Is there a 3-Ring Alternative to Happy Planner?

Discussion in 'The Happy Planner' started by Cindylouwho, Dec 3, 2016.

  1. Cindylouwho

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    Does anyone know of a company that make calendar inserts similar to Happy Planner but in a standard sized 3-ring binder system? 8.5x11 in size? With pretty colors and such?

    I love my current fully enclosed zippered binder but its black and pretty boring inside. Needs some eye-appeal. Today I went to Michaels. Where I saw the Happy Planner. OMG -- LOVE IT! But it won't work for me. Because I really need a full zip system and Happy Planner is open on the sides. I'm very familiar with standard office calendar brands but not ones like Happy Planner that are so fun and elegant. Does anyone know of other brands? (I"m already looking online.)

    (Note -- I'm reposting this with edits to make my question a little more clear).
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  2. Cindylouwho

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    No replies on this. So HA! I solved my own problem. :)

    DD has scrapbooking items on her list this Christmas so I've been all over the craft and office supply stores. I've confirmed I REALLY like that Disk System (Arc) - and I put it on my Christmas list. In looking more closely at my zippered binder I see the 3-ring is held on by two little bolts -- which means I can unbolt it! AND there is a sliding pocket hiding behind it -- which means I can keep my zipper binder and just swap out the interior pages for one of these disk planners. So that is what I'm going to do. Very happy about it!
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    I was hoping to hear of one too. I'll have to go look at the Disk system.

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