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  1. Cathymac2

    Cathymac2 Active Member

    Good morning! I can’t believe I am the first here.
    I am excited to begin the HGP!
    I have to tell ya’ll what happened last night. This was the scariest night of my life hands down.
    My husband, middle son, nephew and I were attending a high school football game. It’s the biggest game of the year for our county with two county rivals playing. It was moved to Little Rock several years ago to a much bigger venue. There were 39,000 people in attendance last night. Mid way through the 3rd quarter apparently a fight broke out in our opponents’ stands and someone saw a tazer and screamed “gun”. If you’ve ever seen a tazer, it does look like a 9 millimeter gun handle. As you might imagine, mass chaos ensued. My cop instinct kicked in and we got out. At one point, the scariest point, all 4 of us were separated and had no idea where the others were. My son is 18 and my nephew is 15. No cell service due to jammed circuits made it even worse. We were finally reunited. We helped as long as we were needed then we got the heck out. There was a lot more but I can’t go into details right now. I am exhausted. My muscles are sore from running and ducking behind a car. I was terrified. My heart rate was up for hours.
    Bottom line was there was no gun, no shots fired and only minor injuries reported. Needless to say, we are thankful to be alive today.
    And how is YOUR weekend going?
  2. Lana

    Lana Well-Known Member

    Good Morning!

    Oh my goodness that would be quite a scare. Thankful it wasn't a gun and that nobody was really hurt in the chaos!!!! Rest today!

    Yesterday was nice to see people was alittle over 2 hours one way. Going down stopped about half way and everbody used the restroom but out of 11. Pizza place was good. Stopped at McDonalds coming home for Teigan. She was so good the WHOLE time. Got home alittle after 8 picked up alittle in front room, did some dishes, loaded dishwasher and threw a load of towels in.

    Got out of bed about 8:15 this a.m.. LATE LATE for me!

    Will work cleaning in my room is my plan!

    Everybody have a GREAT day!
  3. cmerth

    cmerth Well-Known Member

    Good morning Lana and Cathy!!

    My hubby came home this morning from his quick trip to a family funeral. So glad to have him home safe. I am going to clean at least one of my porches today for GHP. Gotta order groceries for this week and straighten the house. Little bit more than a typical Sunday.

    Cathy-- that sounded scary. Football games and the rivalries can get out of control fast. We had a small brawl at a football game (mostly pushing and shoving) but the teachers and cops broke it up quickly. Glad no one at your game was injured majorly.

    Lana-- Enjoy the sleeping in. Hope you have a great Sunday.
  4. Ahorsesoul

    Ahorsesoul Santa's Elves

    Scary Cathy for you and your family. Do you have a plan in play for times of an Emergency like this. I've always wondered if people do. I need to do this. We do have a plan if we get separated at Mayo Clinic. One time my stepmom was very slow getting on the elevator so the door closed. I didn't know if she would wait on that floor or meet us on our appointment desk. So now everyone knows to meet at the appointment desk and if we get apart after the appointment we meet in the main lobby by the grand piano.

    We had more rain last night. Not much but more rain on the schedule for the next two days. We should have mushrooms growing in the yard by mid week.

    We might take DD shopping if her good mood holds out this morning. Either we go to Walmart or Kolh's. Depends on her mood of course. lol

    Wishing all a good start on prepping for the coming week. Remember you prep for work so prepping for your time at home is important too.
  5. MrsSoup

    MrsSoup Well-Known Member


    Little bits of rain still happening here. DH wanted to go to the beach today but i'm not going in dreary weather. He says what does it matter if you're going to get wet anyway. I want the sun when I go to the beach so I can be warm. LOL I want to get all the outside items put back to right today, my plants need to get back outside and watered. I need to work on homework and get another unit completed. I'll start on that here shortly.

    We had our friends over last night for dinner and Phase 10. The game took a long time and my friend got a little upset I think for a bit because the guys kept using their "Skip" cards on her because she was winning. She said she wasn't but her face said otherwise. Her entire attitude changed and then the game kind of changed after that and it wasn't as fun anymore. It's never fun when someone can't handle not winning ALL the time. She won the game in the end and then all was well, but when she wasn't winning, it wasn't. I don't like playing with people like that, it's not fun. We probably won't play games with them often now that I know how seriously she takes it. I don't enjoy that.

    Time for me to eat something!

    Cathy- Wow, what a scare! I'm glad there was no gun or major injuries and that you all are safe.
    Lana- You must have needed the rest!
    Carrie- Glad your DH made it home.
    Diedra- Good idea to have a plan.

    Enjoy your day!
  6. sweetpumkinpye

    sweetpumkinpye Well-Known Member

    Good morning all.
    Work for me today, that weekend went past way too quickly for my liking.
    Sunday was lovely, did some things around here, DD and her BF dropped in and stayed for dinner. The mince that I had defrosted for spaghetti quickly became hamburger patties and we had homemade burgers and chips.
    I think when I shop this week I might start getting some items for the freezer. Bulk mince to make hamburgers and meatballs and chicken breasts cut into steaks. Then if we decide on a bbq etc we can quickly grab a few things and defrost them.

    Cathy, how scary!!!
    I think with both Jess and Cathy having emergency situations this week it is a timely reminder that we should all have an emergency plan in place as best as we can. I have been informed that this Summer is going to be a bad one for Thunderstorms, Dust Storms and bush fires. I will sit down with my DH and DS very soon and devise a plan. We have started to get the garden in order and will set aside time soon for the roof gutters to be cleaned.
    I will buy bottled water when I am at Costco next and start stocking the pantry with non perishables.

    AJ, you are a wonderful organiser, do you know if there is a thread on MHH where we can share our Emergency plans and how to get started?

    Anyway better get moving,
  7. piratemamaof3boys

    piratemamaof3boys Well-Known Member

    Good evenin ladies. Went out to a friends house for his birthday last night. Today bas been quite I need to assemble the taco lasagna for tomorrow's dinner.
    We went with the boys to cookout for lunch and had a family meeting to discuss a few things including our next vacation and DH and I working PT jobs this winter .they are old enough now to not need full details of our finances but know about how much it cost to do thing and if we work a 2nd job they need to do their part at home. Granted they have chores but usually less in the school year.

    Cathy how scary! Made me realize we dont have a plan either. We did some when they were smaller but now that they are teens I dont. Its still important when we fo to the amusement park.

    Jess- there is a couple that we sometimes see with another neighbor. When we play games and she gets to drinking she gets bossy and argumentative it makes it no fun to play.
  8. missjane

    missjane Well-Known Member

    Hi, everyone. We made it home from the wedding weekend about 2 hours ago. I still need to write lesson plans, grade work from Thursday and Friday, and make out bell work for the week. Not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow.

    We got to the condo around 8:00 Thursday night, so it was mainly unpacking, grocery shopping, and getting settled in for the night. DD21 and spent a few hours on the beach and in the water Friday. We all rode around and went sight-seeing a little, too. Friday night, I did a lot of the prep for the food I was doing for the wedding. DD25 and DSIL got in around midnight. Saturday, we slept just a little later. I finished the food prep, packed up things I needed to take into a couple totes. We went to the beach for about an hour and a half before we had to get ready to go to the wedding. The wedding was at the pavilion of a state park. One side had seating with a platform where the ceremony took place. The other side had picnic tables and they set up folding tables for the food. It was very simple and beautiful. By the time we got back to the condo and washed up the serving trays, it was near midnight. I woke up at 6:00 this morning, got in the tub, then, started getting our things packed to go. DD25 and DSIL left before us. We left around 9:15.

    We're going to look at ANOTHER washer after work tomorrow for DD21's college house. I need to go by and talk to Bakery Lady and tell her I'm not coming back to work for her. My back is much better, but I haven't been through a whole week on my feet teaching, either. I did notice in the food prep that the angle I lean to work on trays and food aggravated it, so I do think that job had a lot to do with the problem. Wish me luck. She can be pretty nasty when she doesn't get her way.

    Cathy, that's scary! Glad you all got out safely.
    Lana, did you get to work in your room? One good thing about DN coming home and her staying at my house is I got it into pretty good order before school started!
    Cmerth, what grade is DS in now, and is he still playing football? It's always nice when loved ones return from being gone.
    Diedra, having a meeting plan avoids a lot of confusion...everyone used to do that before cell phones. I remember shopping together with family, and we would designate a time and place to meet back. Hope you got to do the shopping with Vanessa.
    Katrina, good thing to plan ahead for possible company dropping in and a fast meal. Weekends always seem to go too .
    Shannon, hope you and DH can find something part-time.

    Hope you all have a great week. I'm looking forward to coming home, instead of going to a part-time job in the afternoons.
  9. cmerth

    cmerth Well-Known Member

    Miss Jane... my son is not playing football. His body was getting bashed around and he had enough. I feel more complete when a loved one comes home from a trip.
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