SoulCollage Cards: The Princess Card

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    Nice card you shared and I would also like to do cards. I am basically a writer focused on career and physical development to spread more issues and tips to develop and works through Professional resume writing service. When searched I found some tips to make soulcollage cards. And I would like to share something here and it will be helpful to all.

    Use an old magazine to lay under your mat board while gluing. You can turn the page over every time you’re ready for a new clean space for gluing.

    Round the corners of your cards (or some of your cards) with a corner rounder for a unique look.

    Use the colored side of the mat board as the base for your card, and allow a border of the color to show as a frame.

    Take a metallic gold (or other color) marker and make a border around the edge of your card.

    Cut out some of your images right to their edge. A friend of mine calls this “blessing the image.” Use small detail scissors for this effect.

    Use torn handmade papers as a background instead of magazine pictures.

    Be sure you have a good variety of backgrounds already torn out. An image’s meaning will change as it is placed against different backgrounds. When you get the “right” combination (for you), you will “know” it.

    Cover the entire image with glue, not just the edges.

    Laminate your cards or cover with acrylic varnish to preserve them and to prevent edges from curling up. Try not to do this too soon, however, as you might want to add something to a card later on. If you use the acrylic varnish, be sure to use a very light coat and allow a LOT of time (at least 5 days) for each piece to dry.

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