Simple Sunday, 2-16-2020

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Pam Spaur, Feb 16, 2020.

  1. Pam Spaur

    Pam Spaur Well-Known Member

    Good morning, MHH Family!
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  2. jampss

    jampss Well-Known Member

    Morning from FL. 64* and sunny. I came here to my sister’s (an hour and a half from home) on Friday night to go to my niece’s first time hosting karaoke night at a local place. She’s 26 and has enjoyed singing karaoke for years. Now, it’s a cool little job while she’s in grad school.

    DD27 started her second semester in VT for her masters in psychology. She’s loving the snow.

    DS16 has had three days in a row where he got up and moved forward with his day. Praying today will be day four. DH sent me yesterday’s update. They went out to eat after house chores were done yesterday. Yay! He didn’t sleep his day away avoiding.

    Tonight is game night here that my niece has planned with snacks and card/board games. A couple of her friends and my sister’s friends show up.

    Hope y’all have a great day.
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  3. Lana

    Lana Well-Known Member

    Good Morning Pam and All coming!

    Today is to be another warmer day.

    Yesterday I did not clean much. By the time I got phone calls and did some dishes. I did do a load of clothes and folded them. I cooked both dinner and supper!!!! Allen does alot of the cooking anymore. Last night watched a couple of movies on Lifetime.

    I need to make some more seasoning salt up for us here. The Paula Deen one.

    I suppose I should go eat breakfast and move along.

    Yesterday was a lousy mail day. Got a bill for the ambulance taking Allen from Mt. Vernon hospital to Centralia back in December when we went. Number one they transferred him because the hospital was full and number 2 they said Medicare would pay it. Over $1100.00 for about a 25 minute ride. Then 2 other bills that were not expected came!

    Sorry for venting and on a Sunday!

    Everybody have a GREAT day!
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  4. Pam Spaur

    Pam Spaur Well-Known Member

    I am hoping for a simple Sunday. Just got out of the shower. Trying to think of what to wear to church. Usually, I pick out something in my mind, and implement it on Sunday morning. Not this time.

    Last evening, I did a thorough job cleaning my bathroom. Only thing I did not do the floor. Dusted the living room. I need to vacuum all over. And finish my kitchen. Maybe today. Tomorrow after Bible Study, which I would like to do laundry. Keep your fingers crossed.

    DD texted the family that Sam will be having surgery here in town on Wednesday. He has cysts on his tailbone. His mom did, too. I went thru four years of polynidal (sp?) cysts on her tailbone. The first was as big as a lemon and she was only 13. Found out later that my maternal grandmother and my mom had them, too. I had cysts, but do not know if they were like Jennifer's or not. My family is prone to them.
    Well, I had best get going on church dressing. I might shock everyone and wear make-up! I know! What a shocker! Lol

    Have a great day. Stay safe and be blessed! Love to all!
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  5. jampss

    jampss Well-Known Member

    Feel free to vent here with us. That’s what we are here for ... support. :)

    2017 my 4 mile ambulance ride after some weird fainting spell with no pulse (and no answers as to why that happened) was a bill of $700. We are paying $10 a month. :rolleyes:
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  6. jampss

    jampss Well-Known Member

    I had a cyst like that in the 12th grade!
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  7. Lolwlias

    Lolwlias Well-Known Member

    Good morning. Hoping everyone is doing well.
    I met dgs's mother in town to bring him home. At some point I will probably have to bring dgd home. Although, there is no school so she could technically stay here all week if she wanted.
    I have a floor to mop & some laundry to do. Scrapping every chance I get in between.
    Have an awesome day.
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  8. MrsSoup

    MrsSoup Well-Known Member


    I woke up with a headache again, should have gotten up during the night and taken my migraine meds but didn't. I'll go up and take one shortly and try to knock this headache out. The neurologist gave me an injectable for the days the migraine comes back but I really don't want to use it so i'll just use my regular med again. My throat is not nearly as bad as yesterday but we'll see if it gets worse as I wake up more. I'm tired, so very tired.

    DH wants to go to North Shore and look for seaglass, eat at a cafe for breakfast and then go on the river with the kayak and paddleboard. If we do that i'll be riding in the kayak so I can just sit there, or i'll just sit on the beach if Eli comes too and he can go in the kayak with DH and DD on the paddleboard. It was pretty windy overnight, not sure if it rained or not.

    jampss- Great job to DS and to DD! Enjoy your time at your sisters.
    Lana- I would call about the ambulance bill, doesn't hurt to question it.
    Pam- Hope the surgery goes well and healing is quick and smooth for Sam.
    Laura- Enjoy your weekend!

    Enjoy your day!
  9. Ahorsesoul

    Ahorsesoul Santa's Elves

    Make sure to fight the ambulance bill with Medicare. They should pay it but are hoping you will just pay it. For Medicare to pay it there is a certain medical billing code. It probably was just put under a normal code. Always call and ask why they didn't pay especially if it'a a big bill. Make sure to tell them the hospital said it was covered.
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  10. Lana

    Lana Well-Known Member

    Thankx Diedra, we will be calling tomorrow. Jampss, around here you don't seem to be able to pay little amounts. Depends on amout they divide it up. 4 months, 12 or 18 months but they tell you on the time and amount you pay. I have argued until blue in the face over hospital bills in the past and they say this is what we do or pay in full. Years before you could monthly and whatever you could. Back when I was at home.

    Made Stuffed Pepper Soup for dinner. Ryan had a pizza. I made me a grilled cheese also and Allen ate some pizza with his soup. I got out all the stuff we had to make the seasoning salt and had enough to make 2 cups up. Got rid of about 8 or so containers of harden garlic and onion powder thrown out but Ryan will use them in his tackle box.

    The guys went fishing and I am putting off starting to clean! I know I know ---- just get with it and get it done! So overwhelming!
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  11. luludou

    luludou Well-Known Member

    Baked muffins, made millet cream, overnight oats, cooked chicken thighs, did dishes, some laundry. Some small coughing , headache and achilles tendon (been hurting for a month)... so feeling so-so. will go have supper at ds's house, will order pizza. tomorrow will babysit the baby as ddil has to go to town.
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  12. sweetpumkinpye

    sweetpumkinpye Well-Known Member

    Good morning, another weekend gone by, the do go quickly.
    Work today and I at least have a project to work on so that is good. The days go very slowly other wise.
    Will try and do some knitting when I get home, cast on for a new coat hanger cover. Besides that I am hoping for a quiet evening.

    I hope that you all have a warm and safe day.
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  13. halimer

    halimer Well-Known Member

    Hello all! We had a day of clouds and some rain but now it is heading up to the 80's again for the upcoming week.

    DS has been visiting. We went out to dinner Friday night, finalized buying the truck on Saturday and picked up WaWa heroes for lunch. Then DH and I went to the last part of the camping rally and DS went to Ybor for dinner and drinks with his friend. This morning I made brunch of French toast, sausage, bacon and eggs. Feeling somewhat tired and mopey now. DS kept me up late Friday night talking politics and we just finished off another conversation on the state of the world right before he left.

    It was good seeing our camping friends. Two of them complimented my hair as it has grown out after giving up coloring it and another friend and I sat and talked about books for about an hour.

    Our other friends will be coming to visit over the weekend which should be fun. Otherwise the week is clear at this point.

    Jess - hope that you're feeling better and you had fun on the north shore
    Lana - definitely renegotiate that bill
    Jampss - glad that DS did so well!
    Katrina - hope the fire situation has abated
    Laura - have fun with dgs
    Pam - I think DNephew has such a cyst. Must be more common than we think
    Lucie - great prep for the coming week
    Diedra - I know what you mean about the days of the week! Any updates on LC1?
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  14. MrsSoup

    MrsSoup Well-Known Member


    Breakfast was good, the coffee was not as it was bitter and tasted burnt. We headed to the river and I rode in the kayak with DH and DD was on my paddleboard. We saw a few turtles and several ducks. It rained on us several times on the river. We were going to get shave ice after but the general store didn't open for another 45 minutes. We stopped at McDonalds and DD got a milkshake, DH hot fudge sundae and I just wanted a latte. They screwed it up and gave me an iced latte which I didn't ask for...whatever. They ran out of milk so had us pull up to one of the waiting slots and by the time they brought it out I wasn't going to say anything about it being iced. It was good so oh well.

    We came home and put on Master Chef and I took a nap, woke up in time to see who won the season we were watching. Now i'm making DS and I lunch, doing his laundry and going to start working on homework. Eli has been playing outside so haven't seen him much. DH and I may go watch a movie later but i'm not sure. I already feel like I could use another nap.

    Later friends!
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  15. GrammaDeb

    GrammaDeb Well-Known Member

    Hello. Poo poo day here. Maybe I'm just hormonal, but I just want to cry & scream. Every little thing sets me off. After church I changed clothes, grabbed my purse & dh, and went to Walmart to buy a new blanket for his bed. Dh, of course, wanted to stop for lunch, so Arbys it was. Afterward I sat on my bed to crochet and dgd's cat crawled onto my lap for a nap. I was so shocked...he is not a lap cat. A good kitty snuggle is just what I needed, and I wouldn't make him move for anything...not even crocheting. Three hours later and it's time to fix dinner. Have a good evening.
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  16. Pam Spaur

    Pam Spaur Well-Known Member

    Deb, my ds#1 has a cat that will climb on his lap or his chest, and just lays there purring away! Then he falls asleep. The cat, not Jay. He wants to get some chores done, but won't disturb Tiger. My son sure loves his fur babies!
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  17. DawnSu

    DawnSu Active Member

    It sure was simple Sunday for this lady.
    I got up, went to church. Visited some family & then board meeting at 4pm. Came home done a few loads of clothes & now here I am ready for bed 938pm & grandbabies y is wanting to play... oh how I wished my dd had a weekly job. But she works PM Fri-Sun so Nana can keep kids... . Seems like the older I get, the harder it gets...

    Have a blessed week
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  18. missjane

    missjane Well-Known Member

    Hello, everyone.

    I slept in a little this morning. DH and I ran to Walmart to get a few things, but mainly to get some soil for the three trees he wanted to plant today. It rained over night and is supposed to rain tomorrow through Thursday. It will be good for them to help start making roots. I made gumbo for lunch when we got home. When DS and family got home from church, we took it to their house so we could eat lunch together. We didn't go to church today so that we could work all day at the house. As soon as we came home, I started painting at the new house. Did some touch-ups, painted the hall and inside the hall closet, and the kitchen. Painted the molding in the bathroom.

    I'm off tomorrow. Yay! I need to get our taxes together. I have a couple of questions, so I need to call and see if our tax preparer is open tomorrow. When we pulled up at Walmart, the running board on the passenger side of my Highlander had come loose. I need to call the dealership and see about it's being repaired.

    Our across the street neighbor came by and asked if DH could pick up some things for her using his trailer he hauls his mower on. Her boyfriend was arrested on drug charges Thursday of week before last. He's bailed out, but without a job. Her brother told DH to not start doing things for her because it goes from that to asking for money since the boyfriend lost his job. He'll talk to the brother and see what's going on first.

    GrammaDeb, I've heard animals have a sense about things like that. God and I have long talks on days like you had today...mainly me telling him I don't like days like that and asking for help to not feel that way.
    Debbie, what truck did y'all buy?
    Lucie, be careful with the Achilles tendon. DH says it's a heck of an injury if something goes wrong and takes FOREVER to heal. Maybe you should have it checked if you haven't.

    Rest well, friends.

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