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Discussion in 'The Creative Spirit' started by Gingerbug, Dec 31, 2011.

  1. Gingerbug

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    I am excited to take this class offered at Big Picture. It costs 36 dollars but it is for the whole year. Once a month you get your prompts, ideas, printables etc and then you have the month to complete it. It focuses on your word for the year. They offered it last year too but this is my first year to do it. It does require some materials but they also encoruage you to use things you have so if you have a good "stash" you could probably adapt the ideas to whatever format you have.


    Here's the link to the site:
  2. Gingerbug

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    Little Opening page:

  3. Gingerbug

    Gingerbug Administrator

  4. candysprinkles

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    TFS your class assignments. I'm not taking it...figured I would just "wing it" and do similar activities independent study style. I have made a couple of cards, a rainbow themed paint chip calendar, a theme word diagram on wordle and chosen some songs and quotes for future rainbow projects. Hope you are enjoying the class. :)
  5. Gingerbug

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    Your rainbow stuff sounds cool. I do like the class so far...have only worked on get a new class assignment at the first of each month....I still need a picture of myself finish January and you are suppose to do an overlay on it...

    I am learning more about computers and downloading that I thought I'd need...but there are great instructions on how to do certain things!!
  6. Colleen in PA

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    Ginger - your pages are wonderful! TFS!
  7. Holiday_Mom

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    This is real nice. I like how intentional you are with your word. I can see how this class would make you stop and think about your word more often than not.
  8. Gingerbug

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    Holiday Mom...that is the purpose of the help you keep your word in your life all year long. It is set up on a monthly basis so it is doable....without being overwhelming...I like that!!

    It makes you "keep your word in your mind!"

    With that being said....I need a picture for the back of that first insert...I need to try taking a few today and see if I can get a good one...then I need to look at those overlay directions....ugh...or maybe I'll just add the words through Walgreens photo and print it there...seems easier to me!! :) :)
  9. Lana

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    Ginger, I know you can do the overlay! You are doing great. Looks neat!

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