I Need Recipe Ideas for Smaller but Wow-Em Thanksgiving

Discussion in 'Turkey Day' started by goodpace, Oct 25, 2016.

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    Might be a dinner for 2 or maybe 4 with a couple of days for leftovers... The DD's: 1 says probably, the other says...maybe. Okay. What I would like is a couple of WOW recipes. Something that's not too tricky but tastes like a million bucks! Also, the girls...do not cook-never even liked to help in the kitchen-can I say avoid it like the plague? I like cooking-especially holiday meals (trying out new recipes). At least they don't mind the washing up part-the part I hate!

    Should I go with a smaller turkey or stuffed turkey breast? 2 must haves as sides are: my mashed potatoes and corn pudding. What other sides? I used to do small fancy salads and a hot vegetable like green beans or broccoli. I'd love to have a nice bread/roll recipe that's easy-I hate the flavor of canned/those packaged rolls in a cardboard tray. Should I do a vegetable tray instead or a soup/soup shooters? Appetizers? Is there something I could make-ahead or make and freeze now? Smaller portion things?

    I also hate when the fridge is packed to the brim and you can't even grab some iced tea. I was thinking maybe like individual pie/cake in mugs instead of whole cakes or pies calling to me to send my diabetes through the roof! We usually do a dinner hour (5-7 pm) time frame so everyone can get their errands and whatever done. Then we plan for Christmas over coffee/dessert. Help?
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    Sweetie, google recipes online. I am sure you will find ideas! It sounds like you are feeding an army. Make it easy on yourself. Good luck.
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    This week there was a cooking show on tv and the présentations did it all! They served the appetizers on a big wooden tray... 2 things were made and the rest bought... just cut up and presented cute. They did the same for the desserts... it looked fantastic and nothing complicated. It's in french but just look at the video to see what I'm talking about http://ici.radio-canada.ca/tele/ric...ns-citron-petits-pains-aperitifs?isAutoPlay=1

    oops not sure the thread is working.
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    LuLu -- I couldn't get that video to load. I'd like to see that also.

    Goodpace ~ I was looking at magazines in the hair salon the other day and came across this. There were several recipes in that issue. I love my own cranberry recipe but these two recipes caught my attention and I might have to try them.


    Also if you think your girls would be fine skipping the "whole turkey" scene that would make it lots easier. And easier to store in the fridge.

    I also came across this for presentation which I thought was pretty (I use sliced Pomegranates on mine but I'm liking how the grapes look too):


    Note, the BHG site can be a pain. The recipe is called Roast Chicken with Grapes. Something like this perhaps -- if you choose to do the turkey breasts. Perhaps in a Paella pan? That would look pretty! Roast veggies would look good too.

    Soup Shooters? Never heard of that! LOVE it!

    Dessert -- You could do a Pumpkin Mousse with ginger cookies. Quick, easy and yummy. Though I did that one year and learned my tummy does NOT like uncooked pumpkin. So that's out for me. Bleh. :(

    I'd be thinking what I can cook ahead and what I can freeze. Mashed potatoes are great because they can hold in the crockpot (with a dishtowel under the lid). Also -- to keep it simple you could ditch the rolls and get a fresh baked baguette -- which is also good for day after sandwiches. Ta-Da!
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    The link seems to be working tonight
  6. Cindylouwho

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    I googled a French translator and it said it can't be viewed in my country. Rats.
  7. luludou

    luludou Well-Known Member

    :( Here are some examples of what I meant:


  8. luludou

    luludou Well-Known Member

  9. Ahorsesoul

    Ahorsesoul Santa's Elves

    I just finished dinner but looking at those photos has made my want some more. lol
  10. DahliaDoll

    DahliaDoll Well-Known Member

    Greetings Yvonne,

    I kind of feel like the Thanksgiving meal has a lot to do with tradition. Do you have traditional foods in your family that it’s not “Thanksgiving” without? Those are the ones you probably need to stick with. I really like the idea of making the presentation of those foods special. The table décor is another way to impress.

    When having guests, I look for foods that can be prepared ahead of time. There are potato and gravy recipes that can be made the day before, but it sounds like you have ones of your own that you will be making.

    Perhaps using an ice chest for some of the frig food could alleviate the congestion in the refrigerator. You could put some of the holiday food in it, or just things that need to be refrigerated but won’t be needed for Thanksgiving day. It could be moved out to the garage or somewhere out of the way.

    Here’s a link I found when I did a search for “individual Thanksgiving desserts”.

    Here’s a recipe for Swiss Layered Salad which my family enjoys. You can make it a day ahead. Layered in a glass dish, it is very pretty. When served, you need to dig down to get all the layers. The dressing is yummy and different with nutmeg and Dijon mustard.

    If you have a bread machine, you can have the machine make the dough, then you can shape it into rolls, let it rise again and bake. I have a rye bread recipe that I will post if you are interested. An alternative would be a non-yeast bread. I love an herb-cheese Irish soda bread. Here’s a link to one recipe: http://www.theroastedroot.net/cheese-herb-irish-soda-bread/

    You can make a pretty bread serving bowl with a piece of holiday fabric to wrap the bread in.

    I love this kind of brainstorming!

    Happy planning!
  11. Cindylouwho

    Cindylouwho Well-Known Member

    LuLu - Wow! Thanks for posting the pix! Love the cutting boards. I used to use those often for serving when I lived overseas but don't much anymore. Just put some in my Amazon shopping basket because they are such a great look and would be a good match for our rustic decor. I also like the idea of the bite-sized desserts. I plan to bake a pumpkin pie but that's a great option for DD, who is more of a chocolate girl. Wonder if that is like a burnt creme brûlée in the middle of that platter? Yum! (Of course I'd have a find a gluten free bakery).
  12. DahliaDoll

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    Cutting boards seem to be a popular way of serving in Europe. I bought a really nice one in the Black Forest but have never used it. They do make a very nice presentation.
  13. AuntJamelle

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    NOTE: Any recipe I mention, just shout out if you want it posted or messaged!

    A small turkey would work but I think a stuffed turkey breast is also great idea too for a group the size you’re mentioning!

    Since you have two starches with your mashed potatoes and corn pudding it would be good to balance that with veggies. I often do a standard green bean casserole recipe but add different cheeses to the green bean mixture – shredded sharp cheddar works very well!

    Or I have also made Roasted Butternut Squash with Kale Parmesan Almond Pecan topping to rave reviews!

    I would recommend Rhodes frozen dinner rolls, the kind that you thaw and let rise before baking for a fresh baked bread type of roll experience. You can also use their roll dough to make a Parmesan Asiago Bread Wreath – you dip the partially thawed dough pieces in a mixture of melted butter, garlic, rosemary, etc. and then roll in a mix of shredded cheese before arranging in a wreath shape. You let the whole thing rise and then bake – very pretty and very yummy.

    If you do a salad, it is always nice to make your own salad dressing. Even a simple salad is so yummy with home-made dressing! If you like creamy ones I have a wonderful Creamy Parmesan dressing that can be made ahead, day before even. It is also very simple to make your own croutons – once again you could do day before. Just those little special touches that take things to the next level!

    I have never made individual desserts before but I’m sure there are a ton of ideas out there online, etc. I think they sell mini foil pie pans too – you could just cut the pie crust to size and fill as normal? Top with more pie crust or with some sort of crumble topping – or do some of each?

    Good luck! Let us know what you decide on!

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