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    Ok Ladies.. I need some more ideas. My son is doing Marching band this year and I just got the schedule for this fall. Every weekend in Sept, Oct and half of Nov there is a football game either Friday night or Saturday morning and on most of those weekends there is a competition on another day during the weekend that is at least an hour or longer away. The football games I am not to worried about as we will be close enough to home to eat before or after the games but it's the competitions I am worried about.... we can't afford to eat out at everyone one of them so I need I need ideas of food I can take along with us.

    I figured sandwiches or cold fried chicken in Sept when it's still warm but in Oct and especially Nov when it's cold I want to pack warmer things to eat. Was thinking about buying a larger thermos for:
    taco meat for walking tacos
    sloppy joe for sandwiches although this could be too messy

    I need more ideas of hot foods that I can pack that will stay warm for few hours. Plan on placing the thermos in a thermal tote with hot packs. The kids have the small thermos' they use for their school lunches that I can use too.

    Thanks ....
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    Do you have a camp stove? Or a small portable grill? Or, if there is power at the event location, carry a long extension cord and a single burner hot plate or a maybe pick up a single-burner propane hot plate (WalMart has them for about $20 + the small bottles of propane). That would help with reheating make-ahead soups or stews, or cooking on-site (hamburgers, hot dogs, grilled cheese ...). You could also prepare something ahead of time in a crock pot, and place the hot crock-pot in a cooler (wrapped in towels to keep heat in and protect from spills). Would be good for taking spaghetti, chilli, stews, or any number of more hearty meals along. The thick crockery will stay warmer than a regular pan would. You'd just want to make sure the meal was piping hot before loading it into the cooler for transport. Hope these ideas will help keep the thermoses available for coffee and hot chocolate on those chilly evenings!
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    I have separate drink thermoses for hot chocolate and coffee. The competitions will take place at various school football fields with no access to power and they do not allow grilling of any type in their parking lots which is why I want to use the thermoses. The kids each have a 12 oz personal food thermos but I plan on buying a larger 48 oz family size one.
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    Pigs in a Blanket-hot dogs for the kids, brats or Italian sausages for the rest
    Hot Subs
    Hot roast beef or ham wrapped in foil baked
    Kabobs or anything on a stick
    Baked potatoes then pour hot toppings from a thermos into a bowl- smash the potato while still in foil instead of needing to cut them up
    Tomato soup-use a straw and have grilled ham and cheese sandwiches or a small cheeseburgers
    Crescent rolls rolled up with hamburger mixture and cheese inside
    Taco if you mix the hamburger in with refried beans to hold it together
    Pepperoni Bread
    Cheesy Taco Sticks-made with pizza dough

    Egg rolls
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    We've warmed up the following foods and then put them in an individual Thermos: meatballs, hot dogs, macaroni and cheese, buttered pasta, taco meat with beans and soup.

    We pre-heat the Thermos by pouring hot water into the Thermos and letting it stay in there for a few minutes before emptying. It does keep the food warm enough for us.
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    I think it wise to take food both from a monetary point of view and also time. Nothing worse than trying to find somewhere to eat when you are cold and tired.
    Thick hearty soup with a side of croutons would work.
    I agree with taco mince in the thermos you could serve it with corn chips on the side.
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    On the subject of taco meat, take the snack bag size Fritos and drop in taco meat and toppings and it makes a taco in a bag meal. I Googled fritos tacos in a bag and there are a lot of recipes out there.
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    A "cooler" can be used to keep foods hot, just as it can be used to keep foods cold. Fill it about half full of hot water to get it hot, dump it out, add the hot food to it. It will keep it hot for hours if it isn't opened.
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    I should say, don't premake them or they will be soggy! Just take along the bags of Fritos and toppings in individual containers and everyone can make their own.
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    Jane, let us know what you decide on. I would be interested to see what works as I would like to try and transport hot meals for when we travel to the farm which is about 3 hours from us.

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