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    Salad Recipes will be posted here.

    Please no chatting! :p
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    Avocado Cucumber Salad

    This is best eaten right after making. Once you dress the salad with the vinaigrette the lettuce starts to wilt and it typically doesn’t do well as leftovers. Easy to double or triple as needed!

    1 avocado, ripe, cubed
    1 cucumber, peeled and diced - large or small size per preference
    ¼ head of lettuce - Iceberg is fine, just tear into bite size pieces
    Feta cheese crumbles - To taste, maybe ½ cup


    Include all of these or none!

    Black beans, Canned, Drained and Rinsed - ½ cup or more to taste
    Bell pepper - Any color, cored, seeded and diced
    Red onion - ¼ cup fine dice (or any onion would work really)


    ½ Tb of olive oil
    1 Tsp balsamic vinegar
    garlic powder – to taste
    Salt and pepper – to taste

    Make dressing. Toss lettuce with all other ingredients then toss with dressing. Eat!!!
  3. AuntJamelle

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    Summer's Best Broccoli Salad

    1-1/2 cups mayonnaise

    1/2 cup sour cream

    1-2 T Sugar

    1-2 bunches broccoli, cut into small florets (see Note)

    1/2 head cauliflower or 1 small head, cut into small florets (see Note)

    1 small red onion, finely diced

    1 cup shredded Sharp Cheddar cheese

    12 oz package bacon, cooked and crumbled

    Directions In a large bowl, combine the mayonnaise, sour cream, and sugar; mix well.

    Add the remaining ingredients; mix until well combined. Cover and chill for at least 4 hours before serving.

    NOTE: Make sure to cut the broccoli and cauliflower into very small florets. This is even better if it's made a few days in advance and allowed to marinate in the fridge.
  4. AuntJamelle

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    Jeff’s Favorite Pasta Salad

    Tri Colored Rotini - 1 lb box, cooked and drained (sub other pasta if needed)

    Paul Newman’s Olive Oil & Vinegar Salad Dressing

    Miracle Whip or Mayo - or Both!

    Cheese Chunks – Cheddar (Sharp Cheddar is best I think!)


    Black Olives, chopped (Optional)

    Ham Chunks

    Pepperoni Slices – Quarted (optional)

    You really don’t need to measure with this recipe! After you cook and drain the pasta, toss it with a some of the Paul Newman’s salad dressing to help prevent it from sticking as it cools.

    Once it’ cooled down a ways, add more salad dressing - just enough to make it nice and moist. Add in a couple of good size globs of mayo or Miracle Whip - or a combo of both works too.

    Stir in a package of ham chunks (drained), lots of cubes of cheese, a healthy amount of Feta crumbles, chopped olive, chopped pepperoni. The little balls of fresh mozzarella would work in this too - I would go with the plain ones, not the ones in marinade.

    Add more salad dressing and mayo or Miracle Whip as needed. You don’t want the salad to be super creamy - unless you like it that way!

    Cover and chill well before serving. Add more dressing / mayo right before serving if it has dried out too much.
  5. AuntJamelle

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    Creamy Parmesan Dressing

    This is a copycat version of Carraba’s dressing of the same name. It's not exactly the same but this is REALLY good and a great alternative to Ranch dressing! Make it up ahead of time and keep up to a few days in the fridge. A glass Mason jar is a great option for storing it in. You can also put all ingredients but cheese in the jar - screw on lid - shake the heck out of it - add the cheese - shake again and pop in fridge!

    ½ c. mayo

    ¼ c. finely grated Parmesan cheese (grate it fresh, smallest grater holes you can)

    ¼ c. buttermilk (low fat is fine)

    1 ½ tsp minced garlic

    ½ tsp dried parsley

    ½ tsp lemon juice

    Combine and chill!!!

    I commonly triple the recipe and it will fit easily in a quart size Mason jar. I do NOT triple the garlic however, it ends up really strong! For a triple batch I would only put 3 tsp minced garlic - at most - but it’s to taste really! See what you like!
  6. AuntJamelle

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    Cranberry Gorgonzola Tossed Salad

    This salad is GOOD! It serves a big crowd!

    2/3 c. vegetable oil

    ½ c. seasoned rice vinegar

    1 ½ tsp. Dijon mustard

    2 cloves garlic, pressed

    3 - 5 heads Romaine Lettuce, rinsed, patted dry, torn into pieces (just fill a BIG bowl)

    2 Granny Smith apples, diced

    2/3 c. coarsely chopped walnuts

    1 bag dried cranberries (use less if desired, just eyeball it!)

    8 oz. crumbled Gorgonzola cheese

    12 oz to 1 lb crumbled bacon

    ½ med. Sweet onion, thinly sliced

    Dressing: Combine oil, rice vinegar, mustard and garlic several hours in advance (mason jar good for this!). Refrigerate.

    Chill remaining ingredients before combining in a large bowl. Pour dressing sparingly over salad; toss gently. Serve immediately.
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    Picnic & Potato & Egg Salad

    3 lbs Yukon Gold (yellow flesh) potatoes, diced and cooked until fork goes through easily - don’t want too soft!

    5 or 6 hard cooked eggs, diced

    ½ cup chopped red onion (sweet onion works too, any onion really)


    ¾ cup mayo and/or Miracle Whip

    1-2 T mustard

    Salt and pepper

    Combine potatoes, egg and onions. Stir in mayo that was mixed with mustard, S&P. Add more mayo/Miracle Whip or mustard if desired to get to good consistency. The Miracle Whip will add some sweetness which is nice but I usually use mayo too so things don’t go too crazy. Chill.


    1 tsp celery seed

    2-3 T sweet relish or dill pickle relish

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