January: National Hot Tea Month

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    January is National Hot Tea Month (plus some other things too) so watch this thread after January 1st for some Hot Tea trivia, recipes and idea sharing. We might need to chase away those post-holiday blues!
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    Yay! love my tea I've got a 'tea' board on Pinterest with recipes and quotes
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    Awesome...Please pop into this thread during January and share some of them!! YAY!!
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    Thirty-one Ways to Celebrate National Hot Tea Month

    1. Start a tea journal/book where you note different treas you try and your thoughts about each one.
    2. Buy a new teapot or tea kettle
    3. Display your favorite teacups on a kitchen shelf
    4, Go to a tea room (many of us won't have one near but I went to a couple in Seattle and they were so much fun.)
    5. Pick a favorite tea quote and make a small sign or picture with it. Display in kitchen or dining room
    6. Research the different types of tea and what they are good for.
    7. Start every day with a different tea!
    8. Try an English biscuit recipe and enjoy with a cup of tea
    9. Have an afternoon tea party for friends
    10. Have a tea leaf reading
    11. Find a recipe that is infused with tea and try it out
    12. Make a tea sugar scrub. There are tons of recipes out there! https://www.clipper-teas.com/the-green-room/look-good/diy-green-tea-scrub/#
    13. Read about the differences between loose tea and tea bags
    14. Make tea bag party favor items and distribute to friends
    15. Make green tea lip balm. http://www.greatcontradictions.com/2015/03/diy-green-tea-lip-balm-bigelow-tea.html
    16. Make bubble tea
    17. Learn how to say tea in some different languages
    18. Make chagra
    19. Sample a new tea variety
    20. Read about how to properly store tea
    21. Research tea temperatures and why they are important
    22. Try a tea infused cocktail
    23. Give yourself a mental break while sipping tea/meditate/focus relax.
    24. Do an art project that uses tea bags
    25. Experiment with different sweeteners. honey, rock salt, peppermint etc
    26. Decorate your planner with tea stickers during January
    27. Play tea trivia
    28. Make Herbs of Shakespearian tea.... https://www.motherearthliving.com/in-the-garden/celebrate-national-hot-tea-month
    29. Take a selfie with you sipping some tea.
    30. Detox with a green tea foot soak https://theindianspot.com/diy-green-tea-foot-soak/
    31. Make a photo collage of different tea pics.
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    I got a lovely tea jug for Christmas from my DD. I am steeping a lovely iced tea as we speak. Hoping to get a lot of use out of it in the next few months.
  6. cmerth

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    I celebrated a day early with a cup of raspberry tea. :)
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    If you are ever in the Charleston, SC area, then you may want to take a tour of the Charleston Tea Plantation there. I enjoyed the tour. You can taste various iced teas and then purchase boxes of tea to bring back home.

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