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  1. missjane

    missjane Well-Known Member

    Good morning to all of you in MHH!
  2. missjane

    missjane Well-Known Member

    Hello, everyone.

    I'm meeting DD26 at the consignment shop this morning. All fall and winter is 50% off. I'll go to DS's at 2:00 to stay with DGSs, so DIL's mom can go do the things she needs to do. I'll have to think of what I'm making for supper tonight and take it with me so I can feed them before she comes home. DGS#1 asked for spaghetti, but I think that's what I'll make for after church tomorrow because the sauce can cook in the crock pot while we're at church.

    The Sam's trip is put off until some time after work next week or even next Saturday. I'm just not in the mood to go to Monroe. I'm enjoying being at home. I think DH may want us to go on Monday.

    DD21 is having tummy time to go to the bathroom when her body needs to, so now she's having trouble going. She doesn't have a way to go to the store at her convenience, either, to get something to take. I hope she gets things taken care of. TMI, but it's mom thing to worry about it.

    Katrina, your plan sounds like ours. I originally thought it would be about 3 years before we moved, but I think it will be after DH retires which is about 6 ears from now.
  3. Lana

    Lana Well-Known Member

    Morning Jane and All!

    We really slept in this a.m..

    Allen went to plug tractor in so can put a bale in later. I need to dress and think I will run a check to storage unit to drop off and also go pay the little flea market booth the monthly fee.

    Then clean something somewhere. Just pick and do........

    Have a GREAT day everybody!
  4. cmerth

    cmerth Well-Known Member

    I just woke up. I was very tired.

    Miss Jane... have your heard of Miralax? Walmart and Target have their own store brand. It will clean out your digestive system quite quickly and gently. I get backed up and my doctor highly recommends this stuff before trying the hospital grade stuff (which is NOT gentle). Just a thought.

    Lana-- hope you enjoyed your sleeping in

    I have no plans for the day. Just need to do a sink full of dishes. My mother in law sent me pictures of the new baby cousin. He is so tiny since he was born a month early. He is have some mild issues but luckily nothing serious.

    Turns out Hubby didn't get sick... just worn out and feels like he is fighting something. Kiddo is still snorting around here blowing his nose. I am good... I think I had a touch of it a few weeks ago. I have been going to bed early and resting when I get tired so maybe.... I won't get it full blown.

    I think I will embroidery or knit today. I also want to watch some of my British Baking Show. :cool:
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  5. GrammaDeb

    GrammaDeb Well-Known Member

    Good morning. We have heavy cloud cover today - no complaints from me, it's a bit warmer.

    Yesterday was super busy. Our trip to the VA was fine, and we had breakfast at IHOP - didn't even ruin my diet. Grocery shopping afterward, dgs carried groceries from the garage to the kitchen - what a sweetheart. DH picked up 3 maple bars - I was pretty upset and told him he had better be planning on eating all of them himself. He said he didn't realize DD & I were so serious about our diet.

    Dd & I took dgd to gymnastics, went to Joann. Back home after gymnastics I made Paleo Granola - lots of raw nuts & seeds, mixed with coconut oil & local honey, baked and mixed with raisins. So good. Fixed Overnight Oats, cut fresh veggies & fruit, cleaned kitchen, mopped, sat on the couch to rest my back and woke up at 12:30. Aack!

    Up early this morning and now I'm watching dgd at gymnastics. I hope to spend the day crocheting, although I think I need to fix dinner. I can't decide if it will be chicken noodle soup or baked fish.

    Have a great Saturday!
  6. luludou

    luludou Well-Known Member

    Tried to go to sleep early but coughed and blew my nose until 2:00 am. Decided to take a sleeping pill, finally did sleep in the wee hours but now feeling all woozy, no energy, not hungry. Geez my week off isn't the best :(

  7. MrsSoup

    MrsSoup Well-Known Member


    I'm here late today because I got busy this morning. haha DH went off to work and then DD left to go to her Cookie Expo. She wasn't going to go and then at the Girl Scout meeting last night they practically shamed her because she wasn't going so she said she would, so the leader messaged whoever was in charge and got her added to the list. Since she's a Cookie Captain she really should have been going anyway, but I wasn't going to force her. Not my style. My friend's husband was at the meeting last night and their daughter is going so he offered to drive her. Turned out she needed to be there earlier than the regular participants but oh well. I wasn't too worried about it since she wasn't originally going anyway and it was a last minute thing and he was riding with someone who isn't a Cookie Captain. Such is life. I offered to go pick the girls up but they were going to stay down there and find something to do until they were done.

    Once they both got off to their activities this morning I decided that I was going to go sit on the porch in my new chair with my coffee and a book. It was beautiful out (a tad chilly) and a I finished my book. I came back in and started puttering around. Called my mom but she was on her way to some sort of class. I cleaned out and reorganized my desk, emptied and refilled the dishwasher, dusted and reorganized the TV stand, did some laundry... There are some dishes that need to be handwashed yet. I didn't eat breakfast until 9:30. I have the front and back doors open to let in some fresh air and just threw DS's sheets in the washer on sanitize. I'll turn his mattress before I put them back on since i've been telling him to do it for months and he hasn't. I need to get something to make his room smell better. It actually does smell better without him here which furthers my belief that it's mostly him and his lack of hygiene and his unwashed clothing. Boys.

    I'm not sure what the rest of the day holds. Probably working around the house. I have a headache that carried over from yesterday. I took some Ibuprofen but it's not been a big help so far. If it gets worse then i'll go ahead and take a migraine pill and a nap since there's no plans today. The hike on post is open this weekend so I would like to go at some point, maybe tomorrow morning. DH is working all weekend teaching so he'll be gone all day both today and tomorrow.

    Jane- I have heard of those piercings, they are called daith piercings. Have fun at the consignment shop! Spaghetti sounds so much better when someone else is talking about it but when I make it here I don't really feel like eating it. LOL Sorry for DD, that's the worst when you can't go get things when you need to.
    Lana- Good for you for sleeping in!
    Carrie- We looked for the Great British Baking Show last night but I don't think we get the channel. I will have to look further. Do you watch it on regular TV or something special?
    Deb- Good for you for making all that healthy stuff! Please come visit me in Hawaii! :) I think i'll try a recipe I found for overnight oats for tomorrow morning.
    Lucie- Sorry you aren't feeling well. Go back to sleep if you need to.

    Enjoy your day!
  8. Ahorsesoul

    Ahorsesoul Santa's Elves

    DD is in a funny mood but after a nap she is better. LC22 took her to Walmart to do our grocery shopping. DD did really well.

    LC22 is here helping me organize paperwork. She is getting my Menu Mailer binders in shape. She's been working on it for hours and it's looking really good. She has one binder with a complete year of Body Clutter menus. The other binders is an assortment of different menu mailers. This morning she made CreamCheese covered olives (her favorite) and then she made rice paper apple bars.

    Tonights dinner is Tenderloin with baked potato and asparagus. LC22 will fit it since she wants to learn how to cook the tenderloin.

    Dh took stepmom shopping. Not a good idea to take her shopping on the weekend. They went to Hy-Vee which was super busy. She kind of blocks the whole aisle when she shops. Dh had to walk around with her to keep the cart out of the way. lol

    While everyone was gone I put away the Christmas plates above the refrigerator. Didn't have to worry about anyone trying to help so it went easy. And I cleared off the counter where I still had some things from NYE dinner. Looks really nice now. I also organized the movie stubs DD has kept. Now she can look in a binder to see all the movies she has seen. I should get her to write her list of movies she has watched on TV.

    Enjoy the weekend.
  9. missjane

    missjane Well-Known Member

    Hi, everyone. I'm at DS's house now. I got one pair of shoes for church, a sweater, and a jacket at the consignment shop. They were really busy, so I didn't check my balance. DD26 got about 8 shirts and one pair of shoes.

    I brought my planner to work on while I'm here. DGSs are entertaining themselves. I also brought a book to read. We'll have hamburgers for supper. I remembered I had picked up some hamburger patties at Walmart that were marked down and a bag of fries. Easy supper!

    Carrie, DD21 had to take Miralax when she was younger. It's just a matter of her getting to the store, I think. It's an odd situation. Due to the weather conditions, only two people in the group of 8 workers can drive. Six of them are from the south and have no experience driving in snow and ice! o_O
    Jess, sounds like a good day for you.
    Lucie, just take a day to take care of yourself and let all the other go for just one day. I promise it will all be right there waiting for you!;)
    Lana, what did you find to clean?
    GrammaDeb, remember, you're the one on the 21day fix, not DH....just saying. That's one of the hardest parts of changing eating habits is the fact that I have to resist those things I know I shouldn't have when everyone else is eating my temptations! :eek:

    Hope you all have a great evening!
  10. sweetpumkinpye

    sweetpumkinpye Well-Known Member

    Good morning.
    It will be a lot cooler today for which I am thankful.
    Need to do a few things to get ready for the new week. Will tidy the medicine cupboard which I did not get to yesterday and also do some folding. I am trying to keep up with the little things that pile up on you.
    Will make lunches for the 3 days that I am at work this week. Will wash my hair shave legs at some stage. Would like to do some more crafts this afternoon. All terribly exciting stuff.
    First full week of the new year, nice to get back to the routine.
  11. Pam Spaur

    Pam Spaur Well-Known Member

    Hello, MHH land!

    It is a lovely day here in ECI. Temps about 50*, with the sun shining. Perfect early spring day! Except it is early January, but I will enjoy it.

    Today, I took MJ to a town about 45 minutes away. She got chicken salad and I got a tenderloin sandwich which was perfect! Oh my word! Best one I have ever had, I think. Sooo good. Then, we splurged, and ordered pie ala mode. She got blackberry and I got blueberry. The waitress warmed them up! Yummmmm!

    On the way home, I needed to stop at Walmart because I was almost out of t.p. $42 later, we came home.

    Now, I am watching the Colts and the Texans in a playoff game. I want a pizza so badly, but I need to eat what I already have. I am thinking of...nothing comes to mind. Nothing sounds appealing. I don't want to go out to get anything. I have been on a fried bologna kick here lately. I don't know why, but I am!

    Did I tell you that Samuel got his driver's license? And his parental units bought him a car that is 10 years younger than mine. Lol. I asked him if he went joy riding after he got his license? No, he said. When I asked why not, he said he didn't want to use his gas! Typical kid! I can't believe that my grandson is old enough to drive in his own car.

    Well, I guess I have written a book. Prayers to all, even if you don't think you need them. Stay safe and be blessed!
  12. sweetpumkinpye

    sweetpumkinpye Well-Known Member

    Pam, congratulations to Samuel on his license.
    Buzzing along here, it is amazing how much easier it is to work when it is cooler.
  13. MrsSoup

    MrsSoup Well-Known Member


    Somehow Alice disconnected herself from the network yesterday or the day before and I have had a heck of time getting her reconnected but I finally succeeded today and now she is doing her job. I worked on DS's room and have his comforter in the dryer now and then i'll be done with his room, as much as i'm doing anyway. He can wipe whatever is on his wall off when he gets back (boogers or earwax) and dust. I still have some blankets to wash and a pile of towels to rewash and put away that came out of there. I have his window open to air the room out too. I flipped his mattress around as well.

    Eli is outside playing and DD is still out. My mom should be calling in a bit on her way home from the class she was at. Eli wants to go to Walmart and look for some more battleship pieces for the video game my mom got him for Christmas. You assemble the ship and attach it to the controller, but there are other ships you can buy. Maybe we'll go later. It's so nice right now that I just want to keep working on the house and I think i'll go sit in my chair out front for a bit again. I just finished up lunch (cheese and crackers), so time to get back to work. I'll start some blankets in the wash and see what else I can get into. Headache still nagging around but hasn't gotten worse, so that's a good thing (knock on wood).

    Diedra- What are menu mailers? Like take-out menus?
    Jane- Good finds at the consignment shop! I think i'll go on Monday when they are having a members only shop day. The Spouses' Club runs the shop here on post.
    Katrina- I need to wash my hair today too.
    Pam- Glad you were able to get out and about today! Congrats to Samuel on his license!

    Just in case anyone is interested, cookie season is upon us once again and DD is selling! I posted her digital cookie site on FB and you can order online and have them delivered to your door. I think there is a 4 box minimum though. You can also donate cookies through the link if you don't want to eat them or can't eat them. Our donations this year are going to the homeless here on the island (there are a lot of homeless here). A portion of the money earned this year is also going towards helping the homeless, not sure in what capacity yet, but that's what the girls voted to do. They will also be taking another trip, possibly to one of the other islands. Addison's goal is to sell 750 boxes. :)
  14. Ahorsesoul

    Ahorsesoul Santa's Elves

    I use to get them for years. It's a subscription type of service. Now it's $10 a month. You buy the menu you want and it was delivered to my email each week. It came with 6 recipes with a shopping list. I really liked it. No thinking up menus making a shopping list. Most of the recipes are exchangeable. If it calls for fish and you hate fish she would give a hint to use chicken or something else. In the years I used it I think there may have been 3 or 4 recipes I would not try again. I'm really picky so I was surprised. Of course my recipes are over 10 years old. I think the newest I have are from 2009. I just signed up for her newsletter. It contains samples menus. There are one week from each of her menu choices. Autoimmune, Paleo, Keto, Classic, Low Carb and a Day time Menu. At least I believe it's from all of them. It's 58 pages to print. They do not have to be printed but I like to keep the ones I really like. I you want to check it out it's called Saving Dinner by Leanne Ely.
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  15. GrammaDeb

    GrammaDeb Well-Known Member

    Thank you Jane. Yes, I'm the one who is trying to lose weight, not him. DH knows what I like, and none of it is healthy.

    I came home from gymnastics FREEZING. They don't turn on the heaters on Saturday. I used handwarmers the entire time and then I took them to bed with me for a warm-up nap. Didn't really sleep, I just couldn't get warm. I'll probably get sick - that's my recipe for a cold, tired & can't warm up. Guess I need to buy thermals for gymnastics Saturdays. Time to crochet for a bit and then start dinner - baked fish, fries and coleslaw.

    Have a nice evening.
  16. sweetpumkinpye

    sweetpumkinpye Well-Known Member

    GrammaDeb, I have always thought that Las Vegas was always hot. I have been there twice, once in September and once in May and found both times incredibly hot. Seems funny to hear you say how cold it is.

    Have been to the shops, got salads and fruits for lunches for the week. I am trying to convince DS to take his lunch to work so think if I can provide salads and chicken and fruits and the like he might be more tempted. He works in a car yard and all the boys buy hamburgers and the like for lunch every day. It is not good for DS waist line or his budget.
    Filled up with petrol while I was out so hopefully am ready for the work week.
    Have tidied the medicine cupboard and have a few things to take to the pharmacy for disposal.
  17. sweetpumkinpye

    sweetpumkinpye Well-Known Member

    Jess, I would love to try some Girl Scout cookies. Postage would be a bugger lol.
  18. MrsSoup

    MrsSoup Well-Known Member

    Diedra- Thanks for the info! That name sounds familiar, i'll look it up.
    Deb- I always like to take a hot bath or shower when I get cold like that and can't warm up.
    Katrina- Yes, postage would be more than the cookies if they would even send out of the country (which they wouldn't). hahaha I need to figure out some foods I would like to eat for lunches. I don't eat lunch quite often because nothing sounds good. Or i'll just eat a bowl of cereal.

    I talked to my mom for quite some time about her class and then about the conference I went to on Thursday. Laundry is almost done and DD is home but now outside playing. I checked the dogs records and found that I need to make Perry an appointment for some shots, will do that this week. I need to go jump in the shower and wash my hair. I didn't want to do it when I was working around the house, but I think i'm done now. Eli has been wanting our friend's son to stay the night and asked last night but they said no. I asked when they dropped DD off but they didn't really say anything so he just ran down to ask. I'm secretly hoping for a no, but will be fine with a yes. I'm not sure what DH was wanting to do tonight, if anything. Guess the answer will decide if we do anything. If we're not doing anything then I think it will be meatball subs for dinner. Super quick and easy.

    Off to the shower I go. I'll have to close up the house while i'm up there so the dogs don't jump on the screens if someone goes by. :rolleyes:
  19. Lana

    Lana Well-Known Member

    Showered and in pjs now.
    Well, this a.m. I ended up doing my stool (cleaning stool should say lol), I washed the fall and Christmas tablecloth and took the table apart from extra leaves from Christmas (wanted to cut curtains out first before going down, changed litterbox and swept floors. Gathered trash. We ran and put a check in the box at the storage unit and then to Shakes and Ladders (flea market). I got a sign for the dining room, a thing for Jaymee and another item for either Teigan, or Christmas prize or Dirty bingo gift. Called mom and asked if she wanted to go to the Pub for a sandwich and she reminded me that she won a rib dinner from DuBois Barbq place so we went there. Ate, played slots. I put 10 in cashed out at 14.84 and then played the 4.00 and lost. But hey ahead 84 cents. Then we came home and sis pulled in and then her and I went to Mt. Vernon. Rosses, Hobby Lobby and Lowes and got sandwiches from Sonic and brought home. She got a few signs, a table I got for her and few things for the house. HL charged me 2.99 for an item that should be .30 with 90% off for Christmas. So will have to go back in. It is 9:03 and I am had. Just walking all that time.

  20. missjane

    missjane Well-Known Member

    Stopping in to say goodnight. I talked to DD21 and things seem to be moving with her again. She said she didn't feel like all is complete, but I told her at least things are moving! Someone had some Miralax and shared with her. She had to shovel snow...first time in her life she's ever had to do that! lol I forgot to send some things, so will have to put together another package and try to get it out Monday.

    DDIL's mom got back around 7. DH and I ran to my school and I picked up some things I need him to run off for me for Monday...need to review for finals with the students...their final test scores are 25% of my competency score for the year. Not that it will matter after this year, but why not go out with a bang?

    Pam, DH is watching the game, too, in the bedroom, so unfortunately, so am I.
    Deb, I agree with Jess about the hot shower. Have you ever tried Winter Silks? I love them!! They are super light weight and super warm. There were half price a couple of weeks ago.

    Night, everyone!

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