Monthly Family Breakfast

Discussion in 'Magical Parties' started by Belles, Dec 31, 2009.

  1. Belles

    Belles New Member

    I noticed Cathy mentioned "monthly family breakfast starting in January", we do this also with DH family. I host it each month on the second Sunday. During baseball we are missing a few; but it just one of those things that whoever can come, does. If there's a birthday we normally try to reconginize those.

    The menu changes up from traditional breakfast to heavy brunch.
    It's always very laid back and comfortable, I look forward to every month. I would love to hear from you guys who also have family breakfasts, please share menus.
  2. Gingerbug

    Gingerbug Administrator

    I am in awe of those of you that pull off the monthly breakfast...:)
  3. Cathymac

    Cathymac Administrator

    I used to be so good about this..then sports and the recession happened! It's one of my goals to re-instate them this year.

    We try to have it the third Saturday of each month. Like Belles, football, basketball, soccer and baseball get in the way sometimes. I invite both sides of the family, and we also celebrate all of the birthdays from that month. And, like Belles, whoever can make it comes and if they can't..well, we miss them and hope they can come the next time. I like to have a seasonal theme for each month. At first I tried to create menus to coincide with the theme, but my bunch always want the same Southern menu: bacon and scrambled eggs, biscuits and gravy, pancakes and sausage. They don't mind a little fruit or some muffins thrown in, but beyond messing with the menu is the clear message. I do, however, occasionally substitute a breakfast casserole with either sausage or ham for the eggs and meats.

    I am currently working on themes for this year. I have some holes in my plans and would welcome suggestions. Here's what I have so far..

    January-Snow days! (wishful thinking most likely, but I can use my snowmen for decorations!)
    February-Sweetheart brunch
    March-St. Pat's theme or something springy..
    April-Easter (will be on the Saturday before Easter)
    May-Mother's Day
    July-Independence Day
    August-back to school
    September-Apple Harvest
    October-Mini Boo!Bash
    November-Thankful Hearts
    December-Winter Welcome

    Any ideas for catchy names for the themes? One year I did a lodge theme in February instead of the traditonal V-day theme...I loved it. I used a black and red plaid wool throw with my white dishes and my Snow Village "Smokey Mtn. Retreat" piece on a pedestal cake plate as a centerpiece. I also used a few of the log cabin pieces I have on side tables, along with an ice fishing scene. It was cute and fun. Any ideas like that?? I'm thinking too...if I come up with something (one of my projects for tomorrow) I'll be back to tell you. Can't wait to see what you come up with!
  4. Belles

    Belles New Member

    Are you kidding me!? The bunch that I cooked for wouldn't notice if I put the pots on the table. Although I always take out my best and make it really pretty, but a theme on these people would be like casting pearls before swine! Although for fun I am going to help you come up with themes for your brunches. I do use season decor and plates, but honestly I don't think they notice at all.
  5. girlsinmo

    girlsinmo Active Member

    Well I envy the 2 of you for having families who would actually show up for the breakfast.
  6. Lana

    Lana Well-Known Member

    I remember Cathys picture of some of the breakfasts. She does do a theme and looks nice.
    I still have the bread pudding recipe to try.

    Our family is SMALL. My DH has no siblings and his parents are gone. His moms side we aren't really close with. His step dad side is also gone and 1 cousin is in Chicago. I have 2 sisters and a mom, and great aunt but 1 sister wouldn't make it so....

    But I do so enjoy hearing about Cathys. And Belles will now be posted too.
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  7. teachermomof2

    teachermomof2 Santa's Elves

    I would love to have monthly breakfasts, but I too, am not sure who would actually show up! lol DH has 6 siblings, but they don't all get along so they avoid each other which makes life difficult. My brother works shifts, so it would be tough to have him here regularly. I'm certain my inlaws and parents would make it though. I will have to make that a goal for myself....maybe I'll start in the summer when life slows down a bit for us.
  8. luludou

    luludou Well-Known Member

    wouldn't work with DH's family and my family is too far away... but they'd love it! and I love reading about Cathymac's family breakfasts... and now I'll love to hear about Belle's!
  9. momof9

    momof9 Member

    I am starting this as a new tradition this year... my oldest daughter has moved out and I want to have this as a chance to reconnect. plus, i have two cousins that live here now and I never see them!
  10. AnnieClaus

    AnnieClaus Active Member

    I always want to put on brunches throughout the spring and summer.

    I'm tired of living on Someday Isle. As in, some day, I'll............

    So, this is the year to DO IT!

    Cathymac- I'll ponder your themes and see if I can come up with any.

  11. Kim Loves Snow

    Kim Loves Snow Santa's Elves

    I wish I had family in the area so I could do this. Perhaps I could do this for friends who are like family!?! I think I'll plan towards that. I don't think I can pull it off monthly, but I might be able to do it quarterly. Thanks for sharing everyone!
  12. Belles

    Belles New Member

    Well I've been pondering what themes might work well with my family this year, and I have come up with a few, although I think I do much better on the spur of the moment when I see the perfect plate or napkin and the ball just starts rolling.

    ~ Through the Years Brunch~ Place old family photos on the tables and use some traditional tired and true family recipes; print recipes on old fashion cards and lay out by the dishes so people can pick one up. Maybe have a collage of old photos and let everyone see how many they can guess or a family trivia game. Maybe a black and white color theme with some reds.

    ~ Tailgating Brunch, have everyone pull trucks and SUVs around the yard, and put the firepit in the middle and then serve everyone on the tailgates. Might have everyone coming decorate tailgate in favorite team colors and give a prize to the best one. Bundle up and play corn hole and for desset have smores over the fire pit. This just might be what we do for our superbowl part.

    ~ Family Pic Nic. Decorate tables and floors with quilts and gingham talbecloths, use baskets for to serve from and possible have everyones meal packed in individual baskets, use flowes in season or large sunflower. Have everyone bring a cake and auction them off and give the money to our favorite chairity.

    ~ Farmers Market Brunch with lots of seasonal fresh veggies and fruits, decortate with fresh foods also, homemade bread and jelly and jams.

  13. sweetpumkinpye

    sweetpumkinpye Well-Known Member

    What a great idea this is. Our family is also very small, just us 4 and my mum and brother, but we do try to get together often. We have tried brunch before and it never worked for us, but we do get together every month for dinner. We try and go to a different restaurant or venue every month to change things up a little. I never thought of having a theme and this sounds like something we would enjoy.
    I am thinking of having a Thanksgiving type meal here later on in the year as we don't traditionally celebrate Thanksgiving in Australia and it would be something nice to try.
  14. foxpaw

    foxpaw New Member

    I absolutley love this idea...although with our family out of state, it is not a possiblilty. I enjoyed so much reading about Cathy's monthly brunch in the past and certainly look forward to more this year...along with pictures of course...LOL!!

    Cathy...I noticed that you have nothing for June...when thinking of June, weddings instantly come to about a "wedding" celebration...perhaps pictures of all the wedding couples and or pictures of the weddings, framed and serving as the table decor...along with that you can add little items that match the pictures or little things that remind you of a wedding...

    Good luck with all your brunches this year...I know you enjoy doing them and gathering all the family together.
  15. Kim Loves Snow

    Kim Loves Snow Santa's Elves

    Foxpaw - The June idea is really cute! Maybe it's because I'm getting married soon, but I think that I would like it even if I was not getting married soon!
  16. AnnieClaus

    AnnieClaus Active Member

    I thought of these for a theme:

    * February: Winter Olympics- this only happens every 4 years, so it may be fun to do a theme around that
    Presidents- Put out trivia, pictures of little known presidents

    * Summer months- Out of school
    Or: Beach

    * October- Explorers- Learn about Columbus and other explorers- maybe incorporate some foods we have because of them.

    * I have always wanted to do this one: When Wimbledon is going on, they call one Sunday Breakfast at Wimbledon. The thing they serve is: strawberries and cream.

    How fun would it be to host a breakfast, serve strawberries and cream with other delights and watch the tennis matches!

  17. Cathymac

    Cathymac Administrator

    Good ideas. I'm not sure i can do a wedding theme in June yet, though..that was my parents' anniversary month. I will have to ponder that, but it is a great suggestion.

    i like the winter Olypics theme too..I've done a skating theme and a skiing theme in the past..combining them would be fun and easy. i never really liked the "sweetheart" theme for February for this event-a little cliched. I'll think about that.

    In September I've done a Johnny Appleseed theme instead of the apple harvest. After reviewing all of my themes, they do seem a little predictable-not at ALL what I'd like to host! So I'll be reworking some of them...thanks for all the suggestions, and keep them coming. Back later to update the list.
  18. Lolwlias

    Lolwlias Active Member

    I, too, do a family meal once a month. Usually it's dinner, but occasionally, it's breakfast. It's always on Sunday.
    We usually have them here at my house, but we've occasionally had them at our favorite restaurant, sometimes at the park where we will have a family game of kickball (even had pizza delivered to us, at the park), we've had them at my son's house during times when there were situations that warranted it (for instance, last Sunday was Family Dinner Day, dil's sister was in town visiting only for the weekend, so we all went to their house instead--even though she knew she was welcome to come here--she is very shy and was more comfortable being at their home)
    I always take a group photo (to post on my facebook, myspace and to scrap)
    I haven't always done themes, but it's a good idea. Whenever someone has a birthday that month, we honor that birthday, as well.
    I call it FAMILY DINNER DAY and it's something very special to us all.
    Sometimes we play board games, sometimes the Wii, sometimes we all just relax and visit.
    I've been doing this since 2004. It's our own family holiday. Family should be celebrated.
    All my kids are grown (my youngest turned 21 last month) and it's how we stay connected.
    Sometimes, some of them work on Sunday, but that's okay.
  19. Lolwlias

    Lolwlias Active Member

    I'm reading through some older posts to get some inspiration. :)

    I really like the "through the years" idea.
    I was thinking of a Mardi Gras theme for my February dinner. (Hence why I am going through older posts to see if anyone has posted anything about Mardi Gras themed parties.)
  20. snowlvr

    snowlvr Active Member

    Lovely idea! So wish all my family lived closer-my DSIL lives next door and we see her nearly every day-but a Sat brunch would be a thoughtful thing to do for her..

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