Simple Sunday August 13th, 2017

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Lana, Aug 13, 2017 at 6:16 AM.

  1. Lana

    Lana Well-Known Member

    Morning To All!
  2. Lana

    Lana Well-Known Member

    Hoping the day is like the title...easy going and no surprises!

    I am up and posting before Teigan is up.

    Yesterday a.m. I worked till noon, got McDonalds took to Jaymees and got Teigan then when home I need dishes and 2 loads of clothes (they are folded and put away) and then I vacuumed the furniture and sprayed the cushion all down. Jaymee had a flea and Teigan 2 yesterday a.m.. Since our inside/outside cat has been gone hadn't really seen any. I know they can come in on your clothes too. Will set off the foggers one day this week when people will be gone 4 hours or more. Have no ideal how long it takes eggs to hatch.

    Last night we took Teigan up to the school to play. She said that is my class. She is and isn't excited about. They start Wed.. The rest of the school starts tom.. But Jaymee has to go to a meeting on Tues. so preschool will start Wed..

    Sounds like Teigan is moving so better finish up here. No talking but hear her on the bed. Now in the hall! She always waits for you to get her first time she is out!!!!

    Hope each of you have a GREAT day!
  3. Lolwlias

    Lolwlias Member

    Good morning. Usual Sunday activities. Taking Z to visit his parents, grocery shopping, laundry & housework.
    Yesterday my ears needed to pop. Today I have a buzzing in my ears that won't go away. It's driving me a little crazy.
  4. tanya

    tanya Well-Known Member

    Hi Everyone,End of the weekend here- pretty quiet day today. Just did some fruit and vegetable shopping. Had a quick snack while we were out. Neither of us were really hungry. We went to a fantastic Turkish restaurant last night- food was amazing! But we ordered far too much. We knew we had ordered a lot but had no idea just how big the servings were. Food was so good though and we both ate too much.

    Swim stuff is packed for tomorrow- Luke's lunch and breakfast is done ready to go.

    Nothing special planned for this week but that could change.

    Have a great day all
  5. Doodlebug

    Doodlebug Active Member

    Good morning everyone. I have 2 out of 4 grandkids up and playing. Chickens have been fed and let out of the coop. Need to go down and check on the cows today and feed them. Will also need to mow. The grass is still wet from the dew, so will need to wait a bit. DIL #2 has finished up what we hope will be the last of her chemo. She will have a pet scan on the 24th. Keep her in your prayers please and thank you.

    Lana, hope you get all those little irritating fleas out of the house. Several years ago I had a horrible time with fleas. Found some really good stuff at Petco that got them gone. It was expensive but worked really well.

    Laura, hope you are not getting an ear infection. Sounds like you have a busy day today.

    Tanya, Turkish food sounds interesting.

    Hoping you all have a wonderful day. Need to go start some pancakes for my little ones. Another is up.
  6. teachermomof2

    teachermomof2 Santa's Elves

    Good morning!

    I was up early after another restless night and went to early mass. I feel like I could go back to sleep. Yesterday was the reunion. Not a big crowd this year. I did get to see out of town cousins, which is always good.

    Today will be busy. I am working on laundry, running to Walmart to pick up a printer for H, and a few other items we forgot on Friday. smh I hope to do my planner today too. J is working today. So that's about it here.

    Debbie...prayers for your dil2.
    Tanya....the food looked delicious!
    Hi Lana and Laura!

  7. MrsSoup

    MrsSoup Well-Known Member


    I took a pain pill last night for my knee and slept the best I have slept in a while. I didn't really want to get up but Eli came in and asked if he could come downstairs and he took the dogs with him but I could hear that he didn't let them out, so I got up. DH decided that everyone gets a day to decide what we do, we'll rotate on the weekends. His day was yesterday so today is my day. I guess we'll try a new beach on the west side of the island. I'm not very good at deciding what to do. Once our finances get back in order I may be a little better at it. :)

    I need to go get the big kids up and going and eat breakfast myself. Looks like it rained a little earlier this morning. Nothing else planned after the beach except for laundry to prepare for the week. I want to organize school papers and get them off the ledge and put somewhere out of the way too.

    Hi Lisa, Debbie, Tanya, Laura and Lana!

    Enjoy your day!
  8. GrammaDeb

    GrammaDeb Active Member

    Good morning. Bright and sunny - and hot - here. Still over 100°.

    No church for us today. Dh has whatever I have had the past couple days - lots of trips to the bathroom. Dsil did not want the grandkids to go to church because it's the last day of summer vacation. They were disappointed that they can't go. He's taking tomorrow off work so he can fix breakfast and drive them to school. I guess it's his first-day-back-to-school tradition. That's okay with me - I get to sleep in one more day.

    Have a nice day.
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  9. Lana

    Lana Well-Known Member

    Teigan and I made a white cake with red frosting. Sent half home with her and Teigan. Teigan, Jaymee and I rode the Kubota to town to look at pumpkins that we planted behind moms. Jaymee was taking pictures of sunflowers, butterflies, and such.

    Have 4 loads of wash done and the last one just went off in the dryer. Took a bag of trash out and brought a rug in.

    Thought I would check in and then put away the last load, and clean table off.

    Allen went with a friend to a guys house who is draining a pond and he thinks there is a lot of fish to be taken out so they went. Allen doesn't think so because we they use to sang the pond got nothing. I said with you saying that you might be cleaning till midnite. They left about 12:30.

    Lisa, you have probably said, but my mind just can't remember things nowadays with all going on, when does Hunter leave and when do you start school? Have you ever heard of a Dr. Thomas Coy in Johnston, PA? His dad was a doctor in Nashville IL and also named Tom Coy. (I went to high school in Nashville and I work at the branch that we have there now.)

    GrammaDeb, enjoy sleeping in. Hope DH gets better.

    Tanya, never had Turkish food.

    Laura, hope your ears are better.

    Jessica, such choices! Have you seen waterfalls a lot? They look so pretty in pictures from there.

    Doodlebug, busy day for you! So you did buy land and move right? Only purchased some or end up buying all?

    I better keep moving!
  10. Ahorsesoul

    Ahorsesoul Santa's Elves

    Dh was up to go golfing again this morning. It's now raining so I do not know how much longer he will be. I called him to warn him I have baseboards laying in the garage (on his side of course) so not to drive in until I move it. DD and I sanded and glued her closet baseboards this morning. I figured I'd run some stain over them to seal them from the water damage. We found some Miniwax PlolyShades. I'd never used this kind before so I was surprised when I poured some out that looked like caramel milk chocolate. I figured it didn't matter what it looked like since it was in the closet. Turns out it was a wonderful match to our oak baseboards. It didn't an excellent job of blending in the sanded spots with the already finished areas. It might just be my new favorite stain. I'm thinking I'd like to try it on DS kitchen cabinets just to see if it makes them look better until he replaces them. That might be a job too big for me. I get bored sometimes. lol

    DD is now taking a nap. Her tummy is hurting. I'm thinking it's her acid reflux since she ate ketchup last night. It did start right after dinner which was fried shrimp and scallops so the oil might have done it too. Or she just needs to sit in the bathroom for a while.

    Dinner will be Breakfast. If I'm not too tired from replaces the carpet in DD's closet tonight I'll make Bisquick Biscuits. Yes, they make a gluten free version. Might add cheese then dip them in garlic butter so they are like Red Lobsters.

    Enjoy the coming week. Make a menu for the week or at least have it mapped out in your mind. Check your freezer for what you can use.
  11. luludou

    luludou Well-Known Member

    afternoon! last night ds & his girlfriend did not go to their party so instead we played a game (Toc) until 11:30! was a nice time.
    Got up at 8:00, did some essentrics and some yoga. I cooked some this morning with tons of dishes (muffins, chinese noodles, quinoa mac n cheese). dh & his girlfriend left after dinner. His side is not better :( we are trying to talk him into going to a private clinic. However it's a virtual colonoscopy.. not sure that's what his doctor wants so we have to check beforehand.
    cleared out some flowers in the back of the house... they are all dried out. deweeded both sides of the house too.

    now just reading outside on the patio.
  12. Doodlebug

    Doodlebug Active Member

    Lana, yes I did buy the house and land. Loving the house.
  13. sweetpumkinpye

    sweetpumkinpye Well-Known Member

    Good morning and the start of another work week here.
    It is dark this morning but it is 2 hours earlier than what I woke up yesterday. It is still cool in the mornings and will be for quite a few more weeks yet.
    Not sure what will great me when I get to work this morning, always an adventure. Hopefully CW did not make too many mistakes last week. We are having a quick admin meeting this coming Thursday to meet an accountant who will show us a few things on the accounting software. Should be interesting.

    Anyway, better get going, I hope that you all have an amazing day.
  14. missjane

    missjane Well-Known Member

    Hi, everyone.

    We went to church this morning and will be heading back shortly. My stomach is better, but cramping some. We went to eat Chinese food after church because DD20 asked if we could. She'll be heading to Mexico Friday on a mission trip, so trying to do some things she wants before she leaves.

    When I get in from church, I need to look at the menus for this week. I may make some changes if this tummy issue keeps going. Already know of some changes because of places we have to go and things we have to do this week. I need to plan lunches for work, too. I'm horrible at getting lunches ready to take to work and want to do better with that this year.

    Debbie, praying for your DDIL.
    Gramma Deb, we had a lot of people out today at church, too. I think a lot of them do the same thing...making the most of the last day before school starts.
    Lana, I would love to see your pumpkins. I always say I'm going to plant some and don't.
    Jessica, hope y'all had a good time today.
    Laura, ear trouble is no fun. Hope it gets better instead of worse.
    Katrina, I hope there wasn't too much for you to deal with at work. If someone comes and does training, maybe she'll catch on.
    Lucie, praying DS can get some answers or at least expedited care from the doctor.
    Deidra, who would remember after a year?! Smart idea to write yourself a note. On the up side, you got some things cleaned out! Hope your back is ok.
    Lisa, it's tedious trying to get everything you think H will need. Then, there will be things you have to pick up you didn't even know he would need after you get there. Busy year for you!
    Tanya, glad you enjoyed the restaurant last night.

    I better run. Time to head to church. Rest well, everyone.
  15. teachermomof2

    teachermomof2 Santa's Elves

    Good evening!

    We did our Walmart run. I think we got the remainder of what is on the list. As you said, Jane, I'm sure we forgot something. I also ordered his textbooks online, one used, one rented, and goggles for his lab. So many little things. We got M some school shoes and a few supplies while we were out, too. Then I came home and did more laundry, put clean sheets on the bed, prepped dinner, did my planner for the week. I feel like vacation is over already. M has dance camp every night this week, so there goes this week as far as any kind of trip. I'm having summer regret....feel like I have nothing to show for a busy summer...and it's over.

    Lana....H is moving his stuff in on Tuesday. He will be the only person staying in his hall until Friday, so I think he is going to drive back and forth until then. He may stay on Thursday night. He has training Wed. to Fri. for his job. Classes start the 21st.

    That's about it for me. Hope you have a lovely evening!! Sending thoughts and prayers for you all.
  16. missjane

    missjane Well-Known Member

    Stopping in to say goodnight. DH and I ran to Walmart after church and bought the things on my list. I need to update my planner and get myself into going back to work mode. Teachers officially start Thursday.

    I just drank a coke and ate some crackers tonight. My stomach is still a little crampy.

    I had weird dreams about school last night. I'm hoping for the best this year, so I hope that wasn't a foreboding of things to come. I'll have to go work in my room before Thursday. DH has to go back to the Eye Masters tomorrow. I don't have to go with him, but it will be the last day to go and do anything together before school starts. He'll start football practice tomorrow afternoon. I'll work in my room while he's at practice. Upper classmen will be there Tuesday to pick up schedules. Freshmen will pick up theirs Wednesday, but I have a hair appointment at 9:00 that day. I'll have to go in after I finish, I guess. I usually help with schedule distribution, but may not this year if enough other teachers are there. Then, I'll have to help make sure DD20 has all her stuff lined up for her trip to Mexico. I guess my summer's over!

    Lisa, thinking of you this week as H goes off to college. It will be bittersweet.

    Night, everyone. Praying you all rest well.
  17. MinnieCo

    MinnieCo Well-Known Member

    I must chime in today because I need to do a shout out to AnnieClause. She wrote a fabulous piece for a blog I run. Thought you might want to check it out. We tease because my daughter is now 22, but when she was little she knew Annie as the her AZ Christmas Buddy. Year later she's volunteered to write this piece for the organization my daughter runs. Just kinda cool..and special.
  18. Ahorsesoul

    Ahorsesoul Santa's Elves

    Nice advice in that article. tfs
  19. teachermomof2

    teachermomof2 Santa's Elves

    Great article Annie! TFS Michelle!
  20. luludou

    luludou Well-Known Member

    Great article Annie!

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