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    So, as I scroll through Pinterest - which I probably do all too often, I occasionally come across other articles or blog posts about getting organized for Christmas.

    I honestly can say that the HGP, HHP and CC are the most all encompassing and in my opinion, best suited to getting things done in advance as opposed to the last minute.

    However, I always read new articles I find because you never know when you are going to glean some new tidbit.

    For example, I recently found this one:


    Now, although all the steps outlined in the article are good ones, I would have a panic attack (or four!) trying to do them in the timeframe the writer suggests. For example, waiting a week before Christmas to do a "thorough cleaning" of the whole house. EEK!

    BUT, tucked down at the very bottom of the list was this little gem:

    Recharge Batteries – The last thing you want is to miss any happy moments during family gatherings. Recharge batteries you will use in your digital camera or video recorder. Check that your audio and video systems are working.

    I thought that was a great one! Maybe this is on the HGP somewhere and I missed it? I'm going to check and see.

    So I thought I'd share with our group to see what your thoughts are. Have you found any value to perusing alternate plans for getting organized for Christmas? Post links and/or what pieces or aspects you've found appealing. Or maybe you just don't find any other plans as good as the ones we all know and love.

    Discuss! :)
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    I have read through other countdowns, articles, tips etc on the web and I have never found any as good as the OC HHP or HGP plans. I find them to be vague, or have such a small timeframe, that like yourself, would give me a heart attack. For example, one plan out there suggested doing your Christmas shopping early on Dec 1! I plan to be finished by then. I am going to stick to HHP and some HGP. I find it to be the most structured and detail oriented plan. The best "tip" I ever found on another plan is a Christmas Eve Checklist. It was so long ago that I no longer have the link. I do use that sheet in my binder, but not all of the points apply to me. Ironically, it includes checking the batteries as part of the checklist....

    Christmas Eve Checklist
    Before the children go to bed.....
    • Read the Christmas Story or watch your favorite Christmas video
    • Write a note to Santa
    • Leave cookies and milk for Santa or water and carrots for the reindeer
    • Clean up any dishes and last minute clutter
    • Hand out the new Christmas PJ's
    • Go to bed early
    After the children go to bed.......
    • Put the presents under the tree
    • Hang the stockings
    • Eat the cookies and milk (I replace the milk with a glass of wine!)
    • Put a trash bag near the tree for the wrapping paper from opened presents
    • Have scissors handy to open up any pesky packaging
    • Charge camera/phone/video recorder
    • Prepare a breakfast casserole and/or any dinner preparations
    • Set the table
    • Set the alarm to get up a few minutes before the kiddos
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    I do like to see what others do for Christmas preparation. I agree, these countdowns/cleaning plans are the best and most realistic. I hate unnecessary stress and this takes it away.

    I started out with OC's Christmas Countdown. Then I started following FlyLady. She has "missions" that start in mid October. http://www.flylady.net/d/cruising-through-the-holidays/

    I still preferred OC's Christmas Countdown though which lead me here. I try to do FlyLady's routines but here, it's more fun hanging out online with a bunch of people excited about Christmas and cleaning and prep work. :D

    I have my own checklist of specific things that have to get done around here two weeks, one week, days and then on Christmas Eve. We host Christmas Eve for 17- 20 people each year. I learned the hard way about batteries and film so I added it to the list.
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    Love this thread! I'm always looking for new organizing ways but like you all the plans here are the best. will go see flylady's 'mission'.
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    I over the years have devised a a plan that works best for me. It is a combination of HGP, HHP and personal preference. I am still tweaking my plans every year. I have added over the years.....

    set the table at night,
    get the coffee and breakfast prepared,
    move the loungeroom seating to maximize present unwrapping space,
    get garbage bags (1 for recyclables and one for garbage) and scissors ready,

    in short, do anything in the days leading up to Christmas that will make the actual day an easier, less stressful one.
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