January Personal Life Goals

Discussion in 'Celebrate Me' started by Gingerbug, Jan 3, 2008.

  1. Gingerbug

    Gingerbug Administrator

    Four days late starting this...my oh my...

    Marriage: Spend more one on one time talking to DH's....honestly sometimes I just tune him out...lol

    Family: Have a special "fancy" sit down dinner at least twice this month...maybe on the test it days (with the new recipes)

    Friends: Check on dear friend who just had surgery....make her a carry in meal, and send card.

    Self: Start exercise program...even just ten minutes daily
    Celebrate Me on the 15th

    Home: Stick to the JumpStart January PLAN...
    Establish morning and evening routines and stick to them!!!

    Work: Create "workable files" so I can find what I need

    Hobbies: Find Creative Time Weekly

    Spiritual: Daily Devotionals
  2. ChristmasMissy

    ChristmasMissy New Member

    Marriage: More date nights with hubby.

    Family: Spend more time together (Even more so now as my grandmother has cancer and not doing so well.)

    Friends: Send cheerful notes to let them know I am thinking of them for out-of-state friends.

    Self: Exercise and eat right!

    Home: Start organizing a HMB and actually USE it.

    Work: Be more organized so I don't have such a frazzled, stressful scramble Saturday nights.

    Hobbies: Make more inventory and get to work on a website and store.

    Spiritual: Be consistant in daily Bible study. (Not too good at that. :thud: )
  3. jackfrosty

    jackfrosty Santa's Elves

    Marriage-still trying to establish a date night! :love2:

    Family-play with my boys :party:
    doing more!

    friends-notes to far away ones,craft night for those here :grouphug:
    craft night is scheduled!

    self-exercise,eat right-try and think of something for the 14th? :confused:
    pampered my hands a bit on 14th

    home-january jumpstart :pink:
    alot of organizing in porch/mudroom done

    hobbies-UFO challenge :cloudnine:

    spiritual-find a good book and check out Joyce Meyer's site :heartbeat:
    added site to favorites
  4. pattycakes

    pattycakes New Member

    This is my first time participating in this...hope I get it right!

    Marriage--Spend more time with DH--sit with him while he is watching football instead of going out or being elsewhere in the house

    Family--Try and have Family Game Night once a week

    Friends--Call R--I haven't spoken to her in over a year! E-mails just don't cut it

    Self--Celebrate Me! on the 26th

    Home--Jumpstart January! Do tidies every day and at least 1 LOL per day

    Work--Continue subbing when possible

    Hobbies--Make fleece blanket for me! Continue cross-stitching

    Spiritual--Be sure and attend Mass every Sunday!
  5. MrsSoup

    MrsSoup Well-Known Member

    Marriage-- DH will be leaving next week for Korea. When he gets there, establish a plan for communication!

    Family-- Maybe weekly dinners at my mom's (depends on her) and try to see my dad more (he lives 1 1/2 hours away).

    Friends-- Work harder to stay in touch with my friends in Texas. We moved to Missouri in November and I haven't spoken to my friends in TX for a month or so. Make an effort to spend time with my friend from grade school who lives 1 1/2 hours away.

    Self-- Really work on learning to relax and taking care of myself. Get registered at the VA so I can get my knee looked at. Figure out something special for the 24th to celebrate ME.

    Home-- Get this house organized so it can be more efficient, waiting for Jumpstart January to start. Also develop a basic cleaning schedule to stick with every week. And i'm doing the Monthly Magic.

    School-- I changed Work to School because I don't work but I am a full time college student. My semester starts on the 14th so my goal is to start strong and stay that way. I tend to procrastinate alot and I want to not do that anymore.

    Hobbies-- I plan on making time every week to work on something. I'm still working on my monthly craft plan. This is my first year doing this. I plan to start on a Photo Journal for DH while he's away and start and finish a Christmas Notebook for my mom for her birthday present on the 31st.

    Spiritual-- I want to learn more about my path and brush up on my tarot cards so I can start doing readings again.
  6. Cathymac

    Cathymac Administrator

    Marriage: I"m also still working on trying to re-establish a date night. In the meantime, we'll continue meeting on Fridays for lunch

    Family: Continue monthly family breakfasts

    Friends: I'm still trying to get two other families together for dinner...we've been trying to do this since November! This could be the month! Also, re-establish monthly lunch with BFF

    Self: Need hair cut and color-I'll try to get to that next week. Also, resume walking-we slacked off over the holidays, but have to get back to it.
    Celebrate Me on the 16th

    Home: This is an on-going project. I'll start Monday the 7th with the laundry room project, then move into Jumpstart January on the 13th!

    Work: I don't know! I need to start working, but it just hasn't felt right...gotta think about this seriously.

    Hobbies: Start working on new craft ideas.

    Spiritual: Get winter quarter Sunday School lessons together. Get back on track with persoanl Bible study.
  7. momof4

    momof4 New Member

    My goals for January are:

    Marriage have a date afternoon, maybe lunch - have been unsuccessful with date nights - but now DS is old enough to babysit for a few hours and DH & I prefer him home alone with sibs in the daytime for now
    Family plan at least 1 Family Night - something more involved than just a movie night - perhaps a game night or an activity we can all do together
    Friends look into friends' interest in planning a scrapbook crop every other month again - we did this for a year or so a while back, but then the local store we would meet at closed
    Self begin exercise routine - very basic just so I can say I got moving 3 or 4 days each week - even if it's just 10 or 15 minutes each session
    Celebrate Me - 20th - not sure what yet
    Home JumpStart January!! - can't wait
    Work I stay home, but I do need to look into what I need to do to get my teaching license renewed as I hope to return in about 2 years
    Hobbies organize craft boxes - purge, organize, and decide what I want to work on
    also, I need to organize and purge scrapbooking supplies
    Spiritual actually do the reading and look over the questions for my Bible study ahead of time - I know I'd get more out of it if I do
    also, look into and organize some Lenten activities/prayers/crafts to do with kids and as a family
  8. momof9

    momof9 Member

    Marriage: Need to establish our weekly date nights again

    Family: Have a special family PLAY day once a month

    Friends: write letters and actually MAIL them

    Self: get up and put on my face first thing in the morning
    Celebrate Me on the 27th

    Home: Set up my family planner and USE it

    School: DO IT!

    Hobbies: focus on sewing for this month... especially DIAPERS

    Spiritual: started reading 12 chapters a day so that I will read through the bible 4 times in 2008
  9. Raggedy Anne

    Raggedy Anne New Member

    Marriage: Read The Act of Marriage. This would make my husband very happy, he has been asking me to read it for nearly three years.

    Family: I really want to do more with my sisters this year not sure how to make this a priority though.

    Friends: Go to lunch with at least two friends this month. Attend fellowship dinner with my women's bible study and our spouses.

    Self: Really need to give this some thought because all of the other areas of my life are overwhelming me right now. Minimum eat healthier and walk a few times a week.
    Celebrate Me on the 25th.

    Home: Pick-up from holidays, take tree down weekend of 1/12Done. Still need to vacuumm and put out some January decorations and work in bedroom 15-minutes everyday

    Work: Need to come up with plan to find a new job while wrapping up my current job by 3/31/08. I was laid off in December but if I stay through March I get severance, a bonus and will be eligible for unemployment--I don't want to get that far.

    Hobbies: Go through tub of untouched photos for scrapbooking and pull out all honeymoon photos before crop 1/25.

    Spiritual: Pray more. We really need this for both of us to be each others cheer leaders as we both look for employment. Go to confession.
  10. odd_duck71

    odd_duck71 New Member

    Marriage -- DH's dad died on Christmas Eve, so let him hide in his "cave" when he needs to and find little things to do that will make him feel taken care of.

    Family -- Call Mom instead of waiting for her to call me.

    Friends -- I'd like to meet some new people this year.

    Self -- Take at least a little destress time every day.

    Home -- Continue decluttering.

    Work -- GTD my office

    Hobbies -- Take pictures, collect memorabilia, and take journaling notes for January scrapbook section. Do at least two spreads.

    Spiritual -- Work on establishing regular devotions. Make a reading list for the year. Order Old Stones, New Temples.
  11. Rackandrollgal

    Rackandrollgal New Member

    Marriage: Set aside time to renew our "dreams" list. Pick one item and set goals to achieve it.

    Family: Send each member a card just to say hello and I love you!

    Friends: Host a party for friends.

    Self: Enroll in exercise class.

    Home: Schedule fireplace to be cleaned.

    Work: Shampoo the carpet.

    Hobbies: Enroll in stained-glass class.

    Spritual: Follow my daily devotional calendar and practice the lesson learned.
  12. Gingerbug

    Gingerbug Administrator

    Reflections on How January is Going so Far

    Marriage: Spend more one on one time talking to DH's....honestly sometimes I just tune him out...lol Doing well with this. DH double knee replacement surgery is Friday....so we have been talking a lot out of necessity...lol

    Family: Have a special "fancy" sit down dinner at least twice this month...maybe on the test it days (with the new recipes) This has been going very well...we have been doing it every Sunday.

    Friends: Check on dear friend who just had surgery....make her a carry in meal, and send card. Done and her prognosis is excellent.

    Self: Start exercise program...even just ten minutes daily
    Celebrate Me on the 15th still need to work at this one!

    Home: Stick to the JumpStart January PLAN... Okay so far but its early in the plan...lol
    Establish morning and evening routines and stick to them!!! I am still trying to find ones that are realistic and work with my time limitations

    Work: Create "workable files" so I can find what I need Have been purging...then will set up things better...got rid of a lot of old stuff

    Hobbies: Find Creative Time Weekly Have been working on this...doing pretty good

    Spiritual: Daily Devotionals Excellent so far.
  13. chilli

    chilli Member

    I know it is already 20th of January, but nevertheless...

    Marriage: spend more time together with DH; also more communication

    Family: meet my family more often, also those who live a little bit far away. Furthermore, my
    DH and I think about having a baby

    Friends: keep a closer contact; call more often

    Self: be more relaxed also in difficult situations; practice my yoga also at home (and not only during my lessons on monday)

    Home: going on with decluttering and find a way to avoid a cluttered home in future

    Work: find a new job, where I am really happy

    Hobbies: to book a fixed time per week where I go further with things I like (reading, doing handicrafts, writing a weblog, etc)

    spiritual: read more in the bible; learn more about different religions


  14. ejagno

    ejagno Well-Known Member

    2015 personal life goals

    Marriage: Revive “Date Night” weekly.

    Family: Host monthly “Family Night” with all the kids & grandchildren

    Friends: Plan and have luncheon with friends monthly.

    Self: Get back into the gym three days a week
    Schedule Celebrate Me on the 19th of each month

    Home: Design a workable daily/weekly/monthly maintenance schedule and stick to it.

    Hobbies: Schedule project master list goals and steps in planner.

    Spiritual: Daily Prayers and gratitude

    2015 Bucket List: Travel to see fall foliage, Shangri-La Gardens, Cajun Palms, Festival of Lights. Family vacation.
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  15. sweetpumkinpye

    sweetpumkinpye Well-Known Member

    I have never seen this before. Certainly worth thinking about. I need some focus in a lot areas of my life.
  16. momof9

    momof9 Member

    Marriage Start saving for my wedding
    Family Institute family night once a week
    Friends Monthly lunch date with my best friend
    Self Take the time in the morning to get ready for the day
    Home Jumpstart January
    Work Start a new blog/youtube channel
    Hobbies Start a once a month craft night with my MIL
    Spiritual Daily devotions

    With two seven week old babies, a two year old and four other children plus my fiancé and two grown daughters in the house, these goals are about all that I can handle.

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