful decorations and jars of candy

    North Pole-cookies and hot chocolate (maybe spiked!) with toys as decorations and everyone wears Santa hats

    These are just some quick thoughts that need fleshing out. I'll keep thinking!
  6. Cathymac2

    Cathymac2 Active Member

    I just saw this on Pinterest!

    Mistletoe and Margaritas

    Buddy the Elf

    Cookie Decorating party

    Nightmare before Christmas

    12 Days of Christmas

    Christmas Pajama Party (fun at happy hour!)

    Nutcracker Suite (Nutcracker Sweets)

    Pinterest has lots of ideas for all of these themes.
  7. Gingerbug

    Gingerbug Administrator

    Ohhh....I love the Mistletoe and Margaritas....

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