Labor Day Sales and Camp Item Clearance

Discussion in 'Budget & Bargains' started by Cindylouwho, Aug 25, 2013.

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    Labor Day Sales are coming up next week. I have my eye out for summer clearance items -- particularly for stocking stuffers. I was reminded again after our camping trip this past week how thankful I am that I have put some of our Christmas money toward our camp gear. Usually the better it is, the smaller it is to transport! It helps for emergency preparedness too!

    Items I have purchased in the past or am watching for:
    Tents & Shelters
    Nesting Camp Cookware set (best deal EVER on Labor Day weekend a couple years back)
    Meal kits & accessories (like Sporks)
    Good camp chairs --- please please go on sale
    Water shirts for heavy sun days - these went on sale last week and are getting cleared out
    Water cases for smart phones
    Picnic baskets -- really wanted one for the outdoor movies this summer.

    Inflatable mattresses for sleeping bags --
    this is at the top of my list this year. Saw a display in Costco a couple weeks back (the guy was only there for a few days) - he had these super-compact inflatable mattresses that were half the size of a loaf of bread! We use inflatable backpacker style ones but they are still more than twice that size and can get heavy. These small ones were pretty darn slick and would fit easily into a stocking! DH would LOVE that! They probably won't go on sale, but i"m looking none-the-less.

    Is anyone else looking for summer items to put under the tree?
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  2. luludou

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    Not many sales around here but those inflatable matresses you are talking about sure would interest me too! will have to check that out.

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