January cleaning?

Discussion in 'Cleaning Year Round' started by momof9, Jan 2, 2016.

  1. momof9

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    Is anyone else starting a housework plan for January?
  2. momof9

    momof9 Member

    So after posting this I went over to organizedhome.com and looked over the 2016 Cleaning Grand Plan which starts tomorrow.

    I will be doing it. I hope you will join me.

    This is how I have scheduled the challenge to suit my needs:
    Jan 3- Preview week
    Jan 10- Entryway/Foyer
    Jan 17- Living room
    Jan 24- Kitchen for two weeks
    Feb 7- Dining room
    Feb 14- Bathrooms
    Feb 21- Master bedroom
    Feb 28- Kids room
    Mar 6- Outbuildings and storage room for 3 weeks
    Mar 27- Front porch
    Apr 3- Finish up week
  3. tanya

    tanya Well-Known Member

    I can't promise that I will do all of it- but skipped a lot of the clutter clearing/ organising from the Christmas plans. The house is clean enough but I need to go through things to sort them out- lots of stuff just got dumped into cupboards/ drawers etc.
  4. momof9

    momof9 Member

    I had a baby via C-section in October after a very difficult pregnancy. I managed to get a staph infection in my incision and have only been back on my feet for about a month and a half. Needless to say, the kids haven't exactly kept the house up to my usual standards which, to be honest, are not extremely high to begin with.

    I need all the help that I can get!
  5. I'll be joining, but my house is in really bad shape...and we will possibly have a move in the Summer. Nothing makes one realize how bad the house is until you consider having to sell it. LOL.

    I just didn't do well with a Christmas plan, so I'm hoping doing a plan this time of year will be better. However, I'll stick with one room until it is done, so my plan will differ from most here. I just hope that reading your accomplishments will help keep me motivated and focused on my plan.

    I don't get on the computer every day due to my work schedule (gone from my home 13-14 hours each day, 3 times a week), but will try and touch base with you all on my days off.

    I'll start with the Master bedroom because that would make my husband the happiest, next after that will be the kitchen.

    Happy cleaning everyone!

    Momof9 - Congratulations on the new baby!!!!!
  6. sweetpumkinpye

    sweetpumkinpye Well-Known Member

    I am doing lots of January cleaning, I am not following a particular plan though.
  7. luludou

    luludou Well-Known Member

    Lots of cleaning & reorganizing here too but no particular plan. In fact I'm trying to do 'holes' so that when I do the grand cleaning they will be done.

    Last week I did the guest room armoire, desk and closet. this weekend I did dd's closet.
  8. jampss

    jampss Well-Known Member

    Cleaning Plans

    Yes. Once upon a time, I did a house cleaning plan. Still have the "form". It was called "Jumpstart January"!

    So, I guess I have done the recovery weeks. Woo hoo!

    I suppose ... I could start with the living room. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm ...

    The first two weeks of Jumpstart January will be Christmas Recovery....
    January 1-15

    [] De-decorate living room
    [] De-decorate tree
    [] De-decorate the kitchen and the dining room
    [] De-decorate outside
    [] Sort through gift closet
    [] Clean out Christmas notebook, print updated pages
    [] Clean out refrigerator.....get rid of any lingering leftovers.
    [] Put away holiday DVDs, music, books etc. on Christmas Shelf in living room
    [] Organize gift wrapping box/storage spot...put in new rolls of paper, tissue, ribbons, tags, and bags, etc

    Cleaning Weekly/Monthly
    Christmas Recovery
    Living Room
    Front Porch/ Entry Way
    Master Bedroom
    Kids Rooms
    Carport/ Screen Room
    Computer Desk Area
    Dining Room
    Hall Closets
    Laundry Room
    Backyard/ Shed

    Living Room
    [] Clean ceiling fan
    [] Dust
    [] Wash window
    [] Vacuum recliner sofa and under
    [] Vacuum under carpet sectional
    [] Organize entertainment center (go thru tapes and CD's, DVD's, mark on list, give away if not needed)
    [] Go through book shelves (look at all titles - give away if needed)
    [] Look at all knick-knacks (give away if not needed)


    Front Porch
    [] Clean the light fixture.
    [] Sweep the porch.
    [] Sweep down the walls and get rid of cobwebs.
    [] Wash the windows
    [] Trim hedges
    [] Front Door oiled
    [] New Wreath


    Master Bedroom
    [] Clean and re-hang curtains
    [] Organize nightstand drawer, sweaters bins, chest of drawers
    [] Clean window
    [] Clean out under bed
    [] Clean out closet
    [] Dust
    [] vacuum


    Master Bath & Hall Bath
    [] De-clutter medicine cabinet and other shelves
    [] Clean cabinet doors, switches, vents, light fixtures, tub (Mr. Clean sponge)
    [] Clean shower
    [] Clean toilet, counters, sinks, mirrors (the usual)
    [] vacuum the wooden slats to cupboard doors
    [] Organize under sink
    [] sweep floor, clean baseboards
    [] Go through son's tubby toys


    Son's Room
    [] Clean under bed
    [] Go through toys and books
    [] Go through closet
    [] Dust
    [] Vacuum


    Screen Room/ Carport
    [] Clear out Rubbermaid Unit
    [] Clear out Mike's tool area
    [] Sweep/ Vacuum
    [] Clean up recycle & trash can area
    [] Check wind chimes, replace if broken
    [] Wash down freezer
    [] Defrost freezer
    [] Wipe chairs, table, bench etc.


    Computer Desk Area/ Craft/ School Room
    [] Go through desk drawers
    [] Dust and organize the pile of paper crap by the computer
    [] Air blow out inside of computer ... hubby helps
    [] Go through filing cabinet, organize the home school files
    [] Go through shelves above the computer, organize, give away (contains books, Christmas bags, boxes of stuff)
    [] Go through book cases, organize, give away
    [] Organize under large craft table ... my Christmas present hiding place!
    [] Organize, closet, give away unused items (contains craft stuff and stuff-stuff)
    [] Dust everything else
    [] Go over bulletin boards and take off old news
    [] Vacuum


    Kitchen Surfaces/ Kitchen Inside Cabinets & Such
    [] Wash down all fronts of cabinets
    [] Wash down frig, stove, micro, dishwasher
    [] Wash down all counter tops
    [] Organize Cabinets Under: Sink, By Stove, By phone, Wooden Bin
    [] Organize Cabinets Upper: Sink, By Stove, By phone, Above frig
    [] Clean out frig and wipe down
    [] Wipe out stove
    [] Clean inside dishwasher w/vinegar rinse
    [] Wipe out microwave w/vinegar


    Hall Closets
    [] Take everything out of coat closet and sort through
    [] Vacuum floor and dust shelf
    [] Put back only what needs to be in there!
    [] Take everything out of hot water/heater/AC closet
    [] Vacuum floor
    [] Put back things only if they can do there and NOT be a fire hazzard!
    [] Go through Towel/Sheet/Medicine closet

    Laundry Room
    [] Wash down inside/outside of back door
    [] Go through shelves and throw away or give away
    [] Reorganize the soap shelf
    [] Reorganize the nail and screw jars, replace some
    [] Mike go through work bench
    [] Wipe down washer (or vinegar clean), inside of tub and fabric softener tube
    [] Wipe down dryer and clean lint trap outside of house and front panel
    [] Mop


    Backyard & Shed
    [] Clean out shed, throw away or Freecycle unwanted items, Sweep out
    [] Clean out play house, throw away or Freecycle unwanted items, Sweep out
    [] Check toys, throw out old broken items


    Dining Room
    [] Wash down table and chairs
    [] Take off seats and vacuum
    [] redo material on seats and cover with plastic vinyl if needed
    [] dust and organize food rack
  9. momof9

    momof9 Member

    Well I have a house full of sick kids and grandkids. Still I have managed to de-clutter, clean and organize my entryway. Going to start on the living room this week. I still haven't taken down the tree or put away the Christmas d├ęcor and it is driving me nuts so I think that I will focus on that today.

    How is everyone else doing?
  10. jampss

    jampss Well-Known Member


    I think of late, I think of cleaning as a four letter word. Hmmmmm ...

    I used to be so much better at sticking to the plan. I guess seasons in life, eh?

    Well, as I look around, I sure could declutter stuff. Go through a closet etc. Oh well. With DS and his OCD and his therapy ... I just do the bare minimum.

    I hope momof9 that you are feeling much better than the beginning of the year.

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