Monday February 11th 2019

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    Morning! 8 o'clock here and nobody posted yet? hoping it's because everyone had a GREAT night's sleep :)
  2. luludou

    luludou Well-Known Member

    Seems I didn't post yesterday.

    Yesterday I filed some papers in my side table, finished vaccuming 1st floor and dusting it. Made sloppy joes for lunch, then after lunch ds came by before his hockey game and ddil and Zac- the dog stayed all afternoon. They left after supper around 7:00. We ordered pizza which was what they wanted - even though a day late for National Pizza day ;) So I ended up binge-watching a few episodes of Downton Abbey with ddil. She seemed to like it.

    Got up at 7:00, did yoga, and been on the internet. Darn computer keeps closing every so often and it's slow. The guys at the office told me which one to go buy but we don't have the time to run errands these days ... maybe in a few weeks (remodel will be advanced). Electrician is coming back probably tonight, then the ceramic guys are here this weekend and dh has to go buy all that is needed this week.

    My dad went back to hospital on Saturday & Sunday for eye check up seems ok, but he will be seen again on Tuesday and hospital will call for a scan.

    Off to write a post on my blog.


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