Moving Along Monday September 10th, 2018

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    Jane- Yep, looks like Olivia isn't shifting southwest like they thought and is going to come almost right to us, maybe go right between our island and Maui. We'll see yet I guess.

    The clouds are rolling in and the wind is kicking up a bit. DH and I went and cleaned out his personal effects from his office and filled up the truck. The Explorer is already full of gas. Now we're watching 9/11 coverage on the History channel. Snuck up on me this year. DS didn't realize there was a plane that hit the Pentagon and two planes that hit the trade centers. He wasn't born yet of course so I think it's good that he sees some of this now. He's old enough for sure. They may have talked about it at school too.

    I took my pre-preassessment and scored a 71%. I have some questions for DH to help me understand and i'll take it again I think tomorrow. I have my mentor call tomorrow so i'll let her know that i'll take my preassessment this week and study but i'm most likely not going to take my assessment until next week. Everything will depend on Tropical Storm Olivia and whether or not we lose power as well.

    Goodnight friends!

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