Sunday January 27th, 2019

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Lana, Jan 27, 2019.

  1. Lana

    Lana Well-Known Member

    Good Morning!
  2. Lana

    Lana Well-Known Member

    Jaymee is at Radom, Allen went to see Aunt Im, Ryan going to work, Teigan is on her tablet and I will see where to start picking up. Teigan is coughing and feels like I have a sinus headache and voice is awful.

    The party was really fun and nice there. Pizza was really good and we got another one and brought it home. Was chilly in there I thought. I often don't get cold. She got so much!

    I better move along while I am motivated some.

    Have a GREAT day!
  3. housewife2

    housewife2 Well-Known Member

    good morning to all. getting my grandson in a little while . kinda cool out meatloaf for dinner try to decide on veggies. have agood day
  4. MrsSoup

    MrsSoup Well-Known Member


    We went to the lagoons last night for sunset and to let the kids swim for a bit. I did not get in the water as it was windy and cool. They were all freezing when they got out. DD and I looked for shells. You really only find very small ones on most of the shores here, except the Marine Corps base, we found good sized ones there. I like to look for seaglass but you only find that on certain beaches as well, it's weird.

    DH is in the garage running again. If he would just maintain his weight he wouldn't have to do this before a weigh-in. :rolleyes: I don't get it. We are going to hike Kolekole this morning here on post since it's open today before he has to head to work. I need to go to the Commissary today after I get a meal plan and grocery list together. I need to focus on healthy eating ideas and good complete dinners (protein, veggie, starch). I need to study since that didn't happen yesterday. DS has his MRI this afternoon.

    Lana- Glad the party went well!
    Faye- Have fun with grandson!

    Enjoy your day!
  5. Pam Spaur

    Pam Spaur Well-Known Member

    Good afternoon, friends!

    Just got home from church. It was so wonderful to get out, and worship the Lord.

    I must clean like crazy for the next two days. Inspections are Tuesday. The kitchen is my worst area. Followed by the "craft area". I must run the sweeper, and mop the tile floors.

    Nothing other than that going on. I want to make some pumpkin chocolate chip muffins, too. DD is sick with some tummy issues, so she was not at church today. MJ did not go either. Was not surprised.

    Good thing there is a payday this week. But Steve might come up next Sunday. If he does, I will give him some gas money.

    Well, my tummy is growling. I froze my left lasagna. So sometime when I get a hankering for some, I can just pull it out of the freezer. I will fix a sandwich. And have a glass of tea. Some lunch, huh? I hope you all have a great day! Our weather is nice until tomorrow afternoon. Then watch out! Our wind chills will be -30 to -40 degrees by Wednesday and Thursday. Lord, I hate I it! Come quickly, Spring! Stay warm, stay safe, and be blessed!
  6. luludou

    luludou Well-Known Member


    Snow day here, it is snowing alot outside - really beautiful... but soooo cold once again!

    Was awake at 6:15 but got up an hour later, just rested a bit.
    did some stretching exercises.
    Dusted all main floor (and it sure needed it with all the dust dh is making with the remodeling), vaccumed all main floor, washed what is left of the bathroom, did handwashed dishes twice.
    Made 2 bell-pepper casseroles, cooked a pan sheet of chicken thighs with carrots and potatoes (of course it dripped down in the oven I had washed just yesterday and onto the floor).
    Rewashed oven (quick wash though), and wet-mopped kitchen floor and bathroom floor.

    Finished the 1000 piece puzzle - missing one piece. will see if it's in another of mil's boxes... seems she might've dropped a box and put it back a bit mixed up (had 6 leftover pieces in the other puzzle I made).

    Jane - I always have lots of gifts in boxes wrapped for Christmas. I'm thinking that by using my stash of fabric for Christmas fabric bags, I can throw away all the boxes and clear up some space - and it is ecological! I hate wrapping so will go so much quicker that way.

    Now will take a break - I finished crocheting the candycane scarf last night and putting the little threads through. Now I need to make a fringe.

    Think I'll watch some tv, have some tea and take out my 3rd puzzle of the year.

    DH just left to go to mil's. will do both of us good. hmpf! men in the house.
  7. halimer

    halimer Well-Known Member

    Hello all! Back in Tampa again. Horrible pouring rain yet again - it was not fun to have to unload the camper, unhook and then drag stuff into the house in the downpour.

    Well, took a hot shower and had some frozen pizza for lunch so my mood has improved. Buffy smells like wet dog!

    Nothing really planned for the upcoming week. There is a ton of laundry to do and some things I need to pick up at the grocery/commissary - otherewise.

    Now going to order some stuff from, get advance tickets for the state fair and pick up the lock 'n' locks for sale on QVC.

    Pam - be sure you stay in when the temps drop!
    Lana - sounds like the party and the pizza was good
    Jess - keeping your weight steady is not an easy thing. I feel for DH
    Katrina - great that the group is training so vigorously!
    Lucie - fabric bags also make it easier for men to "wrap" gifts
    Faye - enjoy grandson
  8. missjane

    missjane Well-Known Member

    Hi, everyone.

    We went to church this morning. DNiece#1 came. That's a step in the right direction and toward healing. She's looking for a totally different life than the one she had in Vegas.

    A friend gave me some sour dough started, and I made two loaves of bread and some cinnamon rolls. DD21 called. She thinks she's getting a cold. We're trying to arrange it so we can go see her in March when we go to Vegas to get the rest of DNiece's belongings.

    This will be a three day work week for me. On Thursday, we'll go to court about the wedding DVD. I need to read back over my timeline. That's what my lawyer will use to ask me questions. On Friday, I'll be taking students to a meeting. The meeting will end around noon, and we'll take them to the mall for lunch. Back to school in time for them to get on the bus. I'll have to time everything just right to be able to leave book assignments for my students.

    Lana, hope you feel better. That's pretty much what DD21 said about how she feels.
    Faye, I know you and DGS had a good time.
    Jess, it must be fun to live where you can go to the beach. I've always wanted to go to Florida for a month on the off season.
    Pam, I believe everyone is getting hit with some extra cold air this week.
    Lucie, you're finding a shortcut for all the smart you are!
    Debbie, bless your heart for having to unload in the rain. How miserable!

    Hope you all have a great evening!
  9. sweetpumkinpye

    sweetpumkinpye Well-Known Member

    Good morning,
    It is a holiday Monday here to celebrate Australia Day. Just pottering this morning but better get moving soon, I have a lot to get through today.
    DD's birthday tomorrow and BF's birthday on Wednesday. Need to wrap their gifts as they may be coming over this afternoon.
    the rest of the day will be getting ready for the week ahead, another busy one. Excited to keep decluttering the house. It is addictive once you start.

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