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    I've been going through my master list of stocking stuffer ideas and sprucing it up for this decade! I've removed references to Walkmans, floppy diskettes and the like... :)

    Right now I have it in Word and although some of the ideas are in alpha order, some are not. I'd like to transfer it all to Excel which would make sorting it a breeze, but then I wouldn't be able to share easily with those here on the boards. Open to ideas there!

    If anyone cares to, take a look and see if you have any other ideas to share. I've gone back through my own records of Christmas giving for the last 14 years (as far back as my records go!) and that generated a lot of new entries on the list from the last time I shared it.

    I added a section for Men although some of the other sections for Sports, Home Improvement, etc. could lend themselves to guys as well.

    In some cases, you'll see a url link to the right of an idea. This leads to an inspiration pic or DIY instructions for that particular stuffer. I plan to add more urls in the future!

    Let me know what you think! I'll post the list right after this thread starter!
  2. AuntJamelle

    AuntJamelle Well-Known Member

    I'll incorporate any added ideas into this particular post but I'll make sure to use a different color or something like that to make it stand out - and note who the idea was from, etc.


    Christmas Motif:
    Christmas candies
    Christmas candles
    Christmas crackers (English)
    Christmas ornament
    Christmas socks/clothes
    Christmas Tic Tac Labelsfrom Tanya
    coal bubble gum
    holiday pins
    holiday shaped erasers

    Business/Home Office:
    address book
    badge lanyard
    business card holder
    cable clips/organizersfrom tanya
    calligraphy penfrom tanya
    calling card
    cell phone
    colored post-its
    desk calendar, mini
    fountain penfrom tanya
    gel pens
    index cards
    letter opener
    magnifying glass
    Memo pad set
    Mini Newtons Cradlefrom Tanya
    mouse pad
    blank cds
    paper weight
    postage stamps
    sealing wax and sealer
    small notebook or journal
    stationary/note cards
    USB Coffee Warmerfrom tanya
    USB Mini Fridgefrom tanya
    Yo Yo Paper Clips

    film or disposable camera
    Ipod/PDA/cell phone holder
    Clip on lens for phonefrom Tanya
    passport case
    restaurant chain gift cards
    Shout wipes
    sleep mask
    special luggage tags
    Tide On The Go Stick
    Travel Alarm
    travel games
    travel mug
    travel sewing kit
    travel first aid kit
    MP3 player w/earbuds
    Travel Case for Jewelry
    Travel Case for Makeup Brushes
    Portable Luggage Scale - from luludou

    bumper sticker/car decal
    car air freshen/Yankee Car Jars
    flash light
    lock de-icer
    tire gauge
    tools of any kind
    ice scraper
    car first aid kit
    USB Charger (Cigarette Lighter to USB Converter)
    Car clothes hanger
    Phone Charger Cords – from Ahorsesoul

    Jewelry (Necklaces, Charms, Earrings, etc.)
    key fob/key chain
    jewelry cleaner

    fun shoelaces
    gloves or mittens
    socks: trouser socks, black dress socks, fuzzy socks, slipper socks
    Fabric Shaver
    Lint Roller/Roller Refills
    Lint Mitt

    purse calendar
    purse mirror
    check book cover
    glasses case or pouch
    shoe insoles
    shoe polish
    leather conditioner
    cedar balls or blocks
    pretty soap dish
    decorative soap
    manicure supplies
    nail files
    nail polish
    Nail polish remover pads
    hair brush
    ponytail holders
    hair accessories
    shower cap
    Shower Back Brush
    Back Scratcher
    lip balm
    lip gloss/lipstick
    tooth brush/paste/floss
    cologne or aftershave
    gel mask
    sisal mitt
    band aids
    pumice stone
    shaving cream
    Lens cleaner/Cloth for glasses
    Key Lanyard/Key Wrist Bracelet
    Hand Sanitizer
    Tissue Packets
    Tissue Packet Felt Holder
    Hand Lotion (Bath and Body Works, etc.)
    Body Shop Body Butter
    Makeup/Perfume Samples
    Chapstick (Burts Bees, etc.)
    Papaw Ointmentfrom tanya Great for any minor cut, scrape, irritiation!
    Sunscreen with Ezi Clipfrom tanya
    Microfiber Mini Towelfrom tanya Fantastic for the gym!

    beef jerky
    candy canes
    canned cheese/spray cheese
    Cella cherries
    Cheeses (those not requiring refrigeration)
    Chewing Gum Wrappingfrom tanya
    chocolate … your choice
    Chocolate orange
    Chocolate Spoons/In a Coffee Cupfrom tanya
    chocolate covered pretzels
    exotic fruit
    gourmet preserves
    gum, mints, or penny candy
    Peanuts (in the shell)
    Peppermint Pig
    Pez dispenser
    popcorn: regular, microwave, gourmet
    Popcorn balls
    Popcorn Oil
    Popcorn Seasoning
    Reindeer “Noses” Candy Mixfrom tanya
    Reindeer Poop
    ribbon candy
    Snowman Soup
    Cheeseball Mix
    Dry Mixes (Spices, etc.)
    Summer Sausage

    decorative straws
    silly straws
    wine stoppers
    drink mixers
    flavored tea/coffee/cocoa
    Kona Coffee!!!
    K-Cups/Tassimo Coffee Capsules – from luludou
    gourmet coffee or unusual tea
    mug or tea cup & saucer
    tea diffusers
    Tiny tea spoons
    gourmet drink garnishes
    Cork screw
    Talking/Musical Bottle Opener
    Decorative Bottle Opener
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  3. AuntJamelle

    AuntJamelle Well-Known Member

    cheese spreaders
    cookie cutters
    gourmet spices
    kitchen gadgets
    Kitchen utensils
    Measuring Cups/Spoons
    Magnets, photo (i.e. Snapfish, etc.)
    napkin rings
    oven mitt
    refrigerator magnets
    Crockpot liners
    Parchment Paper
    Silcone Ice Cube Traysfrom tanya There are lots of fun shapes to choose from!
    Silpats (rolled up)
    Whisk (fill with Hershey’s Kisses & add tag “We Wisk You a Merry Kissmas”)
    Wash Cloths, Knitted
    Handmade Recipe Cards

    night light
    picture frame
    small bud vase
    small decorative boxes
    yankee tarts
    yankee votive candles
    potpourri or sachet
    Candle lighter
    Wick Trimmer
    Candle Snuffer
    Scentsy Refills
    Essential Oils
    Fireplace Matches
    Lighters (Long Style)
    Magnetic Hooksfrom tanya (ebay has strong ones for less than $1)

    gift cards/certificates: hair, spa, manicure, fast food, coffee, car washes
    lottery tickets
    passes for museums, movies
    Magazine Subscription (Put in first issue with a note)
    Certificate showing purchase of XYZ of the Month Club Subscription (Chocolate of the Month, etc.)

    craft paper punches (odd shapes)
    craft scissors (odd cuts)
    paperback book
    coins, piggy bank, coin holders
    sheet music
    stamps and stamp pads
    watercolors and brushes
    art supplies
    coloring books/crayons
    tape measure
    Tape Measure, Felt Cover of Choice
    sewing notions
    Fat Quarters - from DahliaDoll 2015

    Electronic Entertainment:
    blank CDs
    blank DVDs
    burned CD with favorite songs
    CD case
    Video game
    Video memory card
    Video system carry case
    MP3 Player w/earbuds
    Selfie Stickfrom tanya
    USB Hub/Power Boardfrom tanya

    Games/Toys/Kid Stuff:
    animals, plastic/resin
    Apron – Baking for girls, tool belt style for boy or crayon holding for either – roll up to fit in stocking
    Army men/Action Figurine
    Balls (baseball, bouncy, etc.)
    Bandaids in their fav characters
    Barrettes, headbands or other hair accessories
    Bathtub Crayons/DIY Bathtub Crayons/Bath Paints
    Bathtub Book
    Beachball (Deflated, to be blow up)
    Bubble Gunfrom tanya
    Crayola Color Bath Tablets
    Magic Sponge Capsules
    Bicycle Accessories (horn, handlebar tassles, spinners for wheels)
    Blow Up Toys (ball, animals, etc.)
    Books (Board Books, Chapter Books, etc.)
    card game
    Chalk/Sidewalk Chalk
    Chalk Pens, Liquidfrom tanya
    Children’s Christmas CD
    Craft store packets (foam stickers, googly eyes, pony beads, ribbon, tubes of glitter, etc.)
    Chopsticks (kid friendly)
    Deck of cards
    Doll clothes
    Doll house furniture
    Dover Little Activity Books
    Echo Microphone
    Erasers, Novelty Shapes
    Face Paints/Crayons
    Fake Poo/Vomit Gag Giftsfrom tanya
    Fake Snow, Can offrom tanya
    Felt Food (Candy Canes, Apples, Oranges, etc.)
    Felt Masks (Animals, Superhero, etc.)
    Felt Wrist Watch
    Flash Cards
    Flash Light, Character Theme, Etc.
    Flash Light, Head Lamp Style – from Ahorsesoul
    Finger cymbols
    Finger Nail Polish (kid safe – like Piggy Paint brand)
    Finger puppets
    glider planes
    Glow sticks/necklaces/bracelets
    harmonica or recorder
    Hats (stocking, baseball, etc.)
    hot wheels cars
    jacks and ball set
    jump rope
    Keychains or other things with hook to hang from backpack
    Lacing Toys
    Laser Pointer/Finger Lasers
    Magazine Subscription, Kid Magazine (Put in first issue with a note, etc.)
    Magic Reindeer Food (with instructions for Christmas Eve – if you open stockings Christmas Eve!)
    Magnets (Letters, Animals, etc.)
    Magnetic Silly Puttyfrom tanya
    Magnifying glass (kid safe)
    matchbox cars
    Mini Slinky
    Mini Mr. Potato Head
    Mini Etch a Sketch
    “Monster Spray”
    Music CD, Kid’s Music
    Night Light
    paddle balls
    Paints (watercolor, finger, tempera, paint pens, etc.)
    paper dolls
    Photo album with family pictures
    play doh or silly putty
    play doh, DIY
    Play doh accessories (small rolling pins, cookie cutters, etc.)
    Poster for room (still in tube)
    Punching Ball (to be blown up)
    Puzzle, Small
    Rubber Duck/Bath Toys
    Rubber stamps and non toxic stamp pad
    Rudolph Nose, Light up
    Shoelaces, elasticfrom tanya
    Shoelaces, funny ones
    Silly glasses
    Silly straws
    Sleigh Bell on heavy ribbon (i.e. Polar Express)
    slinky/other small novelty toy
    small toys, dolls
    Socks, Crazy and Fun (Super hero theme with cape; Character theme, mid calf or to knee; Etc.) – from Ahorsesoul
    Subscription Box – Certificate Showing Purchase (Kiwi Crate, Kidstir, GiftLit, Pley and on and on – many choices!)
    Sunglasses, Kids
    Swim Cap/Goggles
    Temporary Tattoos
    Thank You letter from Santa for the milk and cookies
    Thank-you notes package with their name or initials printed on it for Christmas and birthday thank-you card writing (Paper Moon Shop has TERRIFIC kid-styles of stationery at reasonable prices!)
    Top (wooden or metal)
    Vanity Set (mirror, brush and comb)
    Walkie Talkies(Two-Way Radios)
    Wallet, Kid Friendly
    Water Bottle, Kid Theme
    Wind Up/Clockwork Toys, Small
    Window Marker Penfrom tanya
    Wrist Watch, Kid Safe
    Wooden trains or accessories (like street signs, trees, connecting pieces of track, etc.)
    yo-yo (traditional or auto return, light up, etc.)

    garden gloves
    Gardeners Collection by Crabtree & Evelyn, any product from the line (Hand Cream, etc.)
    DIY Gardeners Hand Scrub
    kitchen sized plant tools
    mini gardening book
    plant food stakes
    tree stakes
    Houseplant fertilizer - from DahliaDoll, 2015

    Bones/pet treats
    gourmet pet food
    pet groom gift certificates
    Laser pointersfrom tanya
    Bubble Machine, Small (dogs will chase for hours)from tanya
    Fish Tank Decorationfrom tanya

    Fire Wire (grilling wire)
    Grilling Tools
    Metal Skewers/Bamboo Skewers
    Grilling Rub Mix
    Hot Sauces
    Hand/Boot Warmers
    Protein/Energy Bars
    Photo Mouse Pad (of/with kid(s))
    Lens Wipes
    Novelty USB Drive (Star Wars, etc.)
    Pocket Knife, Engraved
    Multi Tool
    Key Chain Bottle Opener
    Knit Hat (Sports Logo, etc.)
    Issue of Favorite Expensive Magazine

    ball marker
    balls: golf, tennis, baseball
    exercise bands
    MP3 Player Armband
    golf glove
    golf tees
    hand weights
    season tickets/game tickets
    ski pass holder
    sports water bottle

    Home Improvement:
    Carpenter Pencils
    Chalk Line
    Socket Set
    Key Chain Tape Measure
    Specialty Handheld Tool

    Brag Books (i.e. Snapfish, etc.)
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    luludou Well-Known Member

    Wowzer! Quite an impressive list and just in time too. I always add a lottery ticket too. We have special ones for Christmas where you scratch a gift. One year ds won a 19" flat screen tv. I will also add Tassimo coffee capsules do ds' stocking. also thinking of small luggage scales.

    Tks! wrote a few ideas down.
  5. Ahorsesoul

    Ahorsesoul Santa's Elves

    I'll have to read these after DD appointment. I have them printed! Thanks for sharing.
  6. Minta

    Minta Administrator Staff Member

    Great list ...

    Walmart has small LED flash lights for a $1 in all kinds of colors right now. They have the ones that for around your head (great for the kids).

    I didn't see these on the list but I over looked them I apologize but extra phone chargers. Not sure why but my teenager seems to go through at 2 least 2 phone usb cords a year. The portable charging banks and fun phones cases also seem to be a hit with the teenagers too.

    Another current rage that I have seen from kids to teenagers to adults are the crazy socks. Super hero socks with a cap sewn onto the back of the sock. Character socks that go either go to mid calf or to the knees.
  7. AuntJamelle

    AuntJamelle Well-Known Member

    I've updated the list! Great ideas from all!

    I had to look up what the luggage scale was - what a useful thing for someone that travels via air! Love it! I could see me using it to weigh produce! lol
  8. tanya

    tanya Well-Known Member

    For pets: Laser pointer (mine love to chase the red dot) on ebay for between $1-$2 There are expensive ones but the cheapies work just as well. Sory just noticed the laser pointers are listed under kids. Pets adore them too and they are great if they need a run but you dont feel like moving around too much.

    Bubble Machine- our kmart (like Walmart) have them for less than $5. Dogs will chase bubbles for hours.

    Kids/ Big Kids- bubble gun.

    Christmas Tic Tac Labels

    Clip on lens for phone

    Chewing gum wrapping

    DS currently loves elastic shoe laces for sports shoes. Cant make the link work but ebay have lots just search elastic shoe laces.

    Mini Newtons cradle (ebay)

    Magnetic Silly Putty- good for big kids too

    Fountain Pen/ Calligraphy Pen

    Window Marker Pen- sounds messy but is easy to get off!

    Liquid Chalk Pens

    Paw Paw Ointment- not just for females. Its great for any minor cut, scrape, irritiation. DS keeps a tube in his swim bag.

    Sunscreen with Ezi Clip

    Selfie Stick

    Magnetic Hooks- ebay have strong ones for less than $1.

    Microfibre mini towel- fantastic for gym.

    USB Coffee Warmer or Mini Fridge

    USB Hub/ power board

    Fish Tank Decoration

    Cable Clips/ Organizers

    Silicon Ice Cube Trays- we have lots of different shapes, fish, lips, balls, lego, etc.

    Can of Fake snow- most of you gals have real stuff but for those of us that don't this is fun.
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  10. MrsSoup

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    I don't have time to read through it right now but I can't wait to do so!! TFS!!
  11. AuntJamelle

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    tanya.... [size=+2]You ROCK![/size]

    Awesome list of additions!!! Woo hoo! I've updated the list - love to see it growing!

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