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Discussion in 'Magical Parties' started by creativemom, Mar 4, 2008.

  1. creativemom

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    We love to entertain in the summer and are out boating, swimming and enjoying the beautiful weather but the sun gets to be a lot for the food. I bought a BUNCH of 1 ring mini pools at our dollar tree a few years ago. We fill them with ice and then place salads, dishes that need to remain cold, and soda in different "pools". They look really cool and festive while keeping all the food cool!!! During the summer our swim bag remains filled not only with beach towels, goggles, and water guns but also always include sunscreen, glow sticks, a kite, licorice, jelly beans, and a couple other treats. That way when someone says "let's go boating or swimming" we are out the door in minutes and I don't worry about what to pack!!! Our backyard has tiki torches filled and set up so that we can enjoy a fire in our pit and have friends over! I get peeps after Easter and put them in a basket with hershey's candy bars so we can grab that and run out to roast marshmallows and make smores! Just looking forward to that outdoor summer entertaining while it's still cold and snowy here in Wisconsin!!!
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    Thanks for the suggestions on the little pools to keep stiff cold. I have parties durning the summer all the time & that will help me keep the food cold.
  3. teachermomof2

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    The little pools are a neat idea. We freeze gallon jugs of water and throw them in the coolers to take on the boat, then we have water to drink and it keeps everything else cool.
    I also have a tupperware veggie tray that we fill with 5 varieties of gummy candy. We keep it in the camper and throw it into the boat when we head out.

    I love the marshmallow peep idea for marshmallows. The kids would love that!
  4. momof4

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    The little pools are a great idea! And I LOVE the peeps idea! Thanks!

  5. girlsinmo

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    Those are some neat ideas. I love them. Thanks for sharing.
  6. jackfrosty

    jackfrosty Santa's Elves

    Great ideas to get a head start on the season! Can't wait to try them all! bun1
  7. Cathymac

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    Very cool idea! I'll have to remember that for this summer and fall when we entertain outside. Thanks for sharing!
  8. creativemom

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    I don't know if any of you have tried the drink mixes in bags, but they are available in specialty shops here in Wisconsin. They have dried ingredients in a plastic bat with nossel, then you add the alcohol and water-shake and freeze. When we got boating or camping, we throw this in our cooler which helps keep everything else really nice and cold, and then pour mixed slushy drinks into cups when we are stopped at a park! No glass bottles! It's a beautiful thing!!!
  9. luvbooks

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    What a great idea, sounds like you guys have a really good time!
  10. AuntJamelle

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    One thing I do during the colder months is snatch up the clearence prices on bubbles and the misc. bubble wands and accessories.

    Then come summer, I have a great way to keep the kids entertained outside.

    I've found that buying a pack or two of the smaller bubble bottles works well because every child can hold their own.

    But since they will ALWAYS spill them, I also have a couple of the huge refill bottles tucked away too.

    I got the refill bottles for $1.90 at Meijer this past fall! Gotta love it!

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