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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by teachermomof2, Oct 13, 2018.

  1. teachermomof2

    teachermomof2 Santa's Elves

    Good morning!
  2. teachermomof2

    teachermomof2 Santa's Elves

    I can't believe that I am the first poster of the day!

    It is cold here. It's only 43. Looks like it could be snow showers tonight. I slept in! It was wonderful! lol I started the laundry, cleaned up the living areas and just scheduled my bills. Next, it will be a shower and heading out to shop with Miss M for something to wear for picture day. I need to pick up two birthday gifts...for John and my bff. I have no idea what to get her....she has everything! I hope to make some stops at some places just for the country store and Big Lots.

    Hope you all have a good day!
    ~peace and blessings~
  3. Pam Spaur

    Pam Spaur Well-Known Member

    It's 11 a.m., and I am only the 2nd person? Good morning friends.

    I slept for six straight hours for the first time in forever, and then after an hour or so, slept for two more! It was wonderful.

    It is quite chilly here, too. It was about 32* when I woke up. They are talking about wind chills! WIND CHILLS! Some parts of our state had the white crap flurries yesterday. I am SO not ready for that. Sweater weather, yes, but nothing real cold! We went from the upper 80s at the beginning of the week to upper 30s by week's end. Crazy Indiana Weather!

    Gonna get up, dressed, and do my morning constitutional. Hope that each of you has a blessed day!
  4. halimer

    halimer Well-Known Member

    Hi all! Chilly here too. It was raining in the morning when I got up but the sun seems to be coming out now. Somewhere in the 50's but no hint of snow yet.

    My organizing fit continues! I emptied one of my kitchen drawers and turned it into a spice drawer and freed up some space in my other cabinets. Also tried on a bunch of pants/jeans - got rid of 4 and one pair of shoes. Almost time to put the shoes back in the closet in their nice boxes - then it will be the yarn. I'm so excited!

    Pam - so glad that you slept well - it's such a blessing when it happens
    Lisa - please do something for fun - wish we had a country store near me.
  5. Miss JoDee

    Miss JoDee Well-Known Member

    Got up and started working. We loaded up all the dead electronics and took them to the public works dept for our county. So happy about that. I need to go into the garage now and pack the donation pile so it is easy for the charity driver to pick up and take to their truck.

    Lisa enjoy your shopping trip.
    Pam, keeping dgd and baby in my prayer.
    Debbie, I can relate to your fit. :)
  6. MrsSoup

    MrsSoup Well-Known Member


    We had lots of rain last night, 2" an hour I think they said. This morning it's not raining but supposed to come back later. DH's transmission came in yesterday for his bike so he started working on that last night. He will continue today so hopefully it will be running before the weekend is over. I still have schoolwork to do and I need to go for a run. I need to make a Target run to get more stuff for the Boo Basket i'm putting together for my friend's family. Walmart just didn't have much. I could also check the PX.

    Y'all are making me want to turn my air way down so I can wear jeans and sweaters. haha Enjoy it while you have it. I'm kind of getting the itch to make Halloween shaped sugar cookies, so that may happen this weekend. I could invite my friend's kids and let them help decorate and then take some home. We'll see. I would need to go get icing and decoration stuff first.

    Lisa- Enjoy your day, sounds like a good one.
    Pam- Glad you got some sleep!
    Debbie- You are getting a lot done! Good for you!
    Jody- I need all of you organizers to come to my house and get busy please! I'll provide cookies and trips to the beach, lots of sunshine and warm weather.

    Enjoy your day!
  7. Lana

    Lana Well-Known Member

    Good Afternoon!

    I was up early to shower and I went to a quilt show. Took longer to drive there than what I was there. Brought like 3 things. 1 for mom for Christmas, and a Christmas ornament to copy.

    Came home packed up the clothes to small for Teig p and we had dinner. Allen, Jaymee and Teigan weren't here when I got home so thought I would put clothes up. Teigan gets upset at times when she outgrows some of her favorite items. Did dishes and Greg is here with Teigan now.

    Sure would like a repeat of last week. My other co-worker is on vacation this week!

    We kicked our furance on last night to take the chill out.

    Good job Jody on moving stuff out.

    Pam, you keep the white stuff over there okay?

    Lisa, get it up there and enjoy your shopping.

    Debbie, you are doing good too moving stuff out.

    So wish Target was closer than 30 minutes to me!!!
  8. MrsSoup

    MrsSoup Well-Known Member

    I got my run in so far this morning and vacuumed the rugs and the couch. DH is in the garage working on the bike and has already made a trip to the store for things. My pace got all messed up on my run because one of our new neighbors was on their front porch so I stopped to say hello. DH met him last night when he introduced himself while DH was working on the bike so I figured I would say hello this morning since he was outside. We talked for a while, luckily I was in my cool down and done running but I forgot to pause my watch so it screwed up my time/pace. Oh well. DS is friends with his daughter. We have other neighbors moving in as I type this directly across from us. I messaged with the woman on FB a couple weeks ago. I think they are dual military so both will be at work during the day, they have two girls.

    I am diffusing oils this morning and my entire house smells like Fall. It's awesome! I guess once everyone eats lunch we'll head to Target and then i'll come home and work on schoolwork.
  9. luludou

    luludou Well-Known Member

    Got up at 8:00, nice to sleep in.
    Cable guy came around 9:30 and spent almost an hour. Then ds changed the router too.
    Put new ink in printer
    Vaccumed main floor
    Made veggie soup
    cooked a big bowl of rice to make buddha bowls for my lunches.
    Emptied bathroom cabinets, dh took them out of the bathroom, and reinstalled a temporary sink (smaller)., mopped kitchen, kitchenette & hallway.
    Put up Hallowwen lights.
    Checked if I had received credit for waterclass that was cancelled - yes!
    Put away more screen windows
    Put away more summer clothes
    Got mittens and scarves in the front closet
    Washed oven

    Been a very long busy day. And here I thought I would craft :(
  10. Ahorsesoul

    Ahorsesoul Santa's Elves

    Make a quilt with the clothes she really likes.
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  11. sweetpumkinpye

    sweetpumkinpye Well-Known Member

    Good morning all,
    It is cold here too and very windy. DH and I both slept in so that was nice. We had nothing to get up for so we must have needed the rest.

    Dinner last night with the kids was great, caught up with the BF. He bought gifts home for us, DS a huge bag of Skittles (his favourite), DH some beautiful rib sauce (his favourite) and he bought me 2 stunning Christmas ornaments from Macy's in NYC. One is deep, deep navy glass with gold glitter through it and one is white with silver threads and glitter. They are beautiful and I will cherish them.

    My former boss messaged me through the week, he has a rarely used futon that he would like to be rid of. We will pick it up and deliver it to DD's house this afternoon. Then home to get ready for the week. Got to get back on track this week with deep spring cleaning and decluttering. Having to work extra last week has put me behind.

    Hoping that you are all having a wonderful afternoon.
    Much love,
  12. missjane

    missjane Well-Known Member

    Hi, everyone. Both DDs were home last night and DSIL. We got up and had breakfast together. Then, we went to DGS#2's football game. They have one more next Saturday. We had a slight scare when they thought DGS's arm was broken, but was only hit really hard by someone's knee or helmet. We browsed the consignment shop. Both DDs got dresses to use as part of a costume for Halloween. I bought a bracelet. We stopped at the flea market and DD24 got a picnic basket. We came home and ate lunch. DD21 is still here, but DD and DSIL left around 2:00 to go home.

    Tomorrow is homecoming and harvest day at church. I cooked butter beans, made a salad, and white chili to take. Several other women are making every kind of meat imaginable, plus we're buying 150 pieces of fried chicken, so I'm not taking a meat. There are always tons of desserts, too, so I'm not taking one.

    Haha! Several of you talking about snow or running the heat. We're still running the air conditioners here. It was about 60 this morning, but quickly warmed into the 80s.

    Night, everyone. Hope you all rest well.
  13. MrsSoup

    MrsSoup Well-Known Member


    The kids and I ran to Target this afternoon. We picked up the rest of the items to fill up the Boo Basket and will boo our friends house this evening most likely. I also picked up some icing and sprinkles for us to decorate sugar cookies. DH has been in the garage all day. I think he came in while we were gone and ate something probably.

    I'm watching Ghost Adventures. I should go for a walk. I'm not sure what we'll have for dinner yet. I had something on my meal plan but then didn't get it started in the crockpot this afternoon, so we'll have to do something else. I have some frozen pizzas in there we could make.

    I forgot to mention earlier that today is Tank's 3rd birthday. I gave him and Perry bones earlier today. I received a wonderful package of yarn today! Thanks friend!
  14. Lana

    Lana Well-Known Member

    Jay does have some put back for that.

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