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Discussion in 'Christmas Notebooks' started by Lolwlias, Jan 19, 2015.

  1. Lolwlias

    Lolwlias Active Member

    I notice a lot of areas of this site seem to be very quiet.
    Do you all still use your notebooks or do you do your planning electronically?
    In this digital age I still like to use my good old binder using a good old pen & paper.
    I'll be honest that not much got done for 2014; this year I am going full speed ahead.
    It will begin with keeping my binder accessable (along with my budget binder). If I keep them to the forefront, I think I will be better equipped to keep them a part of my daily life (along with my WW journal--another area that needs to be revisited.)
    Coming to this website needs to be a daily thing for me.
    I am challenging myself.
  2. Lana

    Lana Well-Known Member

    I have mine but really need to update it for 2014 too.
  3. FrostyShimmer

    FrostyShimmer Well-Known Member

    I need to update my binder for this year. I lost the one I was using this year. Can't find it anywhere.
    I need to be more careful and find a good hiding spot for it now that that DD4 can read my lists!
  4. piratemamaof3boys

    piratemamaof3boys Well-Known Member

    I don't do nearly as much with mine as I used to. Honestly I haven't the last few years and really need to do something with it. I have a home binder I use when we buy new household things and such and a vacation planner. That was what led me here years back on our first Disney trip. I used it the trip in Oct 13 esp since my parents were going and I could more easily show stuff to them. I am going digitel w/ this trip it's just easier for me now. i did print a few things to show the kids like menu's but that's all.
  5. luludou

    luludou Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the reminder. I usually update it in January.
  6. Sugarplum

    Sugarplum Well-Known Member

    I was very thorough putting Christmas 2014 away. I took pictures and notes, and then did some website browsing for ideas for next year. I plan on working on stuff all year this time.

    I kept out my wreaths so I can refresh them, and I have crafts that I would like to do.

    I really want to set up my notebook right now while everything is still fresh in my mind instead of waiting until August. And being sick for almost the entire month of December, I really need to plan way ahead.

    I do a lot of planning on the computer, using Excel, then I print and put it in my notebook. I also have folders for pictures and ideas and spiral notebooks. I find a mix of computer/paper works best for me.

    Lolwlias-Good idea to bring the notebook to the forefront and keep a little bit of Christmas in each day.
  7. tanya

    tanya Well-Known Member

    I am a big user of my binder- we tend to call them folders here in Australia. I also have blank pages that I scribble ideas on and transcribe them into the different areas that I have in the folder later. Some pages are nothing more than scribbled words to jog my memory!

    This year I also have an app called Santa's Bag- I am working with it and seem to like it so far- but this is much more like a master gift list then a total planning tool.

    Quite often I will type up stuff on the computer and print them out for the folder.
  8. snowlvr

    snowlvr Active Member

    Tanya-I used that app this past year too-you are exactly right, it is more of a master list but I liked it because it was mobile-I always have it when I am out, but I just use it to keep track of what I have already gotten, or what I need to be looking for..

    I haven't had a formal binder in a couple of years but I do try to keep a folder with lists, catalogs, receipts, etc...handy and review it every couple of weeks...
  9. DebbiGall

    DebbiGall Santa's Elves

    yes it's pretty quiet around here I think we all pretty much keep binders.
    I have a day planner for most of my Christmas planning. I made 2 planners for Christmas this year, one out of a composition book and one out of a small Avery binder (MY Favorite)
    kind of a memory planner. Saw it on you tube and fell in love with it.
    here's the link I plan to do one each year.
    I also have the Santa's bag app on my phone and I love it this is the 2nd year I've used it.
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  10. Lolwlias

    Lolwlias Active Member

    That binder is beautiful!
  11. Farmermom4

    Farmermom4 New Member

    I have a binder but have been pretty lax the last couple of years using it! Hoping to utilize it more this year. Have already picked up a few gifts so need to be able to keep track of what I have bought!
  12. MinnieCo

    MinnieCo Well-Known Member

    Yeah...I keep one. Nothing fancy, but it works for me. Took me awhile to get what I wanted and needed in it and sometimes I still change it up. I also have high hopes for some sections and never use them, but I keep thinking I will. ;)

    I did do really good keeping my receipts gathered in it this year. And then after Christmas I went through them and saved what I needed and tossed what I didn't. Way easier then years past!
  13. Christmaslvr

    Christmaslvr Active Member

    I love my Christmas binder and use is every year! I love going through it throughout the year and getting it ready for the current season. I'll always be a paper and pen girl....
  14. Kayyield

    Kayyield Guest

    I started using a Christmas notebook in 2013. For 2014, I didn't use as many different list and pages as I did the previous year. Using my notebook keeps me much more organized.
  15. housewife2

    housewife2 Well-Known Member

    im going to update my Christmas planner binder and add some some new pages.
  16. DebbiGall

    DebbiGall Santa's Elves

    Tanya I have used Santa's bag for several years and I love it! It's nice to have your list with you all the time.
  17. Eaglesax

    Eaglesax Member

    Total electronic here! So frustrating to be somewhere and not have information from my "planner". I use a combination of apps; Gifted, Iparty, little blue bird, and even excel spread sheet. Have them all grouped together, never without everything I need. All backed up in the Cloud.
  18. tanya

    tanya Well-Known Member

    I use my binder a lot- it keeps my thoughts centered. I picked it up from Avon a couple of years ago. I did not much like the inserts that came with it so I either use my own or print ones from Organized Christmas.

    I have used the Santa's Bag app this year- I was really, really happy with it until I checked in one day to discover that the list that I had made and added to for DS had just disappeared totally- not sure of I somehow deleted it or if there was a glitch with it. I used the free version so there was no back up available. I did have everything already written down but losing the stuff from the app was annoying as I don't always have my binder with me.
  19. Cathymac2

    Cathymac2 Active Member

    I do like my electronics but I am just old fashioned enough that I still like a paper copy that I can hold in my hand. Mine is overdue for an update. I plan to work on it as part of CiJ.
  20. Lana

    Lana Well-Known Member

    The last couple of years I have kept the receipts in an envelope whenever I buy any Christmas gifts and so much nicer if you need one!

    My binder needs cleaned thru also

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