Super Saturday 8/18/18

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by MrsSoup, Aug 18, 2018.

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    Aloha Friends!
  2. MrsSoup

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    Surprised that i'm the first one here this morning starting us off. My friend's son stayed over and the boys are already up and hanging out down here with me, waiting to play video games at 6 in the morning. :rolleyes: DD got invited to stay at their house but she wanted to stay home and read so she told her friend that I said no. Her friend would have gotten mad had she told her that she just wanted to stay home. My friend called a bit later and mentioned it and asked if DD asked and I said yes but that she hadn't done her chores, which is true.

    DH is off to work at the motorcycle range. The kids have dental cleanings later this morning and that's it for today. DH fixed the oil leak on his bike yesterday and then in putting it back together broke something else. So it may be down for quite a while. He's riding my bike today. I need to run by the Thrift Store before we head to the dentist and until then i'm going to be working on the newsletter and homework. Primarily the newsletter since i'm ahead on homework.

    Enjoy your day!
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    Good afternoon!

    Quiet here at MHH today! It's almost 4 here. Enjoyed the last sleep in of the summer....didn't sleep soundly either, so it was good to just wake slowly. Then I started laundry, cleaning, chores....trying to get back into my school year schedule with laundry and cleaning. I just did about 2 hours of work for school. Now, to cut things apart and label some things that the fedex guy just delivered.

    J picked up our meat that was processed and packaged today. So we have a freezer full of meat now. We buy it from my fil. We have a brisket in the smoker for dinner tonight and I'm going to make H's favorite Potato Salad since it's his last dinner at home for awhile. Tomorrow is move in day.

    That's about if here. Hope you all are having a lovely weekend!

    ~peace and blessings~
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  4. Cathymac2

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    Hello everyone. It rained and thunder stormed here all night. I love it!
    I don’t know if I mentioned that I had dental work on Wednesday which was also my youngest’s first day of senior year. I went for fillings but turns out my problem was 3 infected teeth. They were extracted and other than sore gums I feel much better. I didn’t realize how bad I felt until I got all of this (thousands of dollars worth over several months) work done. Reflux, anemia and neglect took their tolls. But I feel good now!
    My aunt is cooking Mexican food for all of us tonight at my mom’s. Mom is doing great after her second knee replacement. I go back to work Monday.
    I have a super busy week coming up, so tomorrow afternoon will be spent prepping for that.
  5. luludou

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    Rained here too last night! today is nice and sunny and not too warm. Vaccumed all 1st floor, did laundry, paid bills, made some ragoût de boulettes ( a BIG batch of meatballs in gravy), did dishes. Almost 5:00 - dh mowed lawn and did more work in the bathroom. He wants to go to restaurant with his cousin tonight. Need to go take a bath and get dressed, won't be hot tonight so I'll wear jeans and bring a sweater.

    I opened the 2 big boxes I received from Fruit & passions, put aside what 2 cw's ordered. I need to add this to my gift closet list.

    DS had a baseball tournament today.

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    Good morning,
    It rained all last night and with the winds that we typically get for this time of year it is really chilly this morning.
    Very early Sunday morning here and I am up and drinking my coffee. Other DrillDance coach and I are off to Sydney for the Annual Meeting. Not sure if they will discussed the recent events but I think it may come up at some stage. An apology from the president of our State body would be appreciated but I am not counting on it. The meeting is at our usual place in Sydney so for other coach and I about a 10 hour day.

    Last night DH and I went to a local ribs place at the mall for dinner. He had the ribs and I got a burger. It was nice but I am not sure if I would hurry back there. I thought that my burger meat was very dry, and DH ribs looked a bit fatty. It is nice to be able to go on outings by ourselves again.
    Better go and get ready, hope that you all have an amazing day.
  7. MrsSoup

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    I worked on the newsletter this morning and got all the bios inserted and a few other minor things done. I need to get the cover done now and am still waiting on some questions to get answered. It's coming together though. I took the kids to their dental appointments and Eli has a small cavity on a baby tooth but the dentist said that they'll watch it and it will be out by the time it would become a problem so he's not going to fix it. DD was perfect and DS has 3 cavities that will be filled at the end of the month. We came home and I went grocery shopping.

    DH was home when I got home so we took the vehicles to be inspected and they both passed, so no rush to get new tires on the truck. Then we came home and decided to go to the NEX. We also stopped by Target and I got a rug for by the backdoor and some hangers for DS. Now we're in for the evening. I should probably work on some math homework.

    It's been raining off and on today but nothing major. The birds knocked my bird feeder off my shepherds hook so I decided to "ground" them and did not refill it. They empty it within a matter of hours and it's getting expensive. So i'm going to have to start spacing it out.

    Katrina- I hope an apology is forthcoming
    Cathy- Glad you feel better after the extractions.
    Lisa- Glad you got to sleep in!

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