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  1. Ahorsesoul

    Ahorsesoul Santa's Elves

    Morning all MHHers
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  2. Ahorsesoul

    Ahorsesoul Santa's Elves

    Thought I would start today off since it's after 11 am (CST).

    DD's friend came over to vacuum today. So that is done for the week. She does the pathways and the stairs to help me out. DD is now taking her morning nap. Dh is looking at what new drill he wants to buy. He doesn't need one but wants something like the one we sold when we moved here because we do not need it. lol

    We are shopping for a shed for the back yard (to put those un-needed items in plus DD bike in the winter. It takes up a lot of room in our garage so we'd like it out during the winter months. Found one we really liked (Hickory) but then I looked up complaints on BBB. Not getting one from them. I think we'll go with someone local who has a better warranty and rating.

    We have a few appointments this coming week. Not too bad. I need to go make a menu for the week. I'm going to pull something from my Menu Mailers so I do not have think or make a shopping list. lol Sometimes I have a whole pile of recipes I want to make but not any for this week. The only think not in the freezer is chicken so if there are any recipe on the Menu Mailer for it I'll have the personal shopper (DH) pick it up.

    Tomorrow is craft day for DD. I have pulled out some wooden hearts that she can glue on maps of places she has lived or something for other people. I'm started to clean up my craft supplies for a Scrapbooking sale later this summer. Between those supplies and my genealogy items I think I could start a store or two. I need to start mailing old photos to my brother since he's gotten into genealogy. Problem is he's 8 years older than I am and has tons of items from his wife's family. Maybe he can split them up between his four kids. My DS thinks it's nice but has no interest in it.

    Wishing everyone a good start on their week.

    Do something nice for someone you do not know this week.
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  3. halimer

    halimer Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone! Yesterday it was warm and today it is cool. This weather is so mixes up and crazy.

    Got a whole lot of hole punching done yesterday and my room is looking better. So far today I've done a bunch of e-mailing about thing for the caravan that needed to get done. Would like to get DH to work on the clothes that he will be taking to Salem since he has specific "uniforms" for almost every day.. I need to buy a white shirt/blouse for one event - otherwise I think I am set.

    Tonight we are going to the third Subway series game thanks to our season ticket rep - we will be watching it from a suite with free food - can't beat that.

    Diedre - sounds like you have the week in control - just wondering what kind of scrapbooking stuff you have to get rid of
  4. MrsSoup

    MrsSoup Well-Known Member


    No idea what today will hold yet. DH is going back to the course today to shadow again. I need to go find some supplies to make my CIJ ornaments so I can get them mailed out this week. There are NO craft stores on island so I may have to improvise and change what I have in mind. Next year i'll have to order online, just been so busy that it completely slipped my mind.

    I got both of my tests taken yesterday and DS's room done. DH is upstairs now taking his bed apart. His mattress is in DD's room right now from when her friend stayed the night. DD wants to trade rooms with DS, but we told her she had to ask DS. He's not going to go for it. I may end up at my friends house helping her unpack today but we'll see.

    Diedra- Our friends said that Lowes had some sheds on sale that would fit bikes. The top lifts or comes off and then it has doors on the front also. I think they were $299. At least here anyway. That's a good idea for a craft, might have to make something like that for DD for her room.
    Debbie- That sounds awesome, I always wanted to watch a game from a box.

    Enjoy your day!
  5. Ahorsesoul

    Ahorsesoul Santa's Elves

    DD's bike is a two seater that is side by side. It's 4 ft by 7 ft. Then we also have snowblower, a mower, pressure washer and a de-thatcher plus 4 ft high big planters that we'd like to store for the winter. We are looking at 6 x 10 or 6 by 12 ft sheds for the backyard. When we sell it could be used for storage, kid's playhouse or a garden shed. We will be going tomorrow to looks at a Shed Shop in the Twin Cities. They will build on side which we need because our fence gate is only 4 feet wide so they can drive a already built shed into the back yard.

    DD is outside on the porch playing games and Dh is mowing the front year since the race is not starting on time.

    I've emptied two totes of more barns and arranged them on top of my crafting cupboards in my bedroom. Not really happy with how I arranged them but will move them around after looking at them. I'm thinking I"d rather have a shelf along the wall for them but not sure I'd want to build it.

    Debbie--I have a lot of paper, not so much stickers and who knows what else I will find when I start pulling things out. I know I sent a lot of paper and stickers to LC1's daughter last year. I did not have a Circuit. I think I have a Binder machine but not sure if I'm will to part with it. I make DD albums she can put the cartoon she cuts out of the paper. Makes her happy. I have two rolling carts that hold paper. Not sure if I'll be keeping them. One of them would be enough I think. When I get it all sorted I'll try to make a list.
  6. luludou

    luludou Well-Known Member

    Evening! wedding was nice yesterday, made me cry when I saw my cousin so nervous... he missed air when he was born so he is a little slower on some things and his head is longer a bit. was so nice he found someone who knows he is a very hard-working person with lots of heart qualities. I will post a few pics on FB at some point. took only 2 sips of wine yesterday but whatever have been having tummy problems all morning and a splitting headache. It was a nice evening and we sure danced alot!
    Tomorrow I have to go in to work so no time to put things back in their place here. ds had friends over for supper on saturday, they did pick up though. dd left as of 6:00 this evening too. very busy weekends coming up. wish it was a little slower.

  7. sweetpumkinpye

    sweetpumkinpye Well-Known Member

    Good morning,
    Monday morning here and we are all enjoying a holiday for the Queen's Birthday.
    DS is in his room, DH has just finished steam cleaning the shower and I am just about to start folding 3 baskets of washing. I think I am just about caught up.
    I have booked the car in for it's service for next week, DS works at the dealership so he can take it in. Still need to reschedule some medical appointments that I cancelled while I was doing extras. A few more rooms to clean and my cleaning for the lead up for Winter that was meant to be done in April is finished. Will ask my brother to come over one day soon and help tidy the garden up a little. Hope to be finally caught up this week.

    Lucie, sounds like the wedding was lovely.
    Jess, sorry that you caught DS out in a lie about the school work.
    Debbie, enjoy the game, it sounds like a great night.
  8. MrsSoup

    MrsSoup Well-Known Member

    Lucie- Glad the wedding was nice!
    Katrina- Tomorrow is a holiday here for the first King's birthday, King Kamehameha I. They had a parade downtown yesterday.

    I went to Target and got some contact paper for the kitchen walls. My friend did it in her kitchen and it looks so much better. I got a grey reclaimed wood look. They have it vertical in the picture but i'll put it horizontal. I picked up a bikini for myself and some new sunglasses. Then I went by the only craft type store on the island, Ben Franklin's. It's quite pricey, but I found something that will work for my ornaments. Not at all what I was originally planning but it will work. I'll definitely plan way ahead for next year and order online or look around Christmas time and find what I need.

    I did some laundry this afternoon and have been watching Toy Story. I finished up a book as well. We'll head over to our friends in a while for dinner. Then i'll be off to work. I should go put laundry away. I tried on my ball dress and it needs to be taken in about 1/2 an inch I think, not sure the place is open tomorrow, if not i'll go on Tuesday. The ball is on the 21st.

    I better go do some work.
  9. PamelaG

    PamelaG Moderator Staff Member

    No Michaels? I didn't realize Ben Franklin was still in business - they were always a lower-end (in price) craft store but I guess things have changed. I'll be planning ahead for next year as well. I'm searching high and low for the one thing that I'd like to add to my ornaments and of course, there's nothing even remotely Christmasy in the craft stores right now. Will have to plan next year's swap ornaments now and make sure I get all the supplies when the Christmas things start appearing in the stores.
  10. MrsSoup

    MrsSoup Well-Known Member

    We have no Michael's or Hobby Lobby here. Just Ben Franklin and it is pretty pricey after being in there yesterday, but most things are here in Hawaii. They reminded me of a Michael's though. They seemed to have a little bit of everything.
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