Monday April 6th, 2020

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  1. GrammaDeb

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    Hello. It was another gray day, chilly. Waiting for our chance of rain to materialize.

    I worked on laundry all day. The last load will go in the washing machine in half an hour. I wanted to sew, but laundry and all the trips up & down the stairs sap my energy.

    Tomorrow will be a new day. Have a good evening.
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  2. MrsSoup

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    Evening (almost)...

    Not much happening this afternoon. DH brought home Quiznos for me and him for lunch. It was okay but I don't care for them like I used to. He picked up our refill prescriptions on his way home as well. We talked about retirement stuff this afternoon and I have been doing some reading up. I need to put some cornbread into the oven shortly to go with the soup. Eli is out in the pool and I think he is draining it and going to wipe it down. I think DH is trying to find me a good school to work in, hence trying to find somewhere to retire. haha I will need to start the job search next spring once I have my license and then figure out how to transfer my license when we decide where we will officially retire. So much to do and think about. But first, I need to focus on graduating.

    Maintenance came and said it looked like the solar pipe that runs through our house and the neighbors may be the source of the leak. They drained it for now and will be back on Wednesday to have someone on the roof with water while someone else is in the attic to see if it leaks again while they are dumping water on it. I just need it to stop leaking when it rains.

    I best get to making some cornbread because DH will be asking about dinner before too long. He likes to eat early so he can let his food settle for an hour before he works out.
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